Monday, July 31, 2006

My MAC sucks

I'm sending this post because I am currently writing on my wife's MAC and it sucks hard! Now to let you all know, my wife got this laptop because of the same reason everyone else gets a MAC...because it does good photoshop, great art and you can download music. Now between you all and me, my wife is not an artist (in the painting sort of way) nor a photographer and we have a lot of CDs. It also seems to me that everyone else who owns a MAC uses photoshop and art when they want to surf porn and that is about it. So why does everyone buy a MAC? They are about 20% more expensive than any PC that has the same processor or memory or whatever. Their software is about 20% more expensive. They can only do a limited number of commands. So WHY??? The answer is simple. They are exactly what everyone states they hate about Americans. They look good. They have great marketing. They play cool music and they are the life of the social scene party. Isn't it ironic, the only people who complain about this "ugly" side of America are those people who buy MAC computers? I'm talking about hippie/college/hollywood chicks and the .edu crowd. No self-respecting businessman, scientist, computer programmer, journalist, computer gamer or any self made man would buy a MAC unless they wanted to get their wives off of their backs. AND YES I MEAN WIVES!

Hot Israeli Babes

I think these pictures circulated through this site before, but they are certainly worth another look. This is what the world would lose if we allowed Syria and Iran to blow up Israel. Hell, I am thinking about converting, moving to Israel and then watching these girls get all Aeon Flux on Hezbollahs shit and shit. What do you think?

Bitchen Panoramic Moon Pictures

That is right. I said Bitchen.

Girl Power

Just bored sitting at my desk and I was thinking about Charlize Theron. Man was she hot in Aeon Flux. I just saw that movie over the weekend and I liked it. So to hell with movie critics.
Anyway, Girl Power movies I liked (Not in order, just off the top of my head)
Aeon Flux
Tomb Raider
Fifth Element (sorta)
Kill Bill
Resident Evil
Haven't seen Vendetta yet, but I will.

The only one I can think of that I didn't like was Ultra Violet. What am I missing? I know there is a ton.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

If You Have The Time

Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About I got this video link over at GatewayPundit and it was pretty darn good. It is long though, 1hour 17 minutes, but well worth it. Of course I am sure most of you (when I say most of you I am talking to all 4 readers) are sick of terrorist videos so I will sum it up.

What to expect
-Ex-PLO terrorist interview. A man who gave up Jihad and is now living in the US.
-Vidoes of hate speech
-Dead American soldiers dragged in streets
-Arab childrens cartoons accusing Ariel Sharon of drinking a soft Drink called "Dra-Cola" which is made of Arabs blood.
-Arab television programs that depict Jews as cannibals. One scene showed an actor dressed up as a Jew, slicing open a christian boys throat, draining his blood in a pan and then using the blood to make Matzah. This was shown on Satellite throughout the world.
-Little children giving speeches in their classrooms that express their desire to blow themselves up.
-An ex-Hitler youth who speaks about the power of indoctrination.
-Michael Moore and his "There is no Terrorist threat" speech.
-Chamberlain speaking on television, just after negotiating with Hitler which allowed Germany to take the Sudetenland, and saying how successful the peace negotiations went.
-Scenes of Hitler meeting with a major Arab leader from Jerusalem.
and on and on and on.
The video does address Moderat Muslims in the end, so it isn't all doom and gloom.

I found this article over at Black Five. Sorta goes along with this post.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday Contribution

Cool! Got It

My Friday Contribution

Until The Baron loans me his brain, this is how I am going to show Friday videos. Watch Video I picked this one because it is one of the few Misfits songs I like without Danzig.

YouTube Fridays

Something we should make a tradition of. Here's our first entry. And its not The Ace Of Spades that Blogust is always referring us to. One of my favorite shows of all time.

When You're Right, You're Right, Blogust.

Lindsay Lohan is hot!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Is a Good One.

I read this yesterday in Newsweek, and I thought I would pass it along. It's pretty typical, but the last paragraph makes me feel stupid, since I guess I'm the only one who did not see this oh so obvious outcome the author details. Also, I'm a little confused. How much better off might Iraq be, if it is somewhat better off as she claims it could end up being? Cause as sad as I am that American soldiers have died and are dying, if it helps to curb 100s of thousands of death and offer something of a better lifestyle to 100s of thousands more in Iraq, then I don't know for sure if you can say the sacrifice isn't worth it. But, then, I am retarded apparently.

This Is A Tough One.

Hey Baron, how are they gonna tax this?

They've Got Their Finger On The Pulse Of The World

Apparently the world does not respect George Bush...because Americans think so. Nice leap there, CBS!

And One For The Left.

This lady is as crazy as she is insane. Ann Coulter on the Donny Deutsch show, regarding Bill Clinton:

"I think that sort of rampant promiscuity does show some level of latent homosexuality."

