Monday, February 27, 2006

I hope Professor Bolkhari is not tenured

Unfortunately the credibility of the professor is shot early in his lecture when he falsly claims Walt Disney created Tom and Jerry. The cat and mouse combo were created by Hanna-Barbera in 1940 but that's not the point of his misinformed rant. This guy claims Jerry, a disparaging term used to describe Nazi soldiers, was created as a symbol of Jews to "erase the image of mice from the minds of European children, and to show that the mouse is not dirty." Because apparently Jews were thought of as "dirty mice" throughout Europe. Accepting this interpretation, I find it difficult to believe that such a symbol would take on the nickname given to the very people responsible for Jewish persecution during the years of the cartoon's creation. Second, what or who does Tom the cat symbolize? Perhaps Tom and his unending sadistic attempts at eating or killing Jerry symbolizes anti-Semitism perpetrated by folks like this professor. Or perhaps Tom symbolizes the anti-Semites themselves. Either way, I am happy knowing that Tom, as the antagonist, provokes the ass kicking he predictably gets in every episode (except for a few Christmas shows which doesn't really fit the suggested symbolism either).

Cheney To Retire In A Year?

If this is true then who will be the next VP? I don't know if the President is the one to appoint the next VP or what. If he is, I predict Condi Rice to take the job.
Cheney's retirement
Does anyone know?

George Bush makes it possible to party in New Orleans

Think you'll ever hear people say that? Of course not. It is just plain illogical to make such a statement.

What flooding, let's party

But it sure is easy for these people to blame the federal government when a hurricane hits their shores and they are unprepared. Blaming the Katrina disaster on anyone but themselves is ridiculous. Everyone is still trying to point fingers when the largest responsibility for the Katrina mess sits right at home.

Sorry if this is tired by now. But when the failed response to the disaster happened, all I could hear myself say in my head was "Maybe if they didn't party so much and spent a little more time getting prepared for an eventual disaster that could strike a city that's below sea level, then maybe the mess could have been lessened".

Now I understand that a little venting, like holding a Mardi Gras parade in light of the still looming disaster, can help morale. But in my mind it still somehow points to the fact that partying seems to be the focus of this town, not doing what needs to be done for a town under sea level.

I'm hoping that some lesson has been learned. Hopefully their focus will be a little more on preventing such a disaster in the future.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Just Thought You Would Like To Know

I know this will fall on deaf ears, or blind eyes, or whatever, but here it goes anyway. A little while back I saw a report posted by Gatewaypundit talking about the supposed "culture of corruption" that embodies the Republican party. He showed a really great graph comparing the corruption of the Clinton Administration to the corruption of the Bush administration. Sadly I couldn't find the darn thing, but this is what I did find.
The Clinton Legacy

Here are some interesting notes about the Clionton admin. that are shown on the link.
- The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance
- Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and associates*
- Most number of cabinet officials to come under criminal investigation
- Most number of witnesses to flee country or refuse to testify
- Most number of witnesses to die suddenly
- First president sued for sexual harassment.
- First president accused of rape.
- First first lady to come under criminal investigation
- Largest criminal plea agreement in an illegal campaign contribution case
- First president to establish a legal defense fund.
- First president to be held in contempt of court
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions
- Greatest amount of illegal campaign contributions from abroad
- First president disbarred from the US Supreme Court and a state court

Compared with the Bush Administration.
- Indictments (1) Scooter Libby
What does this all mean....Well comparing the current President to former Presidents all the way back to Nixon....George W. Bush has run the cleanest adminstration in HALF A CENTURY!

P.S. Just a little fun fact for those who want the Clintons back in office.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Love This Picture

Tammy Bruce has a picture of a soldier shaking hands with Hillary Clinton. Look closely and you will see some interesting sign language. Gatewaypundit goes on to quote the soldier to saying
"The picture of me and Hillary Clinton was taken when she came to visit Iraq. I
was actually ordered to shake her hand, and I never figured that my friends
would circulate it all over the net. I AM NOT a Hillary fan by any stretch."
What a dope she is. No matter where she goes she seems to step in it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

You Never Know

Maybe they were on there way to buy the Cubs.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be a terrorist thing, because then all the liberals will say that all the anti-terrorism task forces and precautions that have been put into effect don't work and that the only way we catch terrorists is when they are involved in random high speed freeway collisions.

