Sunday, April 30, 2006

No Blood for Oil, Unless You Want Oil

It is well within an individuals right to display whatever statement or statements one wants on a vehicle, "Princess," "I brake for naked ladies," and political propaganda all find thier way to the back end of cars. One fellow I saw last week had taken a yellow wax pencil or china marker and decorated the rear window of his Cherokee with his opinions concerning Iraq, Bush, and a handfull of other current event topics on his window. Written were things like "Support our Troops" and "Remember 9/11." Though these sentiments are hardly original, my interest was piqued when I read in the top right corner, rather small compared to the other phrases, "No oil for protesters". Meanwhile, the talk radio economist was blabbing about the record breaking price of crude and the record breaking quarterly profits of oil companies. Why would this guy want to prevent protesters from having oil?

I guess this driver feels that we are involved in Iraq over oil and that if you're against our involvement then you should not get any of the benefits, ie. the oil. Anyway, through all the pride and nationalism this fellow was showing, that one little comment let me know more about what kind of American he was than all the other slogans.

White House Correspondents Dinner (Video)

This is pretty good. Give it a look.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93

I saw United 93 today and I have to say that it was...ummm...good, I guess. The way people were gushing over it, I was expecting more. In fact, so much of the movie hinges on the idea that the viewer already knows the outcome, that if the viewer didn't know, the movie would have been a snoozer. You could throw it in with "Condominium" or "Alligator." I know that by admitting this I am going to seem heartless, so I will defend myself on this one.

When the movie started, I got the usual anxious feeling of reliving a day that was both horrible and expected. In fact, I challenge anyone to tell me that when they first saw those buildings on fire, they didn't immediatly think of the Middle East. Anywho, the movie sort of plods along in the beginning, but not in a bad way. Just your usual time to get to know the characters. It wasn't until the middle did I start thinking to myself "Get on with it." Once the plane is hijacked, I thought my emotional chip was going to kick in, but it didn't fully. I felt that some of the actors seemed like actors and not ordinary people and the fact that the events were based on speculation didn't help matters. There were a couple of tear jerking moments for me, but overall I found myself uncaring. When the Americans finally rise up, that is when it got good. A rush of patriotism ran over me and I sort of wished the movie went on like that for another 15 minutes, but instead, it lasts for five minutes and then the screen goes black. Overall, it was a made for TV movie.

One can argue that movie puts to rest bogus cosnpiracy theories and that it reminds us who the real enemy is. That is cool, but it sort of left me with the same "What Now" feeling that I had when the actual day of 911 occurred. I like that the movie honors very brave people and I hope that it sets an example for what the media should be doing today. Maybe PBS will start showing the list of service men who have won medals for bravery along with their list of fallen soldiers, but that might be asking too much.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Maybe I'm Just A Heartless Bastard.

Sure, Spanish language U.S. National Anthem. Sweet. Are you freaking kiddin me? This is just, uh, Aaaaaaaaaaagh! I can't even put my feelings into words! Let's go ahead and throw our agenda in there as well. This country is exploding in a shitstorm of cultural sensitivity. Although, it's hard for me totally disagree with Pitbull's argument.

Here's what my President thinks.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Thousand Word Photo

I found this picture over at GatewayPundit. The picture is linked with an article about Iraq's new PM- Al Maliki. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Also, a little off subject, but sorta on point. The chinese woman who was reported to be heckling Chinese President Hu, actually wasn't speaking to Hu exclusively. She was also pleading to Bush. Anybody know that? The coverage I got certainly didn't say anything about that. All I heard was how embarassing it was.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Israel: The day the nation stood still

Pretty hardcore.


Sorry, I can't get away from France lately

Charlie Rose is getting his heart worked on, in France no less. So he is having people sit in and host for him. Well yesterday's program was interesting. Check out the 3 guys talking about France and its attempt to get to a more capitalist model. The French guy is just too stereotypical. And the Brit, and the American.....