"There is something narcissistic about homosexuality. Right? Because you're in love with someone who looks like you."

Well, he's only gay if he chooses to be gay, right?

One For The Right.

This lady is as stupid as she is dumb. From the New Yor Daily News:

"Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan held a vigil this week outside the Iraqi Embassy in D.C. Sheehan hoped to ask Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to commit to a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. An embassy official told her he'd get her some face time with Al-Maliki if she moved away from the embassy and ended her hunger strike. "So we moved and ended our fast," Sheehan told The News' Ken Bazinet. "He never called back." Sheehan was offended that Al-Maliki did find time to join President Bush in meeting with families of Iraq veterans.

Can the Iraqi Prime Minister withdraw our troups?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Am A Jew Lover

Kofi Annan made some remark about how Israel Targeted the U.N. Peacekeepers on purpose.

This should clear that up

and this

Bring Out The Goon

I loved it when Paul Lo Duca would say "Bring out the Goon" when referring to Gagne closing a game. It was a perfect description. A hulking oaf who didn't seem to care what people thought of him.
Well The Democrats should be saying the same thing about Howard Dean. When it is the bottom of the ninth and the game is on the line, they should just yell "Bring out the Goon!" And then Howard Dean can just open his mouth and throw spit balls.
Recently, set up men Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer, boycotted Al Maliki's address to a joint session of congress because of Al Maliki's lack of condemnation of Hezbollah. Later, closer Howard Dean called Al Maliki an Anti-Semite.
Dean also lashed out at President Bush's Iraq policy and at allowing Iraqi Prime
Minister Nouri al-Maliki to address Congress on Wednesday, calling the foreign
leader an "anti-Semite."
"We don't need to spend 200 and 300 and 500 billion
dollars bringing democracy to Iraq to turn it over to people who believe that
Israel doesn't have a right to defend itself and who refuse to condemn
Hezbollah," he said.
Funny how this bunch can chastise a man who is in the middle of a warzone, but have nothing to say to their own players.

House votes 410-8 to support Israel and Condemns Hezbollah.
These names voted against
1. Jim McDermott - D from Washington
2. Carolyn Kilpatrick - D from Michigan
3. Neil Abercrombie - D from Hawaii
4. John Conyers - D from Michigan
5. Ron Paul - R from Texas
6. John Dingell - D from Michigan
7. Fortney Stark - D from California
8. Nick Rahall - D from West Virginia and a Lebanese-American

Of course we all know the real reason for the tough talk and the boycott. Do I need to say it again?


Would You like to know who this is supposed to be? Just click here. But before you do, know that this bust will be displayed at the Museum Of Sex not the Museum Of Horrors.

You Gotta Love The Nuge.

Ted Nugent interview with UK newspaper The Independent:

"What do these deer think when they see you coming?" I ask him. "Here comes the nice guy who puts out our dinner? Or, there's the man that shot my brother?"

"I don't think they're capable of either of those thoughts, you Limey asshole. They're only interested in three things: the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away. Much like the French."

Our legal system is "legally insane"


Monday, July 24, 2006

The Navy Cross

I am constantly complaining that the MSM rarely speaks about the professionalism, or the bravery our military has shown in the war on terror nor their overwhelming compassion. While instead, the MSM have spent endless hours speaking of the dead and of war crimes. Well it is time to rectify that. BlackFive, one of the leading military web blogs, does a segment on his site called "Someone You Should Know." And I just found out that he has been appearing on Pundit Review Radio to share his stories on the air. Hospitalman 3rd Class Luis Fonseca Jr is this weeks top story. Give it a listen.

Liberal Jews Just Won't Face Facts. The Left Is Anti-Semitic

The Founder of Air America, Sheldon Drobny, has taken the blame game to a whole new level. Apparently, Sheldon is a little dismayed by all the anti-semitic blather coming from the progressive/liberal web-blogs. But being the typical lefty he is, Mr. Air America won't face the truth. Sound Familiar? Anyway, so who does Sheldon blame for all this hate speech? None other than Karl Rove.

Will he survive?

Send the naked, gay guy to prison.

I will survive.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pat Dollard Tapes

Here is Pat Dollard, a former talent agent in Hollywood, who went over to Iraq to get the real footage. Videos can be graphic.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why Does The Bay Area Hate Jews?

Zombie Time has a couple new photo shoots. This time they pertain to the San Francisco/Berkeley anti-Israel rallies. Oh wait, that is nothing unusual. Let me rephrase that. Once again, they pertain to the San Francisco/Berkeley anti-Israel rallies.

These pictures remind me of the time I crossed the picket lines at Berkeley Honda to buy my new car. I can still hear their chants ringing in my ears to this very day. "Berkeley Honda supports slave labor. Oh, and fuck the Jews."
And Here

Someone Get Jesse Jackson On The Phone!