Way To Go New Orleans!

How did these people get elected.

If Karma truly exists, I foresee three miniatures hurricanes hitting a certain three city councilpersons in the near future. Don't get me wrong; I tend to somewhat agree with the sentiment. At this time you certainly don't want to have to spend all of the cities money on people who choose to suckle at the government teat, but I don't think it's realistic to dump your problems on those who came to your aid to begin with. Unbelievable.

A Little Bit Of Follow Up

Some of you may remember that I posted a week or two ago about how there was this crazy group of "Christians" that were protesting outside of the funerals of soldiers who died in Iraq. Why were they protesting? Because these soldiers were paying with their lives for fighting for a country that harbors homosexuals. Well, here's a recent article I find to be rather uplifting.

So, I guess we have to stop stereotyping bikers now, blogust. Cause sure, some of them may go around shooting up casinos and being infiltrated by Brian Bosworth, but some of them are just proud Americans with a moral compass on par with my own. And I rule. So, go bikers!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Teachers Will Save Us! Hmm. I Guess I Can't Use Burnt Orange Sarcasm In My Titles.

Once again I am disheartened by the proclivity of this nation’s “educators” to confuse tolerance with bending over backwards to appease opposing views.

Personally, I agree that a person’s religious beliefs should not have to be compromised as long as they do not compromise or impose upon the beliefs of others. I do not believe that one’s convictions need to be enforced upon others. I also believe that if your religion prohibits you and your children from drawing a family portrait or a picture of a dog, then you should be free to draw a rock or a stick instead, receiving full credit for the assignment. But to take away the right of other children to draw Mommy, Daddy and Rover under the big oak out back is a disgusting display of poor judgment on the part of our teachers. If we continue to bow under the guise of tolerance to those who are most intolerant, how do we ever expect them to see that there are two sides to every coin? What we should be teaching is that our way of life is as important to us as theirs is to them, and while we recognize and respect their beliefs, we expect the same in turn. That’s called compromise, and it is a far greater lesson than blind tolerance.

Why we don't need Socialized medicine

This article makes me happy for many reasons:

Privatized medicine is better

First off, it was published in the SF Chronicle. Wow, how did this get by the editor? Ok, I kid. There are surprisingly more conservative articles in this paper than I expect. Like 3 a year.

Secondly, it praises the merits of Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Craigs-List, and even fast food chains ("Doc-in-a-box")! Wow, you mean capitalism works?

Thirdly, via privatized medicine people without insurace all get to benefit from the cost saving ability, power, and pure problem solving capability of Capitalism. And its being praised in the SF Chron!!

Forthly, these new "Doc-in-a-box" clinics put pressure on bigger hospitals to lower their costs. Hey, competition makes for a better product and lowers cost.

I could go on but I'll stop here and focus on Socialized medicine. With Socialized medicine you put all the decision making power into the hands of the government. Cost structure, facility locations, facility quality, hours of operation, payment options, specializations, equipment purchases, etc. will all be controlled by the government. That's a lot to consider, and that's just what I can come up with and I'm not even that familiar with the totality of all things to consider when running a medical business.

OK, have any of you ever had to deal with the DMV?? I'm sure you have. Now why, why, why would you want to take something as important as health care and turn it into one of the most painful processes known to man kind: Vehicle Registration. My goodness, the lines, the forms, the limited hours of operation, the pain!

I'll stop right there. Enough said in my opinion. I'm shivering with fear at the thought of Socialized anything, let alone Socialized medicine. "Doc-in-a-box" shops are the brilliant creations that only Capitalism can come up with.

Now... The Achilles heel: Lawyers. A couple of idiotic lawsuits and these great companies get smashed by those leeches looking only to serve themselves. But that topic is for another post that is brewing, and it will cover more than health care costs.

Viva Le Drive Thru Office Visit!