But the French guy. Of course his arguments devolve into Bush bashing. I'm telling you, South Park could not write a better skit.

None of the people in this segment seem convinced (as much as me at least) of the benefits of capitalism. They should have had someone in there that gets it.

When you get to this page, click on the icon of the somewhat bald guy and scan back a little to see the beginning of the segment.

Get a haircut and put on some deodorant

Sunday, April 23, 2006

And now for something completely different

Screw politics, this is what its like to go 450 miles per hour. I must get to Bonneville before I die:


My Theory of Relativity

Something obvious, but nice to chew on again and again. A week back I commentted that the average French citizen has less creature comforts than the average American welfare recipient. Which basicaly is a fancy way of saying that the poor in this country are considered middle-class in MOST other countries. We've already known this an we know that nobody dies of starvation in this country unless they suffer from anorexia. So why then are the poor so pissed off at the rich in this country? It's not because the poor having nothing, but rather because the rich have so much more. What is even more frustrating, most people realize they are in their respective positions due to choice. In short, jealousy. I'll give an example. A friend of mine, who currently lives in NYC, told me he felt richer in the 900 sq ft. condo he currently owns than in the 2000 sq ft. house he owned years ago in a different city and a different state. Why? Because to own anything in NYC is a big deal. Nobody does. But in the other state, houses are a dime a dozen. Basically, it is relative and we all truly try to keep up with the Joneses.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mary O. McCarthy

Ace from Ace of Spade HQ has such a funny bit regarding the New York Times bias that you have to check it out.

Kerry Is So Running Again

I was listening to the radio on one of my long daily drives and a caller posed a pretty remarkable question. He argued that Americans are concerned about 3 issues relating to this country.
1. Economy
2. Homeland Security
3. Iraq
So why are the Presidents numbers down in the polls?

Looking at where we stand on each one of these issues I can see the callers point. The economy is doing very well, we have not been attacked in 5 years and Iraq is, in many peoples opinion, being won. So what is the problem? That is an easy one to answer. "Hatred."

I have always felt that once this War was over the American people would realize that supporting the mission was the right decision. I know now that this was a fools hope. The people who hate the President will never give credit where credit is due. In fact, they will instead heap credit upon people who have spent the last 3 years undermining our actions. John Kerry will be at the top of their list. Kerry is already showing signs that he will be expecting the Lions share of the accolades.
Kerry reiterated his position that American troops should be withdrawn by the
end of the year, saying that Iraqi politicians only respond to deadlines.
Oh my God! What is he talking about? Is he suggesting that all the success Iraq enjoys today had nothing to do with the troops actually being over in the Middly East? Is he suggesting that diplomatic pressure is to blame for the free elections and now a free government? And who is the one giving this pressure? Is he suggesting that "Deadlines", which we all know is Kerry's favorite word, is in fact the reason Iraq has been so successful? That is what it sounds like to me.

Also, many people including military officers and President Ford have come forward to denounce the 6 Generals who have called for Rumsfeld resignation.
''Allowing retired generals to dictate our country's policies and its leadership
would be a dangerous precedent that would severely undermine our country's long
tradition of civilian control of the military,'' Ford said.
Amen to that, but how does Kerry feel about people speaking out against the Generals who are trying to dictate policy?
"That is cheap and shameful," he said. "How dare those who never wore the
uniform in battle attack those who wore it all their lives."
Again, What? How can he say such a stupid comment? Especially since many of Kerry's supporters do that very thing. Kerry also said
"We are in the same place as we were when I came home from Vietnam and spoke out against the civilian leaders who were willing to sacrifice America's best in the
interest of political self-preservation,"
Oh I see, so the military should have a part in determining our countries policies. Would he be happy if we formed a military state?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

If She Didn't Scare You Before, Then This Should...

First I am going to quote the bitch:
Mrs. Clinton proposes the creation of a brand new energy bureaucracy, telling
her supporters: "We have the National Institutes of Health; why don't we have a
National Institute of Energy?"
And then I am going to add: Actually, "Ms." Crazy, the question should be "Why do we have the National Institutes of Health?"

