Monday, May 16, 2011

Michale Graves

I'm starting to really become a fan of this guy Michale Graves. Yeah, I know he's no Danzig. And out of the two records he did with The Misfits maybe four songs were any good. I also know that all his other projects since starting The Misfits in '96 have been really hit and miss, but then again everything Danzig has done since '96 have all been misses, so at least Graves has that over him.

Mostly it's this guys story which is helping me become a fan of his. In the early 2000's he co-founded A site I've linked to quit a bit in the past, but appears to be temporarily down. Graves later joined the marines to help fight the war on terror, but received an honorable discharge after hurting his back. Graves then went on to write songs using lyrics from Demian Echols of the west memphis 3. A case I find particularly fascinating. Now he is touring with Marky Ramone in their band "Blitzkrieg" and later this year maybe touring with The Misfits again, which I am now willing to see without Danzig.

Anyway, I have some links of some of his songs that I like. Maybe you will too.

Saturday Night one of the few Misfits songs I like with Graves.

We Wait one of the songs Graves did after leaving the Marines and going solo in the music scene

Frost Bite lyrics by Demian Echols sung by Graves

Graves is also Christian and writes songs about his faith. Here is one with Blitzkrieg When We Were Angels

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