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Assassination of the Archduke

I couldn't resist. I have to make one last post. In 1914 Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated by Serbian Nationalist, Gavrilo Princip. The shooting led to war between Austrian and Serbia, which escalated into WWI. Are we seeing the same thing today? Something relatively small escalating into something bigger? Are the Danish Cartoons the proverbial straw that broke the Camel Jock...ummm...back. (I almost said it) Who is to say, but it sure is growing. Read

Rain...Here I come

I am finally setting off for Portland Oregon. I am pretty excited, but a bit nerved. I haven't had anytime to newswatch these days, so I thank Lord Kingly for keeping me, as well as, Blogust updated. I wont be able to post for a little while least not until I get everything situated. But don't worry, I am sure BaronVonMike and FryanEgg will start posting more. (hint hint hint) Ahhh Portland. Beautiful city, good food, and very fat girls. I am sure I will be in the heart of the Liberal Lions Den, so that should be interesting.

Anyway, before I is something I saw from It is quite gruesome, so please...don't open if you don't like gross. The author tells us that "an eye for an eye" is very much apart of Islamic Law. Once you link, scroll down to the comments and read his context.

I wish this wasn't my last post before I bolted, but I like this kind of stuff sometimes and I think it is important to show how backwards parts of the world still remains. I know, I know, this is apart of their culture and I should be more understanding Right? I mean am I allowed to be judgemental of other peoples values and traditions? If we judge them wont they judge us? etc. The answers to these questions are WRONG, YES, THEY ALREADY ARE. Oops, timesaver again.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Everything Is Relative, I Suppose

A Pakistani Muslim cleric has put a bounty on the head of the Danish cartoonists who drew those blasphemous...uh...comics. He has compared this bounty to that which the United States placed on Osama Bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks. Cause it's comparable. Yeah, this is what's known as Greek justice right here. Like that time the paperboy missed my porch so I burned his house down while his family was fast asleep inside. A Taliban commander has also offered a reward for killing any of the cartoonists, as well as for killing any Danish, Norwegian or German soldier. Apparently for being amused by the comics.

I have decided to pay out 100 million doll-hairs to anyone who goes over there and teaches these people the difference between a killable offense and satire. But I'm going to need proof. Like, cleric panties or something.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh, Willie, What Have You Done?

Willie Nelson has written and produced a new song about how all cowboys have a woman inside of them and want to get with other cowboys and all that kind of garbage. Seriously. I am so sick of having homosexuality shoved down my throat (no pun intended). I'm sure Brokeback Mountain is just chock full of cinematic merit, but it's not my cup of tea. Truth is, I'm not all that crazy about weepy heterosexual relationship films. Have you seen the Notebook? What a horrendous piece of crap that is. If I go through the rest of my life without ever seeing the great Jim Rockford sobbing like a little girl again, it'll be too soon. So don't tell me that just because I don't want to see Heath Ledger smooth on up on Donnie Darko, I'm some sort of homophobic prick. Instead, write a letter to Hollywood and tell them to load up their next gay love anthem with some car chases and surface-to-air missiles. Or how about a gay sports agent? Oh, nevermind, they already did that. But put something in there for me and I'll give it a look. I can always go get popcorn or play Missile Command in the lobby during the tender parts.

And to Willie Nelson, who decided to take it upon himself to out the entire state of Texas and beyond, what happened to you? You're dead to me.

What's With All The Commotion?

So, everybody is making a big, fat deal out of Vice President Cheney accidentally mistaking his buddy for a game bird and shooting him all over the face and chest. In fact, a friend of mine just forwarded me this article, illustrating the typical class with which the left report on such events.

Truthfully, I think the situation is pretty funny, but if you're going to do an interview like that you can't half-ass it like this Milbanks character did. I mean, is it enough to merely don the hunting orange? I say no. I say it's an affront to our intelligence. Get someone with some comic wherewithal to write you some quality material, for crying out loud. Manicurists talking about global warming? There's potential there, but alas, Wilbanks is unable to deliver. Crickets, people, crickets.

