Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Bush Quote

"In the first quarter of 2006, the U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 5.3 percent, the fastest growth in 2.5 years. We added 5.2 million new jobs since August of 2003. The national unemployment rate is down to 4.7 percent. Productivity is high, and that's leading to higher wages and a higher standard of living for the American people."

I would say more about this, like 1.) more people, including minorities, own homes 2.) a higher percentage of people make over $50,000.00 3.) and that 5.3% is better than the average growth rate of the 70's, 80's and 90's, but what is the point. Most wont listen and the few people that would, already read this blog.

Now This Is A Lawsuit I Could Get Behind

Iraq veteran and double amputee is suing Michael Moore for $85 million. The veteran gave an interview a few years back and Michael Moore used it, without permission, in Fahrenhype 9/11. Does anyone think he has a chance of winning?

Read Gateway Pundit as well.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Religion And Politics Don't Mix...Unless You Are A Democrat

A Democrat convention is being held in my new back yard.

E-Letter From Jordan

One of Fryanegg's gaming friends has been living in Jordan for a short while now. I am not too sure what he is doing there (I think he is learning Arabic) but he sends updates from time to time. Here is an e-mail out-lining his thoughts about the Jordanian day of Independence.

Happy 25th of May. Got the day off for the Jordanian day of
independence. And while July 4th conjures up hallowed images
of George Washington, Redcoats, and the Revolutionary War, May 25th,
1946 was essentially the day that the war torn British
decided to give up their mandate on this dry and dusty Ottoman backwater,
and hand the keys to the local Bedouin Hashemite luminary,
King Hussein the First. But pomp and fireworks
being beloved as they are, you simply must have a party. So a
toast to the stalwart two million Jordanians, and their guests the three million
Paletinians and the million combined Egyptians and Iraqis.
They lie huddled against the trickling Jordan River, and can reap only
harvests of salt from a barren sea, while staring incredulously at the
lands of their neighbors, whose deserts spew forth an idiot's
fortune. Their government pointlessly curses the Prodigal Israelis
for the theft of their land while yelping to the West like
forgotten pets for the love and the dinner they believe is
theirs. Their despotic leaders occasionally manage righteous snarls toward
us, menacing to release imaginary holds on the
"Do-It-Yourself" terrorism that so frightens the pillars of
democracy. Their religion, once flourishing and temperate, looks
backward to its humble origins and casts them in the
rigid interpretations of those who believe themselves threatened by
men in baseball caps and women in sleeveless blouses. So here's
to sixty more years of the same. Al-Urdun, Al-Awalan.

This might have been the part where I apologized to my hosts for
belittling their country. But after a reread or two, this is all
essentially true. I of course hold quite severe opinions on the
Israelis but it's sure as heck not like the governments of the Middle
East are pursuing any progressive policy on it. Anywho, thanks
for reading.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I Am Not A Victim

I was listening to the radio today and the talk show host was talking about an issue I have given a lot of thought to. He was speaking about our country re-introducing the draft. I know, "draft" is a four letter word and it isn't something I would ever support and it certainly hasn't been anything I have given any thought to, but what he said about the reason for the draft I found to be noteworthy. His proposal isn't your ordinary draft. It is a draft that gives a person the choice between military service and community service i.e. helping elderly, the disabled, teaching children to read etc. Huh.

As some of you know, Fryanegg, Arvin and I have spent some time in Germany. Not all together or at the same time, but in Germany nonetheless. And in Germany there is system that does this very thing. Now I am going to try my best to explain it. (hopefully the forementioned people will help me if I leave anything out or if I misspoke.)
From what I understand, German students do a sort of job training in their last year of High School. The student works for a local business, I believe for free, while gaining valuable working skills and credit. Now I don't believe in free work, but I do think young people working is a good idea. After high school, Germans have to do a mandatory year in the military or in community service. I totally support this idea, just not the whole mandatory thing. Although, I do think we as a country could provide an incentive so that people will enlist. But how do we do that?

