Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Can't Wait For Friday.

I approve.

Here's more:

I don't know where exactly this is, but I'm assuming it's in L.A. somewhere because that's Chris Gore from Attack of the Show doing the filming and I'm pretty sure their studios are in L.A.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Here is a description of SF and its Mayor that is so right on one could read it and never have to visit the city, but still smell the stink of it. I agree with one point, I use to love San Francisco. It's a city everyone should experience at least once. But it has become so much like Pleasure Island, that you can feel yourself turning into a Jackass.
Thanks to Miss Boom


File under Least Shocking Thing Ever.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Fish, Little Fish

Here's a follow up to Blogust's big fish, little fish, red fish, blue fish post.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Uh Oh.

Looks like Blogust is suffering from a political relapse. Those rumors of a cure appear to be greatly exagerrated. A shame. Well, here's another log for the fire.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Stoning Of Saraya M.

Just finished watching this movie in the watch instantly feature over at netflix and I thought it was great. Of course I am part of the converted, but as far as I am concerned, this movie should be required viewing by all. Especially women.

BTW: Rotten Tomatoes gave it 55%. I don't know what that says.
A.) I wanted to like it
B.) Even Hollywood critics have their blinders on.
No matter, I know it was good.
Much better than Jesus Camp. :)

Government Intervention Will Always Allow The Big Fish To Eat The Little Fish...

I liken it to this whole retrofit bullshit down here in SLO. Every small shop has been squeezed out of downtown all in the name of earthquake prevention. CRAP!
The road to hell is paved with good intentions
And the road back is paved with humility

Is Anyone At All Saddened By This?

Seriously, anyone?

Young Americans

It took forever, but Pat Dollard's documentary is finally being released on Big Hollywood.
Here is episode 1
Episode 2 to be released soon.
WARNING: Shocking material

Sadly it's a bit disjointed and also a little boring. Oh well. Check it out anyway.

Stephen Hawking Has Officially Entered Storybook Land

What is the difference between this and the stories of anal probing told by trailer trash?

Obama Is A Moderate '70's Republican

so says Bill Maher.
Expect to hear this mantra a lot more in the future, people and not because Bill Maher said it, but because all liberals are saying it. Let's face it, Maher does not have a single original liberal thought in his head, but he delivers his opinion as if it were his own brain child.

Not so fast, Maher, I have been hearing liberals, including a co-worker of mine, comparing Obama to '70's Republicans for about a week now. Your show aired on Friday.

And the one Republican they hold him up to the most is Nixon. Saying Obama is more conservative than Nixon.

I don't get it? Why are these people so urgent to lump their beloved candidate with the Republicans? And why are they saying it in a fashion as if they too are Republicans but of the 70's variety? And lastly, why are they describing Nixon, their most hated Republican in history, as more liberal than Obama? It is hard to figure out the mind of the liberal, but I am sure their motivation is in there somewhere. Personally I think they are justifying Obama's bad policies with the old "he did it first" argument, but I am not quite sure about that.


Just Fun To Look At

I saw this bit on Yahoo and got a kick out of it. Nothing major.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

People Would Pay More Attention To Mother Earth If She Had Breasts

Wait, doesn't she have breasts? Do we not lie down in her bosom and feed off her glacial milk? Does not her Grand Tetons heave forth and capture our eye and make us blush?

(See, aren't those beautiful? and look, there is even a house between her cleavage)

Kinda gives you a woodie doesn't it?

Anyway, here is Sigourney Weaver warning us about taking acid and swimming in the ocean... or something like that.

There is Only One Answer

When will they just come out and say what they really want to say? If this planet is to survive, we must all be eradicated.


...something comes along that just makes your day. This made mine. It counldn't have happened to a douchier network.


My company is having a big Earth Day to-do. I just spent an hour filling a seat during a Global Warming presentation given by a nature photographer who openly admitted to seeing glaciers as "creatures." So many magical moments.

Maybe We Should Submit This Blog?

Whoa, Calm Down!

You Americans clearly read waaay too much into shit. We here at Muslim Nation are merely pointing out the possible correlation between depictions of Muhammed and getting your head cut off. Kind of like a Surgeon General's Warning on a pack of smokes. Geesh. Relax.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Texas Rock-a-Billy Rebel

Not Friday, but then again this isn't really a video.

Because It's Awesome

Take it Easy on the Justices!

Back in their day, they had to lug their suitcase sized cell phones to work 5 miles uphill in the snow. BTW, the article had me ROTFLOL. Whatever the hell that means.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Game!

It's called Find the Terrifying Quote. I'll give you a hint. This game is only fun if your participation is voluntary.

This Is What Post-Racial Looks Like

Reason TV always has good stuff.

I'm Camping Out For This Film.

This is almost as good as Blogust's reimagining of the Laura Dern ice cream scene in Jurassic Park!

'Iron Man 2' Buzz Heats Up Over Rumors Gwenyth Paltrow Gets Punched In Face

Friday, April 16, 2010


I've actually had it up to here with Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch on Discovery and was all to ready to jam Mike Rowe and the dudes from Mythbusters into a rocket to the sun...until I saw this:

Those Mythbusters guys are still going, though.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sell Your Soul To Do The Troll?

Nope. More like sell your soul to play a video game.

The title of this post is an inside joke. Sorry.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cows Good For The Environment

Fart away my tasty friends.

A New Dating Site Worth Checking Out

The Cougar life

Pic Of The Week

The Thin Red Line Get's #1 Movie Of The 90's?

Now I haven't seen this movie, but really?

The Unforgiven, L.A. Confidential and Goodfellas all came out in that decade and those are movies that people actually watched. I really don't know anyone who has seen The Thin Red Line. Anyone, that is, except for some hipster goober standing in line at the coffee shop not minding his own fucking business, listening into my conversation with Erock and chiming in with "The Thin Red Line is the best war movie ever! What should have won, Titanic?" (giggle snort)
"Fuck you, Faggot!" (I should have said that)

According to my netflix page I would give the movie 2 1/2 stars and with guys like Sean Penn and George Clooney starring in the movie, I'm not surprised.

Iraq War Plus Shakespeare

Equals Ralph Feinnes directorial debut

Women Can Really Brighten My Day

StarCraft 2 Beta Breakup - Watch more Game Trailers

Hilarious Girls Basketball Dunk Fail - Watch more Funny Videos

Thursday, April 01, 2010