As far as the incident itself, several people have posed the question, in both polite and impolite conversation, as to whether Cheney should be charged with manslaughter should Harry Whittington keel over as a result of the shooting. Tough question, if you ask me. I mean, you or I would probably take it in the keester over something like that, but you and I didn't go through all the bullshit hassle it takes to become Vice President of the United States of America. I say Cheney gets a pass. Seriously, Whittington's a lawyer anyway, so if you think Cheney should go down for this, I don't ever want to here the words, "What do you call 1,000 dead lawyers..."come out of your mouth.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What a Dreamboat...

Bruce Willis continues to be my favoritest person ever. I, like, totally have a guy crush on him!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Way To Go UW!

What kind of crap liberal professor got inside the heads of these pussies? It makes me sick to think of what might have been if our society had been this weepy and sensitive back when WW II was actually happening. I would hope that the people who benefitted from our involvement in that war would send a few letters to the students of UW, reminding them of what men like Boyington were fighting for, because apparently the curriculum doesn't cover it.

And let's not forget about "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Hell of a show.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I Go Coo Coo For Coca Puffs

Bolivia's foreign minister, from the new leftist government of Evo "Shemp" Morales, is talking about the nurtitional value of coca leaf.
"Coca has more calcium than milk. It should be part of the school breakfast,"

As most of you know, coca leaf is used to make cocaine and Shemp was once a coca farmer. Does that mean he wants to harvest coca in order to make cocaine? I don't know, but I now know the nutritional value.
A coca leaf weighing 100 grams contains 18.9 calories of protein, 45.8 mg
of iron, 1540 mg of calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2, E and C, which is more than
most nuts, according to a 1975 study by a group of Harvard
Sounds nutritious to me and maybe it will get kids to pay attention in class.

Marvel vs. D.C.

One question I have been asking my friends a lot lately is "which movie will do better, X-Men 3 or Superman?" (Yes, I said a lot. So I am a dork...sue me!)
Even though I have enjoyed the X-Men since I was a kid and I loved the movies, I argue that Superman will be the movie that comes out on top. Here is why...Brian Singer. Brian Singer, who directed the first two X-Men, decided to skip out on X-Men 3 and do Superman instead. Why? I don't know, but he did and he took his crew along with him. So instead, Bret Ratner has been the one directing X-Men 3. The same Bret Ratner who brought us Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, Money Talks, Red Dragon and After the Sunset. Not a very fine resume if you ask me. Being a sports fan, I know how important a good coach and a good crew is and I can't see Bret Ratner beating Brian Singer's proven record, but I will concede to three points.
1. Superman sorta blows
2. X-men doesn't blow
3. Maybe Ratner inherited a good team like Seifert did with the 49ers.
It doesn't stop there for me either. I am also arguing that D.C. will top Marvel as a whole. Batman Begins was a great movie and looks like the Batman comic is going to take on Al-Qaeda. It might sound silly, but I learned this from reading Ace Of Spades website who linked to Geek Soap Box. Here is the link
Ace also went on to say
Meanwhile, over at Marvel, the Punisher is railing against the
industrial-military complex and Bush's phoney war.
Any response?

Oh, Come On!!!

I just don't have the words for this sort of thing anymore.

It's Curious George, you a-holes!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sometimes the Left can be Right

I just had dinner with a Doctor friend of mine. You could describe his political leanings as "Die hard Free-Market-Capitalist-Hippie-Liberal." He completely believes in the power of capitalism to support his liberal causes. For example: He wants to get rid of big tobacco so he invests all of his money into Philip/Morris stock and uses the profits for anti-tobacco education. The catch is, he doesn't want big tobacco to become illegal, that would go against capitalism. But he does believe if you spend private money in education you will go a longer way in solving social issues rather than enacting some government law.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Big Wiener-Schnitzel

Gerhard Schroeder picked Hillary Clinton to win the white house during an economic forum hosting a large Saudi audience.
I'd be very pleased if Hillary Clinton would become the next American president

Later on he admitted that he hasn't been very popular of late and hopes that it doesn't rub off on Hillary.
But don't quote me too loud. I hope I'm not harming her by saying that.