When I was living in San Luis Obispo a couple of years ago, I was working for a Non-profit organization called LifeSteps. It was an organization that assisted disabled adults and it was sorta first. But after our leadership fell apart, then the whole thing seemed to fall apart. Since then I can say that working for LifeSteps opened my eyes to a myriad of life lessons.
1. No such thing as non-profit
2. Working with people who need help can be rewarding, but is very challenging.
3. Very few people fall into "victim status" and those who do should be taken care of. (And no San Francisco, you certainly have not cornered the market in victims. Bums maybe, but not victims)

To my first point about "no such thing as non-profit" I will say this. I really don't know how non-profits work, eventhough I worked at one for two years. I know religious organizations do non-profit work, but from what I understand "non-profit" just means "tax exempt." What I do know is that LifeSteps had every intention of making a profit. The org. was constantly trying to figure out ways to make a buck. One example has to do with workers comp. We had a serious problem with people claiming on job injuries and this was hurting our insurance package. So what did the Org. do? They brought in $3000.00 hoyer lifts, per resident, to assist with tranfers. Afterwards they washed their hands of anyone claiming injury. Now for a company that is profit minded this makes tons of sense, but LifeSteps? (Personally, I felt that most of the injuries were B.S., but that is what they get for hiring bottom of the barrel staff who only seemed to be working for the benefits. I don't know what happened after those benefits were marginalized.)

Another example of LifeSteps want for profit was their want for more clients. How it works is this, when somebody in California is born with a disability or obtained an injury before the age of 18, they are eligible for "assistance." That assistance, "tax dollars", goes to an assisted living program "LifeSteps." Our clients used to live in big hospitals, but the state costs were too high so they began living in assisted living situations. We were there to help them live somewhat independent lives and try get them to work as much as they can for society. What a joke...only a couple of my clients actually were capable of doing that. The rest needed almost total support. In other words they should have remained in the hospital. But how does a state afford such costs? How do we expect taxpayers to pay for people that aren't, most of the time, being helped by their own families? I will get to that later.

Continuing on, in order for LifeSteps to make more money it needed more clients. The idea of this made me sick. I mean we were already doing a mediocre job helping "the helpless" who should have been living in hospitals, and now they wanted more? Then my imagination got the better of me. All I could think about was how the leaders of the Org. were hoping for more birth defects and more injuries. I went so far as to think of a short story where a LifeStpes big wig started lobbying the state in order to repeal helmet and seatbelt laws so that there would be more potential clients. I never got around to writing it though.
Summing up, LifeSteps made money by giving emloyees shit pay with benefits and receiving tax dollars for lousy work. Sounds Super. (By the way, those who think that more tax dollars would have solved the situation, the answer to that is "nope")

God, I think I said enough about that.

So how to fix it. I am one of those people who believes the Govt. is a necessary evil and should be responsible for just a few things. Postal, Firemen, Police, Infrastructure, Military and lastly helping the helpless. And to make things clear, Alcoholics, drug addicts and victims of society (you know who you are) does not mean "helpless." I proprose this, stop all programs, all non-profit that aren't charity based, and all the tax dollar vacuum suck and put it under one umbrella, give it a jazzy name and then recruit high school students. (Ages 19-21 were my favorite co-workers anyway) Offer a GI bill and all that stuff. Train them to be teachers, and nurses, and physical therapists, and dietitians for the elderly. Let them travel the world in order to help others in need. Give em shit pay, and shit hours, but also give them the opportunity to help others rather than sit on the couch playing nintendo. I said before that the job is rewarding, and it is, but it is not fulfilling and it should only be seen as a stepping stone.

Google Doesn't Change For The Fallen

As everyone who uses Google knows, Google likes to change their logo in order to fit an occasion or holiday. You know, like making the Google O's into olympic rings to honor the Olympics, or having a tree grow around the logo to honor Earth Day, ummm Santa and elves for Christmas... That kind of stuff. We have come to expect it. So what have they done for Memorial Day? The answer is Nothing! Read instapundit for his take.

A New Look?!?