Here is an article written by Scoop Jackson about how the industry of sports journalism is "a white industry." In this article he notes that there are less black sportswriters than black players in the NBA. From this dubious statistic he concludes that it is easier, as a black man, to become a player in the NBA than it is to become a sports journalist. Seriously. He says that. I have to say I'm a bit skeptical. I don't have the exact figures, but I would have to guess that there are vastly more black youths aspiring to be professional athletes than there are aspiring towards the glamorous world of sports journalism.

I remember a few years back when Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton landed a job as a radio commentator for the Minnesota Vikings. Shortly before the season began, a caller to his syndicated show asked him what his opinion was in regards to why there were so few black sports journalists and radio hosts. Hacksaw told the caller that, in his experience, the black members of the sports journalism industry were, more often than not, interested only in the big three; NFL, MLB, and NBA (Not necessarily in that order). A fair argument, it would seem, coming from a man who has been in the industry for a good long time and has had many, many interactions with athletes and journalists both black and white throughout. It is also of note that I have personally heard Hacksaw field questions regarding such non-mainstream sports as pro Bowling. Obviously, he feels it is important to have knowledge of the wide range of topics his audience may want to address. Needless to say, Hacksaw lost his job with the Vikings shortly after making his brazenly racist comments.

Anyway, there is so much more in this article to feed your white guilt that I can't possibly cover it all here, so please peruse it for yourselves and feel free to throw me to the wolves if I'm overreacting.

I Forget...

Are earthquakes caused by global warming? Cause the priceless graphic to the right of this article looks like it came from Al Gore's Big Book of Hysterical Graphics. Somebody needs to put that on a shirt for Earth Day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hollywood Rox!!!

This is long, but very worth it. Kevin Smith is hilarious, and I am going to watch Daredevil again in his honor now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Why College Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Kevin Barrett, The University of Wiconsin teacher who believes that 9/11 was an inside job, is allowed to continue teaching Introduction to Islam to students. I listened to this ass-nut talk on the radio today and you wouldn't believe 1/2 the shit he said. One claim he made was that Jews were the ones repsonsible for the beheadings and are using deception in order to trick us into thinking it was Muslims. Unbelievable!

It is guys like this who make me glad there is a 2nd amendment... ummm ...purely for protection.

Hizbollah or Hezbollah?

No one seems to know how to spell the name of this group.

Here You Go, Blogust.

I suppose you think we should teach this in our schools as well.

Say It Isn't So!

Is this what you meant by "drink responibly?" You lied to us, Pete. You're a lying liar!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fighting The Good Fight!

Once again, Americans sticking their noses in other peoples business. Is it any wonder the rest of the world considers us a bunch of pushy, humorless prudes? Way to go American tourist bitch and/or prick..

So Sad.

When life imitates Saturday Night Live.


Real actual life.

How Can You Not Believe?

There's been some debate lately on the validity of global warming. I believe the following PSA will go a long way to show that global warming is indeed a threat. But a threat with a workable solution.

Knowledge is power.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Nostalgia Galore!

For the last week The Onion has been running best of the year pages for the last ten years. So far they have done 1996 - 2002. Just reading the headlines is killing me. I highly suggest you all go over there and check it out.

"Tight on time"

I don't care who you are, if you have an appointment and are 1.5 hours late, don't go blaming other people and definitely don't act like an ass once you do call in.

Carolla or Coulter

Hey Blogust!

See you in Seattle on Sept. 19. I think Where Eagles Dare would make a fine audition piece.

"American Idol auditions will begin August 8th in Los Angeles. Producers will visit seven cities, starting about a week earlier than last year, going from The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. (Aug. 8), to San Antonio (Aug. 11), East Rutherford, N.J. (near New York City - Aug. 14), Birmingham, Ala. (Aug. 21), Memphis (Sept. 3) and Minneapolis (Sept. 8) before winding up in Seattle on Sept. 19. Auditions are open to anyone ages 16-28. "

At Last! The Truth Shall Reign Supreme!

Here we go!

"Vince Vaughn is currently in talks to star in Against All Enemies for director Paul Haggis (Crash). The political drama is based on the memoirs of Richard Clarke. Against All Enemies chronicles how the Bush administration handled the al-Qaida threat both before and after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Sean Penn is expected to star as Clarke. "

Sean Penn?! This can't help but be a completely fair and unbiased account! Wait. Didn't Michael Moore already cover this? I'm sure that Fahrenheit 9/11 is probably the main, if not only, source material. I wonder if they'll bother with the Clinton administration's "handling" of the al-Qaida threat?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Michael Moore Sure Is Popular

I just had to post this. Expose the Left has a video of Iraqi troops saying "Fuck You" to Michael Moore and also calling him a bitch. Priceless

Indians Sure Love Those 7-11s

One of the masterful forms of political trickery is how the Democrats have been able to paint the Republicans as a party of rich white men while they themselves are the party for minorities. But when you look at the history, nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some brief points
1. Andrew Jackson, by some, is considered to be the 1st Democrat president. Not only was he a slaveholder, but he fought for the rights of slaveholders. And lets not forget the trail of tears.