Sorry's too late!
If you ask me, he made this statement in order to bandage his bruised ego. Schroeder lost to Angela Merkel, who became the first woman Chancellor of Germany, last year and I think that he would see it as "Bush losing to a woman" if Clinton wins in '08. But I am just being petty.

Hat-Tip to Lord Kingly

Lord Kingly sent me a link about Hugo Chavez, a.k.a Moe. Read it Here
The article says that Moe has demanded Tony Blair to give the Falklands back to Argentina. He also says that Tony Blair is a "pawn of imperialism" and is "the main ally of Hitler," a.k.a. George Bush...How original.
According to the article, these comments came on the heels to some remarks that Tony Blair said recently.

Mr Blair infuriated Mr Chavez earlier this week when he said he should respect
the rules of the international community.

The Prime Minister also said he would prefer to see Venezuela's ally Cuba function as a true democracy

So Moe is sticking up for Fidel "Larry" Castro. You know, I have this feeling that once Larry kicks the bucket, Moe is going to try to move in on Cuba. What do you think? Am I reaching?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow Can Suck It!

"Brits are far more intelligent and civilised than Americans. I love the fact that you can hail a taxi and just pick up your pram and put in the back of the cab without having to collape it. I love the parks and places I go for dinner and my friends. It's a pretty city, you know."

I've known more than my fair share of borderline retarded Brits in my life. It's sad that people like Gwynny and Madonna are so easily duped by a proper accent. Even, "I had a poo in the loo" sounds shockingly sophisticated to these simpleton bitches.

Who Wants to Bet?

Does anyone want to try to guess which city this was? First failed attack.
I am guessing that it was another city on the coast, but it might have been on a border. Also Jewish concentration might be a factor. So lets say...ummm L.A. again.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Must See Video

CNN's new contributor, Bill Bennett, gave a jaw dropping performance on CNN about the coverage of the Danish cartoons. You have got to check it out. Here

ACLU Fun Facts

Stop The ACLU blogspot has its top ten myths of the ACLU posted: give it a read

Los Tres Chiflados

Nothing has been more interesting to me these days than these developing relationships between Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Evo Morales. Watching these three in motion is top notch news entertainment for me. And to my delight, there is an occassional cameo from two others who have filled many of my nights readings with mirth (I am speaking of none other than Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan). The only problem is, I don't think everyone realizes how looney this lot is and we need to. So I am changing their names. From now on their new names are Moe Chavez, Larry Castro, Shemp Morales, Curly Belafonte and Curly Joe Sheehan. I thought about who should be who for awhile and this is what I came up with.

Hugo Chavez has to be Moe. He is clearly today's top Stooge. Despite the fact that Moe Chavez has been involved in political fraud, human rights violations, coup after coup (for and against) as well as, being the leader of a country with a collapsing infrastructure, low employment, high crime rate and finishing it off with a nice dose anti-american blather, this man is still standing. A UN Award and praise from some of our most egregious celebrities is what he instead has to endure.

Castro in my opinion is Larry. Eventhough he has been doing it longer, he appears to be more of Moe's lacky rather than the top Dictator he once was. Plus, if you shave his beard and glue it to his head, I think he will show a striking resemblance.

Because of his bull haircut, Evo Morales had to be Moe or Shemp and so Shemp it was. Sadly, I know very little about this Stooge's work, but that is only fitting for I also know very little about the original Shemp. Except of course for the occasional "HEY GUYS THE THREE STOOGES ARE ON...GOD DAMN IT! IT'S SHEMP!" Anyway, this Stooge compaigned on the platform that he would allow for a loose federation for coca-leaf production...YEAH!

Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan are Curly and Curly Joe respectively. Take what these two have to say about our country and our president, add a few...nyook nyook nyooks...and these two become a laugh riot. Lets give it a try "No Blood For Oil..nyook nyook nyook." or "Bush is Tens time the terrorist of Osama Bin Laden...Wise guy eh? nyook nyook nyook." Anyway, I am laughing.

I Like Hot Skinny Girls And All...

..but seriously. Here's some proof that the fashion industry is peopled with horrible, uneducated demons with no regard whatsoever towards the well being of others. An actual quote from Atoosa Rubenstein of Seventeen magazine, in regards to a collection shown during fashion week, which, I guess, is going on right now:

“Bryan is one of my absolute favorite dreamers. I feel like I want to start starving myself so I can wear those clothes now.”