Whoah! Long live the Jefferies' Tube! I can whole heartedly reccomend a book based on the new style of Blogust. "Star Trek Memories" is very light reading. It's authored by William Shatner and gives some great insight into the creation of the original T.V. series. One thing I found quite interesting is that Sci-Fi conventions have exsisted since the 40's, twenty years before Star Trek first aired. In fact, Gene Roddenberry showed two pilot episodes, "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" at Tricon, one of the first and oldest Sci-Fi conventions and recieved a standing ovation. Isaac Asimov was in the crowd.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

An Iraqi Blogger Rips CNN

Omar, over at Iraq the Model, has a post on CNN's reporting style.
Does the CNN have problems with translation from Arabic to English or is it a
case of deliberate twisting of facts?
It is sort of embarrassing when you think about it.

Also more on MSM. Ace, over at Ace of Spades HQ, shows that named Rep. William Jefferson as a Republican. CBS has since fixed the "typo."

Ha Ha Ha...Shemp And Moe Are Funny

Here is an article titled "Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Solidifies Axis with Bolivia."
Also, Lord Kingly sent me this about Curly Joe Sheehan

San Diego's Cross To Bear

I was sitting in Jarra's again last night drinking an Auggie Doggie, (yes that is my own drink. It is a salty dog with pineapple vodka) and this hippy chick was sitting at the bar. I thought she was pretty cute and so I started up a conversation. Turns out she grew up in San Diego like I did and she also lived in La Jolla. When I asked her where exactly, she told me on the road that runs between UCSD and Soledad. Cool...
"Did you hear about the Soledad cross?" I asked her.
Then she broke out yelling "Thank God that stupid thing is being taken down....blah, blah, blah,...rah, rah, rah."
At that time all I said was "Heathen."
After I called her a Heathen she went on to say how most people want the cross removed and that it takes away from tax dollars and how some Fuck Face Republican mayor is trying to fuck over San Diegans by bringing in the Federal Govt. I of course am paraphraising. There is no way I caught everything, but I did catch "tax dollars." For those who haven't seen the Soledad Cross, here it is.
Anyway, back to what she said. Tax Dollars? I never heard such an argument pertaining to the cross. Never. I always thought it was some sort of secularist issue. But I was good. I didn't say a word until she said "What do you think?" and so I told her.
I explained how the lawsuit to remove the cross has been pursued for at least 15 years by one guy, an athiest, who has spent thousands of dollars on this thing. He finally got the ACLU on his side and one judge. At least that is what I understand to be true. I also understand that over 70% of the San Diegans want the cross to remain standing and that Jewish residents have come forward to show support. I ended with "the Cross is Korean War memorial." She didn't like my argument and went on to explain that the cross wasn't always a memorial and that the Jewish community doesn't support the cross. How does she know that Jews don't support the Cross, because her mom lives near some.
Lastly, she stated that the Soledad cross a is place where people have committed suicide and that parts of Cross are falling off and hitting people. Typical lefty argument. We parted ways on a positive note, thank God, I finished my Auggie Doggie and proceeded to order another one.
When I woke up this morning, I thought about that conversation. I wondered to myself "How does she feel about the Bamiyan Buddhas being blown up by the Taliban?" I have a feeling she would have wanted the Buddhas to remain standing.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Airplane Travel

When I read "Do As I Say (Not As I Do)" I was filled with hours of reading enjoyment. The book pretty much explains how if a conservative is a hypocrite then they hurt themselves, but if a liberal is hypocrite they actually make their lives better. It is really fascinating and I recommend reading it. Anyway, Gore is presently fitting into the Liberal Hypocrisy. Check out this video.
I am sure he has rationlaized that flying all over the country and emitting co2 is for a good cause, while the rest of us do it because we are uncaring consumers.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bin Laden Confesses...Again!

Some really bad news came out for the leftie kooks today, Bin Laden issued another speech. Now normally this would be a sign of joy for the far far left, because it would show Bush's incompetence for not catching him already (By the way, this sort of thinking always slaps the Army in the face). So why is this negative? Well, because Bin Laden says that he personally hand picked the 19 hijackers and Moussaoui had no link to 9/11. In other words, he has once again admitted to being behind the attacks, not that anyone with a brain needed to be reminded of that, but I am just saying this. Can we please stop making up conspiracies? It is bad for the country's moral.

