Monday, June 30, 2008

Cell Phone Gremlin

Hypermiling Update

Illegal and dangerous?

Wall-E Review

This is a movie spoiler. Stop reading if you are Planning on seeing Wall-E.

Went to see Wall-E last night. Wasn't going to at first but then I read a bit of the Portland Mercury review, which described it as not only one of the best movies of the year, but maybe one of the best sci-fi movies ever. (I posted on the Mercury before, but just to remind you all, the Mercury is the same weekly that had a coloring competition where contestants had to color a picture of the Easter Bunny pooping out easter eggs, that hatch and then little Jesus babies run toward downtown)

Intrigued and always loving Pixar, I was glad to go see it.
Hmmmm.... Wow, wasn't expecting what I saw, but I should have. I mean it is the Mercury for crying out loud!

To start, let me tell who Wall-E is. Wall-E is small robot whose name stands for Waste Alloction Load Lift Earth-Class. In other words, he is a selfsustaining, solar powered, miniature dump truck who was built to pick up all the pollution created by the corporation "Buy' n Large". A corporation that supplies every service on earth and has become the world government. In this grim and not so original future, the pollution has forced the people to evacute earth on a huge Buy' n Large space Love Boat leaving nothing to live on planet except cockroaches and nothing left to eat except twinkies. (by the way, Macintosh is the only product placement in the movie that I could remember. Reminding us all that corporations are bad except Mac. I think the twinkies were faux-twinkies)

Continuing on, a slick space girl robot named EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), carrying a big gun comes to the planet to try an find growing vegetation. (Ok, I am getting bored with this review. I am going to speed this up)

She finds the plant, takes it back to the space love boat, where the people are now all fat and talking on their cell-phones and playing video games. She manages to put together a group of outcast, artist robots to save the day. The people on the ship come to realize that earth is where it's at, because farming and Ho-downs are cool. (I guess middle America is envied in the future) What isn't explained is why anyone would want to leave the space Love Boat to begin with since it is obviously much better at sustaining life than earth is.

In the end, the love between EVE and Wall-E save the day.
The End

Go see it. It is really good.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Snow Globes You Will Be Proud To Own

Click to enlarge, Thailor!

Must Read!

Canadian Health Care We So Envy Lies In Ruins, Its Architect Admits

There seems to be two kinds of big government types. Those who use the government to control people's lives and those who think the government can actually improve people's lives (sadly, the latter often time doesn't realize their wrong thinking until it is too late, thus giving more power to the people who want to control our lives). Claude Castonguay seems to fall in the second category.

I Bet She Totally Called Back.

I just hope she made it before the deadline.

This One Is Dedicated To Former Fellow Jara's Patron

If you ask me, they probably got the mold all screwed up and just went with it.

Alright, I Give Up

I too am gonna to start blaming Bush.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is It Me...

...or is this article overreacting a little?
Here is a great quote
"The trial provided a glimpse into a growing U.S. problem of domestic workers exploited in slave-like conditions."

another good one
"U.S. District Judge Arthur Spatt called the testimony 'eye-opening, to say the least — that things like that go on in our country.'"

Don't get me wrong, the punishment should match the crime, but come on... really? a growing problem?

That'll Teach 'Em

Canadiens think they're so damn funny!

I Got Nothin'.

I've said it all before.


Well said.

If Anything She Lives Up To My Librarian Fantasy

I know that was sexist... sue me.

I think I am changing my stance on this one. Jindal out and Palin in.
I have only listened to her a little bit before, but I am liking what she has to say.

With energy being an issue on everyone's mind, Clinton voters who feel like Obama ran a sexist campaign (not to mention women who will vote for her just because she is a woman), Palin could be exactly what McCain needs in order to solidify a winning ticket.

Miller Says Obama Played The Race Card Card

That's right, I wrote card twice... on purpose. Watch video to see why.
I saw this clip last night and thought it was totally right on.

North Korea May No Longer Be Apart Of The Axis Of Evil?

"The announcement came after North Korea handed over a long-awaited accounting of its nuclear work to Chinese officials on Thursday, fulfilling a key step in the denuclearization process."

Hmmmm... Two down and one to go.

Better Than Lost.

I would watch this show religiously if it was primetime TV. Any night of the week.

Who knew the Italian word for penguin was penguini? Just like the Spanish word is penguino.


I don't know if this is true, but it sure is funny.

That's A Knee-Slapper!!!