Vacuous bitch.

Hmm. What Do You Know?

I guess PETA ain't all bad. I mean, I'm sure she makes a compelling argument. Whatever it is.

Holy Crap! Why Didn't Anybody Tell Us Before.

This morning on Good Morning America, Howard Dean accused the President of turning the United States into Iran. You know, where the President can do anything? Cause that's totally what's happening. Thank you, Howard Dean. I've been so blind. F'ing classic. Why not go for the gold, you douche bag, and say, "The President is turning the United States into Iran...just like Hitler would have."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I Have A Bag Of Punches To Give Out.

Here's the problem with this sort of thing. When you get into arguments regarding freedom of speech, I think you expect a certain amount of rationality. Scratch that, I think that's what our founding fathers expected. I, myself believe you should be allowed to get up on a soapbox and voice your opinions, whatever they may be. But let's try to be human and maybe skip putting up our soapboxes at funerals. These people are some sick ass nutjobs. And for the record, as much as I feel they should be allowed to spew this crap, I really wish they wouldn't. It makes me want to cut off my thumbs and shit in the woods.

Hugo Chavez is a Dick

Read this article and see the man that Cindy Sheehan has allied herself with.
The Dick-tator

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Once Again The Libs Play Political Limbo "How Low Can You Go"

At the funeral of Corretta Scott King, the Rev. Joseph Lowery and President Jimmy Carter took the opportunity to add some political spin into their Eulogies. Joseph Lowery got the crowd on its feet with this piece of trite.

We know now there were no weapons of mass destruction over there. But Coretta
knew and we knew that there were weapons of misdirection right down here.
Millions without health insurance, poverty abound, for war billions more,
but no more for the poor.

While Jimmy Carter took a more relevant approach.

It was difficult for them [the King family] then personally with the civil
liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the target of
secret government wiretaps.

Needless to say, I am not impressed nor am I shocked. It is not unusual for the Libs to play on peoples emotions during a time of mourning. Pandering is the Dems only form of recourse and these two turned this funeral into a Democratic convention. Will it work? Will it arouse the base and give them something to rally around?....Ummmm? I am going to wait on that one.

A Letter From Arvin

So my friend Arvin Leoux sent me a letter he had bouncing around in his head and this is how it reads.

You can do something for me...So you know about those cartoons the almost
"unheardof-till-now" Danish newspaper printed that has many Muslims upset?
I've been on the www for a few hours now reading and I would like you to visit
some links. Maybe you can post something on your blog about
it.This morning's paper had a story about a murdered 60-something year old
priest who was shot by an apparent late-teenage-ish man who yelled "Allah akbar"
(God is great) before blasting the guy twice, in the back, while at prayer. It
happened in Turkey where the Christian population is very small. Jann read the
story to me as I cooked eggs. It got me thinking about the cartoons,
specifically the one with Muhammed with a bomb as a turban; when they (Muslims)
act like that, in the name of their god, how else should he be represented? I
know, I know, he's not supposed to be represented at all because they don't want
to worship idols, but if I want to represent Allah in some form I should be able
to because I'm not a follower. Just like the kid who ignored the Judeo-Christian
ethic/rule of "thou shall not kill", incidentally coming directly from one of
the first written documents of the Old Testament brought to us by a Jewish
holy-man, Moses, a thousand years before Islam even exsisted, and shot a priest,
at church, in the back, twice. Right?!?So I started reading articles on various
websites and found a lot of interesting stuff like this one:

Arvins First Link

thought to myself, "Oh, yeah, that's real original, like I've never seen
anti-Jewish cartoons before or heard someone claim the Holocaust is a hoax" And
what the heck is the publication Hamshahri doing anyway? Newspapers are always
printing offensive things and then they apologize and retract the article and
blah blah blah; that's what they do, and if you don't like what the paper says,
you unsubscribe yourself and get the paper that makes fun of the people you want
to see made fun of. With that, on to these sites:

Arvins second link

Arvins third


The first article is pretty good, I'm not sure about the slant of the rest of the site but...The last two are from a site I think is particularly interesting as it attempts to bring together Hinduism and Judaism. Anyway, I wasn't really surprised to find that Muslim papers have been printing their own incredibly offensive cartoons of people and beliefs not in line with their own. The difference is when other people are offended they write a letter and let it be known something isn't right, but when Muslims are offended they throw rocks, take hostages, and blow themselves up at the grocery store. I imagine somewhere in the microfiche archives of Arabic newspapers are cartoons of fat Americans, or a rat-faced President, or filthy infidels infecting the Middle East like a parasitic plague spreading greed, immorality, and capitalism. Segue to this article I found that just made everything laughable:

Last One

Who is
this guy? Isn't it just amazing; he's cashing in on this whole nonsense.Whew.
I'm exhausted...Talk to you later my friend...~A~

Just sickening

When will it end? Probably never.

First we have Hillary using the death of Martin Luther King to promote her own jabs during a time of rememberance.

Now, they use King's widow for the same purpose:

Excuse me, but wasn't this a day to remember Ms. King? Didn't President Bush keep the focus on her? Yes? Did the Democrats? No.

When will people realize that the plight African Americans has been used by the Democrats to promote whatever agenda they have at the time? They are not there to honor MLK or his wife, they are there to promote themselves while always keeping African American's in their place. That way the Democrats can always have that fall back position. They can always prop their ideas on top of African Americans, even when standing over an African American's grave.

This seems so similar to the extremist Muslims using the "plight" of the Palestinians to push their anti-Israel sentiments. The Muslim world does not care about the Palestinians, they just don't like Israel. Palestine happens to be close by and can be used to create emotion and cause. Don't the Palestinians realize they are being used by the rest of the Muslim world to further an insane cause?

To me I see an exact parallel to how the Democrats use African Americans. They don't really care what happens to them, their overall goal is Socialism and they'll use whoever they can to promote that ideal.

A Quick Link For You.

I love this kind of crap.

Rarely will you see such incredible use of sarcasm to make so many valid and honest points. I don't remember how to do the sarcasm thing, soI'll just use a burnt orange color for it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Oprah Winfrey Sucks.

So, first Oprah goes on Larry King Live and defends this James Grey character and his book full of embellishments. Then she brings him on her show and levels the poor guy. What changed? Obviously her handlers reminded her that to show weakness could lead to the loss of some of her followers.

Now we get word that "alledgedly" Oprah only plugged the book in the first place to get poor little Jennifer Anniston to come on her show and bare her soul about splitting up with Brad Pitt. Turns out Anniston owns the movie rights to the book. So, Oprah lied. That's a lie by omission. I know, cause I found out what that meant when I didn't tell my ex-girlfriend that I was still hanging out with my ex-ex-girlfriend.

Truthfully, I don't know what the big stink is about this guy lying in his book. I mean, the guy was a drug addict. I'm sure he lied all the time back then, and old habits are hard to break. Besides, who tells the truth in an autobiography? It's not like people are beating down Tucker Max's door asking for documentation of his exploits. And everybody knows that guy's full of shit.

I think it's time for Oprah's empire to fall. She totally thinks she's better than me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am still not a Trail Blazer fan.

So I may be off to Portland in a couple of weeks. Right now I am mulling it over in my head and I am not sure which way I am leaning, but I think its towards Portland. hmmmm. It will be different. I am sure I will be surrounded by people who still drive with Kerry/Edwards stickers on their bumpers. Talking about living in a bubble. I wonder if these people are just in denial or they figured that it is too hard to get the darn things off. They could do what most of us do with our car registration tags and just put a new sticker over the old one. So instead of MAR 06 (thats my current tags) they can place KERRY '08. Driving through Berkeley I saw one moonbat with a Dukakis sticker right next to a Stop Apartheid. I didn't know what was more shocking, the driver so far behind the times or that the shit box was still running. Anyway, wish me luck.

For Those Who Have Forgotten

Normally I don't like posting such videos, but I found this one relevant to everyone who lives in and loves this country. Video Here