The Winner For Best Name Goes To...

Mullah Dadullah Ha Ha Ha!
No shit. That is his real name. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Smuggiest Commencement Speech EVER!

This man truly loves the smell of his own farts.
"Either way, we entered the real world committed to making it a better, safer,
cleaner, more equal place. We were determined not to repeat the mistakes of
our predecessor. We had seen the horror and futility of war and smelled the
stench of government corruption. Our children, we vowed, would never know
that. "So, well, I am sorry."
Ahh the liberal ego.

On another note. Condi gets a Standing "O"

Here Is A Fun Little Post

Bush is never surprising.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Global Laming. So Sayeth South Park

People can't seem to get the whole environment issue straight. Some say there is global warming while others disagree.
and Here
But Al Gorge sure semms to know the answer. 'An Inconvenient Truth'
I personally have no opinion on the matter. I mean I hate SUV's too, but not because they gobble up gas. I hate them beacuse they gobble up roads and parking spaces. Mother EFFers. Although, I do have a soft spot for Hummers...YEAH BABY!
Personally, I think this whole film by Gorge does two things.
1. Gives the Left a purpose
2. Makes Gore the Leader of that purpose for his '08 presidential bid. This is nothing more than politics.
Gore was once the champion of the environment. When he lost that "Monicker" he lost the presidency. Now he is doing everything to get it back.
By the way, the left doesn't hate Bush for "stealing" the election. They hate themselves for giving it to him by voting for Nader. Everybody knows that. I just wonder if they will ever admit it.
P.S. I love this article from Drudge Report

Good News Finally Seeing Some Light

Slapstick Politics has a video showing The Mayor Tal Afar, Najim Al Jibouri, personally thanking the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment At Fort Carson for ridding his city of insurgents.
"You made the smiles of our men and women and children, or rather the smile of
our city go from ear to ear," said Mayor Al-Jobouri, addressing the soldiers
through a translator.
Slapstick notes:
Too bad this did not get the national play it deserves from the MSM. (Main
Stream Media)
The news video is fairly moving, but alas, it finishes its piece on a little death and destruction. At least it is a start.

Also, more good news from Iraq. Bareknucklepolitics and Gateway Pundit have posts pertaining to Iraq's Parliament approving a new cabinet. I am sure Iraq the Model will be posting on it shortly.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Republicans Too Often Get In Their Own Way

Although it is OK for Cuba and China to drill off the coast of Florida, most of the Dems and 59 Republicans feel that we can't join in on the fun. Gateway. Again, Michelle Malkin has a list of other Republican Cave-Ins.

Iran To Bring Back Old Jewish Fashion Statments

Go to Michelle Malkins page for the full story.


So I was surfin around Expose the Left and I came across a really funny video. First off, ETL shows a compaign commercial for Lamont featuring Kos. If you don't know who Kos is, here is his website. Hot Air shows their version of the commercial. If this is all very confusing, just click around. You will get it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Da Vinci Code: Pissing Everyone Off

Ok, we all know The Da Vinci Code ruffles many a Christian's feathers. But The Da Vinci Code has now crossed a serious line. They've pissed off Albinos....

Don't Tread On Me

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh, Come On!!!

How are we supposed to reason with people who believe God is talking to them through Tuna? A talking fish with the voice of Don Knotts would be harder to refute, but this? Of course people here see Jesus in toast. Come to think of it, never mind. Religion can be a very scary thing.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Berkeley Bungle

Berkeley, like San Francisco, just can't seem to pull its head out of it own Counter Culture Asshole (tm). Even when that asshole shits all over the streets and they have to walk in it daily. Even when it helps shut down decades old institutions that provide local jobs and tax revenue.

Ah, like they care. The more homeless and crusty punks the better, right?