How old are these retards?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Little Late

Stevil sent this video and I forgot to post it.
In honor of George Carlin

Lucas: Obama Is A Jedi

I should say so. Whether Lucas was referring to Obama's Jedi mind trick capabilities isn't stated in the article, but I am going with 'yes, that is what he meant.'
Here is a video that agrees with G. Lucas. It is pretty dumb, but whatever.

Oh and by the way, if you get to the bottom of the article you can actually read Lucas giving himself autofellatio.
Here is the quote
And although Lucas’ movies are filled with high-tech graphics and visual wizardry, he says they’re nothing compared with Congress, telling us that getting things done there is much more complicated than his movies’ special effects. “Anyone who’s seen one of my movies knows that’s saying something about Congress,” he said.

Another Tragic Celebrity Death

This one will be hard to recover from.

Bolton: Israel Will Strike Iran if Obama is Elected

I am not posting this because I think he is right, but because it is like he is making a prophecy and that is always cool.

Supreme Court Not As Kick Ass As The Onion Would Have Us Believe

Death Penalty for child rape shot down.
And now it is the law of the land.

Update: Wow! Even Obama disagrees with the court.

This Is A Good One

So far Obama has been crushing his opponents in style points. Better advertising, better speeches, better signs, T-Shirts and bumperstickers... all of it.
But this ad from McCain is clearly the winner so far.

Dr. No

Oh, Lord.

Things are already out of hand. Fixin' to get out of hand-ER. Love the first commenter.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Impartial CBS News

Here is the CBS list of the five things you need to about Obama and McCain. This is so slanted that you will think I was making it up. Have fun. (My comments are in parenthesis.)

5) Obama: no shrinking violet. When he was still a Harvard law student, Obama was dating the boss. (Michelle Obama)

5) McCain: McCain was not born in any of the 50 United States. (not the first American citizen born in another country who ran for the Presidency)

4) Obama: in addition to enjoying basketball and cycling during down time, Obama loves to play Scrabble. (active, environmental and a word smith)

4) McCain: a maverick even back in high school, John McCain was nicknamed 'the punk.' "There was always the cigarette in the corner of his mouth." "John McCain graduated five slots from the bottom of the Annapolis class of 1958." (dope)

3) Obama: many people know Obama made history at Harvard by becoming the first African-American president of the Law Review. But did you know it was the conservative students who gave him the victory? (able to reach across the aisle)

3) McCain: when McCain was not down in Vietnam, it was not his first. It was not his second. But his third plane crash as a pilot. (dope)

2) Obama: if you're wondering about that GQ look, don't expect stories about fancy custom tailoring. "I basically buy five of the same suit and then I patch them up and wear them repeatedly." (What an average guy.)

2) McCain: McCain's North Vietnamese captors called him the 'crown prince.' "They were going to let him go as a gesture to the United States. And John said basically no." (doesn't this bit give you the impression that McCain was treated well as a POW, despite the fact that both his shoulders were broken?)

1) Obama: for the man who wants to usher in a new era of politics, he first won office as a state senator by using some old-school Chicago tactics. "He simply knocked his main competitor off the ballot." (will do what it takes to win the white house for the Dems... A fighter)

1)McCain: when he first ran for Congress he was charged with being a carpet bagger. "John McCain decided to move to the state of Arizona, a state in which he never lived, and run for the U.S. House in 1982. The Republicans running against him shouted 'carpet bagger, carpet bagger.'" (Hmmmm... Obama is not from Illinois and Clinton is not from New York.)

Thanks to Michael Medved who always informs us of such great reporting.


So, did somebody post this and I missed it? Or are we just not touching it? Heinz removed this commercial from the airwaves after receiving something like 200 complaints.

While I'm amazed at the small number of complaints, this doesn't really offend me in any particular way. It just seems kind

This Is Balls-To-The-Wall Funny

Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'

Hypermiling, Eh?

Sounds like the kind of people I wouldn't mind running off the road and beating with a shovel.

Chicken Little


We're Doomed!

Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes

Shaq faces Kobe.

Wait One Damn Minute!

Are they trying to tell us that well-intentioned environmentalists would go as far as to LIE in order to further their interests?! Black is white! Up is down! Someone hold me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Final Frontier.

Time to come visit, Blogust.

Hard To Believe

This doesn't happen.

"So far, we have no idea how it is possible that someone officially reported missing so long ago was not found before in the same apartment she used to live in."

Hmmm, I have a guess. Yugoslavia, 1966, Soviet Union, Communist Rule, it all adds up to me.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Misfits Block Party

I came cross these great Misfits videos made by this guy named Multikriminell.
So in honor of the greatest band to ever come out of New Jersey I present to you "The Misfits Block Party".