2. Republican party was formed in 1854 was also known as the anti-slavery party, while much of the Democrats voter base was in the south, Republicans gained most of their votes in the North.

3. During the late 1800's and early 1900's, the Ku Klux Klan was a supporter of the Democratic party. (today, the Democrts still have a representative who was once a Klan member. Robert Byrd)

4. Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) dined with the nations black leader, which many people frowned upon, at the White House and was known to have said "the only wise and honorable and Christian thing to do is to treat each black man and each white man strictly on his merits as a man." To be fair, Roosevelt did feel that whites as a whole were superior, but considering the times...

Woodrow Wilson (Democrat) on the otherhand, seemed to make no apologies for his rascist beliefs. He gave a private screening of "Birth Of A Nation" at the White House and then went onto say "It's like writing history with lightning. And my only regret is that it is all terribly true."

5. Franklin Roosevelt appoints a Klansman to the supreme court.

6. During the '60s, 90% Republicans vote for civil rights to 60% Democrats.

7. Martin Luther King started off as a Republican

8. Today, eventhough more blacks represent the Democrat party, there are more black Republicans who are in positions of power than in the Democratic party.

But so what, right? It is just politics. Well I argue that Dems use race as a political weapon at a much higher rate than Republicans and I don't think hey have the right. They haven't earned it (if something like that can be earned). Just in the last year we have heard Democrats use race to evoke emotions in a number of different ways. Hillary's plantation speech, Nagin referring to New Orleans as a Chocolate City, Mckinney and Jefferson both playing the race card, Jessie Jackson Al Sharpton accusing Bush of hating black people and on and on and on... And lets not forget the overall feelings about Rice, and Thomas. Uncle Toms come to mind.

Now I know that Republicans have stepped in it quite a bit over the years when it comes to race, but there is no reason to believe that Democrats support minorities more. There is just no proof.

I will leave you with this. A little something from Senator Biden (Democrat)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Be afraid, very afraid

What kind of crap is this? Really. This has to be the biggest waste of time and peoples energy. Yahoo has this site where you get to talk to Steven Hawking. The question is if the human race can survive the next 100 years.

WTF? Do people really believe we're that near our end? People need to chill. Of course we're gonna survive.

Quit using an end-of-the-world scenario as your political platform.

Pure Drivel

Curly Joe Hearts Moe

Here is a video where Sheehan states that she would rather live under Chavez than Bush.

So why doesn't she do it?

America's Original Co-op...Shelved!

Ace Of Spades gives example #3,025,324 on why private beats communal. here

Monday, July 03, 2006

Stuff On My Mind, But Can't Spend The Time To Post

1. I say Israel has every right to attack Gaza. If Mexico lobbed 800 rockets into this country within the last year and then snuck across the border and kidnapped one of our soldiers, what do you think we would do? (Don't forget, the Mexicans were here first.)

2. Geez I hope Calderon wins the Mexican election. This might be Mexico's first legitimate presidential election and I think they have started off with a bang. If Calderon wins, he would have beat a leftist named Obrador who seems to be a mirror image of Moe Chavez and Shemp Morales.

3. Announcing that you are a conservative in Portland is like coming out of the closet in Prison...errr...I assume.

4. Lastly, It has been brought to my attention that maybe I have gone into the deep end when it comes to politics. That I have an unrealistic fear of leftists, but what do you expect? It is not my fault that I have documented evidence that Democrats are controlled by Crab people. Furthermore, I have proof that CJ is their Commander in Chief


This guy always has such cool news, I think I am just going to make a permanent link to his site. Hell, maybe I will steal all his shit and act as if I penned them myself. Do you think he would notice?

He just posted some more good stuff on present day America. According to his post, our violent crime rate is going down and our economy is going up. Unfortunately for the Lefty Elitists, the same can't be said about their precious EU. I know, what a fucking shocker. As he puts it
"In fact things are improving since the "incompetent" leader moved into the
White House."
Then he tops it off with
"I'd hate to start comparing the US economic data under the "incompetent" Mr. Bush with that of the EU (France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany have lower GDP per capita than all but four of the states in the United States.)"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Condi Blasts Russian Counterpart

Gateway Pundit has a great little post about a heated exchange between Condi Rice and her Russian Counterpart. It sounds as if they were having private conversation and someone "accidentally" recorded it. Funny.... Give it a read.

Gateway Pundit goes on to say "Hopefully, this news reaches the Iraqi media so they know that they have an ally fighting for their future in the international political arena."

Doubt it