Now in this article, local business owners (like the Cody's owner) bash on the cities policy regarding Telegraph Avenue. I think its great. But one does have to ask how many times they themselves may have helped keep "the man" from keeping the streets safe and clean.

Now I admit competition (like from is to blame also. But I've shopped on Telegraph for over 10 years, and I can only take it about once a year. The place is a dump.

Good Bye Codys

Here You Go.

Enjoy. I have no words for this.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Post Over At Iraq The Model

This is a great posting. Sound like anyone you know?

hola! Hola! HOLA!

Back on April 29th the tres chiflados, Moe Chavez from Venezuela, Larry Castro from Cuba and Shemp Morales from Bolivia, signed a "trade agreement of the people" who many feel was a symbolic alternative to the Free Trade agreement the U.S. reached with other Latin American countries. When I first heard this bit of news I was very excited. Mostly because it just reaffirmed my feeling that Moe is just positioning himself to take over Cuba once Larry kicks it, but also, because it brought Shemp forward as the socialist weasel he endeavors to be. In other words, I'm Right. From what I gather, Moe is going to help subsidize Cuban oil projects that are exptected to pump between Cuba and Florida. (By the way, does anyone think these projects will pass any of the environmental requirements? So where is the Lefts outrage?) In return, Cuba is going to train Venezuelan and Bolivian Doctors and educators. This is all based on the "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" theory. So what is the big deal, right? Why should we care? Well it comes down to one little word..."choice." Oh and "private property" and I think "liberty" can be thrown in there as well.

One of the arguments Moe made pertaining to the agreement was

"We don't want to be rich, but we do want to live well, with dignity, as
brothers, so there is no misery, so there is no poverty, so people are not
excluded — that is among our fundamental objectives," Chavez said of the trade
pact in Caracas on Friday, before leaving for Havana.
Well, if Moe has followed Larry's past at all, and you know he has, then you also know he is lying. This agreement is all about them getting rich and also sticking their fingers into the eye of America. I know this by just looking at Larry's record. Over the years he has insisted his net worth is zero, but Forbes has him listed in the Top Ten Wealthiest Rulers claiming Larry is worth $900 million. Sort of a large chunk for a country that is in the toilet. One can say "What about Bill Gates, he is the richest man in the world and you are not harping on him." Well, that is because Bill Gates wasn't able to become rich without making thousands of others rich along the way. That is the beauty of capitalism. The same can't be said about Larry's communist model.

Moving on, NewsMax has a report that Cuba and Venezuala are going to help three disadvantaged individuals from Bolivia. One who is nearly blind from cataracts, another who is illiterate and the third who doesn't officially exist. This, to me, is just a PR move by Moe and Larry.
Melani's cataracts were removed for free by one of some 700 Cuban doctors who
have fanned out to the farthest corners of Bolivia. Cuban teaching materials are
helping Mamani learn to read and write. Technology from Venezuela got
17-year-old Mayra the ID card without which she couldn't travel abroad, vote,
enter government buildings or accumulate a pension.
Ok, lets sum up. Melani will now be able to see before they put the horse blinders on. Mamani will be able to read the one book that hasn't been made illegal and Mayra will be able to travel from Bolivia, to Cuba, to Venezuela and back to Bolivia again. Sounds like a great deal.

Oh, and this just came in.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I Must Be A Racist

This past Monday was a walkout day for Hispanics protesting for their immigration rights. I have been witness to two such protests so far, and I have to say that they really annoy me. Not because I'm for or against them, but rather because I see many of them flying Mexican flags. It really chaps my hide to see them demanding more rights from our great country and then disrespecting us by flying another country's flag. It just goes to show that they don't want to assimilate, but rather, the United States should just bend over backward to accomodate these poor pitiful creatures. I would create a link to show you all a picture of these protesters waving Mexican flags, but unfortunately, I cannot find any news sites that have any pictures of protesters waving flags other than Old Glory. HHHHMMMM.....I wonder why that is? I saw more Mexican flags than US flags at the last protest. Now, onto the next item of my racist agenda. As you are all probably aware, Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday. Can anyone please tell me why we as US citizens should give a rip about this holiday? Why do people expect me to celebrate a Mexican victory? I am not Mexican, nor have I ever lived in that country. Maybe we should move down there and force them to celebrate the 4th of July, because it's basically the same holiday. Or, maybe it's just that Mexico really is starting to overtake our country. The next time someone asks you if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, ask them what it represents and why you should celebrate. I doubt most people other than Mexicans actually know. Well, I really have to go now.....Don't want to be late for my Espanol lessons!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Only Point Of This Is To Make A Statement, Not To Educate