Hybrid Moments

Last Caress


And the best video of them all
Die Die My Darling

Rocket Man

I was going to save this for a Friday Video, but I couldn't wait.

No Blood For Oil

Expect this to be used as "proof" that we went to war for oil.
For me, it is exciting news.

Becoming More And More Of An "Us Vs. Them"

From welfare to Social Security, Medicare to Medicaid, Public Education to
now Socialized Medicine, Socialized Insurance companies, the fairness doctrine, and here is one you wont believe, socialized oil refineries. Who do these people think they are, Hugo Chavez?

These people wont stop. They have no intention of ever stopping. They know what is best and the rest of us should just sit back and let them work their magic. Listen to these Fuckers words. Come up with a crazy and completely destructive plan, use the words "for the people" and "other countries" then make it seem that greedy capitalists and the party who supports them, namely the evil Republicans, aren't willing to work across the aisle.

But what they don't understand is that if the Govt. owns it, then that means nobody does. And then the power struggle begins. I am telling you, the Borg Collective wants it all and they want control of our lives. It is that simple.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Arnie Is Against The Drilling Here, Guys.

And Feinstein should be hit with a blimp. California knows all too well the dangers of off-shore drilling because in 1969 scores of marine mammals and birds were killed by an oil spill? Isn't a score, like 20? So, how many twenties of marine life are we talking about here? It's the fucking seagulls again, isn't it? Same reason people look at me like I'm a Nazi when I throw out a perfectly good six-pack ring.

You Were Right, MC...

The Happening is about trees that "have tired of humankind's ecological despoilment and are emitting a complicated aerial neurotoxin that makes us kill ourselves en masse." Stupid

There is another horror out there that might be more worth your time. It is a re-release, first shown in 1989, and for some reason it is going down as the best worst movie ever and theaters are selling out.

What is this movie? Well it is none other than Troll 2.
Storyline: A town known as Nilbog, Goblin spelled backwards, is being attacked by vegetarian monsters who are turning people into plants so that they can eat them.

Put Up Or Shut Up

Let's see if the Dems really are willing to wean ourselves off foreign oil. Here

Also, has anyone heard these numbers bandied around?
4% profit goes to the oil companies, 15% goes to the government in taxes.

Update: McCain calls for building 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030

Gore + Garotzuva = Goretzuva

Gore's next million dollar speech should be titled
Stop using so much energy, World. I need it all.

Not to fear, the guys over at Fox News explain how he can get away with it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bad Retirement Speech


I was listening to the radio today and of course the airwaves were filled with the whole gay marriage topic and I heard something sorta interesting. One of the two old ladies, who were married in Gavin Newsome's office and have since been lionized by the media, was quoted to have said
""I don't think we would have gotten married if we hadn't gotten corralled into it,'
It won't make a difference in her relationship with Martin, 87. They have their wills in place. They share common property, including their home overlooking the city that they bought for $11,000 in 1955."

When I went looking for the quote, I found this quote instead.
"I don't think we would have gotten married if we'd gotten corralled into it," here

Odd. Did I hear it wrong the first time?
So I went digging and I had to really dig to find the other article.
Does we'd mean we hadn't? No! (not that I needed to look that up, but I was starting to doubt my public education) Was this a typo or was it intentional?
Both articles are from U.S. Today and both are written by the same person, Janet Kornblum.
So which is it? we'd or we hadn't
You decide.

Very Fishy.

Genetically Altered Bugs Poop Crude Oil

If this is true.... Man that would be amazing.
Stole this from Ace

Picture Of The Week

I know this is petty and it shows that the Republicans, who did the same thing to Kerry and Gore, will try to paint Obama as an elitist, but I still think it's funny.
Want more go here

Obama's 'Key' Foreign Policy Adviser: “Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundamental text on national security.”

This is enough to make you sick...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Time To Make The Lawyers Useful.

Local San Diego guy wants to take Al Gore and Garotzuva to court. Great idea!

Friday The 13th Movie Reviews

I was looking forward to two movies that were coming out today.
Here is the Rotten Tomato Tomatometer
Pretty Good
Question: Why does M Night Shamalamalama suck so bad now?

For The Ladies

I think we have been a little unfair to the 1 or 2 girls who actually visit this site by only posting stuff that dudes would like. Well I am fixin' to change that right now.
Ladies, I give you the "Cunt Smasher"
Warning: Men, watch at your risk.

Just Doin' Some Science.

Italian Spiderman is back! Respect women!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Great Divide

It is videos like this that help explain why the country is so divided.
How does the saying go?
Liberals think Conservatives are evil.
Conservatives think Liberals are wrong. (I prefer stupid, but wrong will do)
Warning: Watch at your own risk.