"A Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday that would require California's textbooks to include the contributions of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people to the state and nation's history."

The typical arguments, for or against, sprung up from both sides. The Pro-Gay studies side saying that Gay students were being discriminated against and that Gay History was necessary to show how gays contribute to society, while the anit-Gay studies group felt that sex should be discussed in the bedroom and not in the classroom.

That is all fine and dandy, but what I would like to know is, has their been a significant number of Gay contributors in the States history? The textbooks can only hold so much, so will somebody of importance be pushed out of the textbook in order to make room for a Gay somebody who is less important just to meet a quota? and how will they be identified in the books? Could it be something like "Former Actor turned California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Totally Hetero) and Actor George Clooney (Motherfucking Faggot) were seen attending blah, blah, blah"...? Would that be appropriate? Because if it were, I am totally for it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Diatribe On Comic Books And Patriotism

Perhaps it is safest to wait until the movie is actually released to pass judgment, but I have to take issue with the now widely distributed trailer for the new Superman Returns movie. At one point a character inquires regarding Superman, “Does he still stand for truth? Justice? All that stuff?” What happened to the American way? The Superman of old was a hero for this country, often posed prominently alongside Old Glory. Now, it seems that it may be taboo to mention his ties to the U.S. Is this an attempt to garner greater box office receipts in foreign lands or is it more evidence of the criminalization of being a proud American here at home? Both? In 2002, when Spiderman was released on the heels of the Sept. 11th tragedy, the web head was famously displayed on an American flagpole with the image of our Stars and Stripes reflected splendidly in the silvery eyes of his costume. It seems then that our patriotism was at an all time high. How easily people forget. How sad that the tide has turned.

As I write this, news has come that Zacarias Moussaoui has escaped the death penalty. The jury, although convinced that he "knowingly created a grave risk of death" that day, and that “substantial planning” was involved, were unable to justify the most final and powerful punishment of death upon him. If these lawyers and jurors had been involved perhaps they could have saved the victims of 9/11 from their fate. Surely they didn’t deserve death either. I hope this decision alleviates some of the guilt the American people obviously feel for the state of the world. I hope those of you who could “understand where the hijackers were coming from” feel vindicated. Frankly, I just feel sick.

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick!

What possible excuse can there be for this outcome? This is the sort of thing that should be considered the downfall of our great country, not the crap that Hollywood quibbles about.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Surprise, Freakin' Surprise!

Who ever could have guessed this? And yet those 18 to 24 year olds are so educated about everything else. You know, like why George Bush sucks. Or why the war sucks. Or why Rumsfeld sucks. Or why Cheney shot his friend.

Limey Bitch.

<Madonna Attacks Bush at Festival
Madonna radically altered her music to attack US President George W. Bush during her appearance at California's Coachella Valley Arts And Music Festival, on Sunday. The "Hung Up" singer thrilled fans with a six-song set in the Sahara Dance Tent, and took a cheeky swipe at the US leader by changing her song lyrics. During an energetic rendition of her song "I Love New York," Madonna roared, "Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's d**k." >

I hate it when the English try to tell us Americans "how it is."

Monday, May 01, 2006

It's Official.

Brett Ratner sucks! See for yourself. Take that sentinel! Snikt!!!

Update On Al Qaeda In Iraq

I don't know how credible this article is, I got it over a t Gateway Pundit. The man who wrote it is named Harold C. Hutchison and I think he is a military blogger, but I am not sure. Anyway, if the article is right, then this is awesome!