The Death Of Personal Responsibility: The Musical

Damn straight I'd pay to see that.


I have no words and so I will leave it up to these guys.
I feel the left will look at this as a ruling against Bush, which is always good in their minds. Consequences mean nothing.

In Response To MC's Johansson Post

Another hollywood hottie and politics. Here
At first, I wasn't too big of a fan of Angelina Jolie. I thought, and still do, her movies sucked (except tomb raider) and I really didn't like her parading her Cambodian refugee, wearing the mohawk and sticking out his tongue, and the African refugee, dressed up like Aunt Jemima, around like poodles. But after her visit with the troops and the comments she made about Iraq, well I have changed my mind.
"Wanted" still looks stupid.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scarlet Johansson Is Hot.

And stupid. Imagine someone like Barack Obama replying to little ole Scarlet Johansson's e-mail. What a man of the people. Of course, Scarlet is pretty down to Earth. Did you all know she made out with Kai in a bar on March 31st?

Hmmm... Where Is Dunemere Drive?

I lived in La Jolla for 4 years and I can't think of where this is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bring On The Tourists

Jordan archaeologists unearth world's first Christian church, which means only one thing.

Buy stock in all airlines flying to Jordan, all the hotels and all the...!!!!! (you get the point)

Canada Deports Cancer Patient To Save Costs

Oddly, I agree with this decision. I mean if you leave it up to tax payers to pay for healthcare rather than letting individuals pay for their own, then I say kick 'em out.
Hell! Kick 'em all out!

Sounds Awesome.

'Warcraft' Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing 'Warcraft'

Monday, June 09, 2008

Must Read!

Remeber this guy? Abdul Sattar Abu Risha? Leader of the Sunni Awakening in the Al-Anbar province in Iraq. Here is his wikipedia page in case you have forgotten.
Well since his assassination last fall, his brother, Sheik Ahmed Fateh Khan al-Rishawi, has taken up the position as leader of the awakening.

Recently, Sheik Ahmad has been meeting in private with President Bush and other Washington officials and "When asked if he would send military advisers to Afghanistan to assist American troops fighting there, he said: 'I have no problem with this; if they ask me, I will do it.'" Read the New York Sun Article.

How's that for gaining an ally in the War on Terror...

Ripped this from Gatewaypundit

UPDATE: This is also a must read

The Party Of Emotion

I don't think this will be an issue for the Dems by November, because they are not only the party of emotion, but they are also the party of group think, and so I plan on them all coming together by then. Still, it sure is fun hearing all the wah, wah, wahs and the me, me, mes...

And here is their web page.

UPDATE: I should have titled this post "That started on Facebook" but too late now. If you are able to get to the very end of the video, you will understand what I mean.

Here Is A Video Making It's Rounds

Global Warming Making Planet Greener

According to this, in the last two decades the vegetation has increaesed by 6.2% worlwide. Reason? High levels of CO2... Nature's fertilizer.
Like with the bonfire ban post, lefties will once again find themselves at an impasse.
Hug a Polar Bear or Hug a Tree?
For me, I say build a fire and roast the fucker!!! :)

Knives Don't Kill People, People Kill People...

Maybe the dude was trying out his new Mangekyou Sharingan.
Ok I am dorking out.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Straight from one of MC's favorite sites, is a great post about one of Hollywood's biggest Douche Bags.
I find it only fitting to do a bit on Sean Penn on the same day I posted on Moe Chavez.


I Was Mistaken

This is the picture of the week.

Stasi, KGB...

and now MOE.
This reminds me of one my favorite scenes from the movie "The Lives Of Others"

But that is not all, Moe is once again trying to become dictator for life.

Picture Of The Week

I love this photoshop.

The man is living proof that lefties have never taken the threat of Iran seriously.
Stole it from Ace who lends some advice to McCain
"I know you want to do the whole Maverick thing and Democrats really hate Bolton but the thing is, conservatives love him. Announce he will be a part of your administration and I guarantee a lot more conservatives will swallow hard and support you."
Amen to that!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

If You Haven't Seen...

...this commercial yet, enjoy!

I guess if you're not this kind of person, you must be that kind of person.


I, too, sometimes don't feel like moving my arms.

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

Prepare To Be Sick.

From a Canadienne news site, no less. Do we need to nuke New Hampshire? I mean, it's the only way to guarantee containment.

Oh Joy...

Journey is back together. Burnt Umber, Burnt Umber, Burnt Umber

Here You Go, Blogust.

Warning: Explicit Language.