Damned Be The Porn Industry!

This is a shame. Anyway, I think I'll be hitting up the KFC for dinner tonight. You all take care, okay?

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Right.

People in England are just so much more enlightened and intelligent than Americans. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...ha!

What About The Fake American Idol Ads?

This is evil, and the people at Royal Philips Electronics are obviously Satan. I like the part where they acknowledge that the product might not sit well with consumers, so it would be a nice idea to offer folks the option of merely paying a straight up fee instead! Evil evil evil!!! Still, I doubt this affects me, since I still use pliers to change the channel on my picture box, dadgummit!

England Is Burying It's Head In The Sand.

This is a great showing of religious sensitivity. I applaud England for the humane treatment of it's Muslim criminals. A lot can be learned from this. For example, I intend to start a religion that forbids incarceration altogether. Halle-frickin'-lujah!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Penn & Teller Take On 911 Conspiracy

Penn & Teller, who are quickly becoming my favorite political satirists, take on 911 conspiracy idiots with their show "Bullshit." You have got to check it out. If you like this, go to Ace of Spades HQ, he is always showing this sort of stuff.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Goodbye To You

If this General is correct, then this is a major victory... Zarqawi, al Qaeda are heading out

Here is an article about a Sunni tribal leader who has turned on al Qaeda after once giving them safe haven.
Thanks to one of my favorite sites Gatewaypundit.

Tax Man

It is tax time and two characters have paid their taxes...Good ole G W and VP Cheney. Here is what their returns looked like.

"President and Mrs. George W. Bush reported taxable income of $618,694 for the tax year 2005. This resulted in a total of $187,768 in federal income taxes paid by President and Mrs. Bush."

Gee, am I looking at that right? I think the San Diego Padres have benchwarmers that make more than that. How does the Emperor of the world make so little? Where are all the Big Oil Bucks? Anyway, the Bush's donated $75,560.00 of that money to charity.
Now, Lets see how the VP did.

"According to income tax information released by the White House on Friday, the Cheneys' adjusted gross income in 2005 was $8,819,006."

Now that is more like it. We all knew that Cheney was actually the muscle behind this so called administration and the fact that most of his money came from his Halliburton stock options is all the proof we needed. But wait a minute, The Cheney's donated roughly $7,000,000.00 of that money to charity. Let me say that again. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS TO CHARITY!!! Jesus, this dude pretty much ruled the world for free. Now we can't have a good piece without a little compare and contrast. How about the previous VP?.."Big Fat Al Gorge."

"In 1997 for instance, Al and Tipper Gore contributed just $353 to charity, a sum that raised eyebrows even in friendly media circles.
The Los Angeles Times noted, for instance, that the Gores' slender donation "caused some bewilderment in philanthropic circles because of the vice president's 'good guy' image as an advocate for public service and social causes."
The same year the Gores gave $353 to charity, they reported $197,729 in adjusted gross income."

Man, he is what I call a true giver. $353.00 pays for 3 weeks of my rent. I am not saying that people have to donate, but for a man who pretends to be so socially aware. I find his act disgusting.
On a side note, this book here Do As I Say (Not As I Do) is certainly worth the read. It shows that not only does Michael Moore make more than Bush, but his Non-Profit owned Halliburton stock among other things.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Somebody Loves Themself.

Oh, what have we done to his creation? This guy seriously needs to get over himself. That's not to say his arguments don't hold merit, but what kind of asshat actually expects that regular people, given such a broad forum are going to become instantly enlightened and tout harmony among all people. Folks believe what folks believe, and more often than not, blogs are an opportunity to give voice to those beliefs. It's cathartic. It is nice to believe that some people read these blogs and actually take something away from them, but it's likely that, more often than not, you're merely incensed or enthused by the message contained within.

Mindless Friday Junk.

I caught one of the Blade movies the other night on TBS or USA or whatever and it got me to thinking. The Blade movies are slick, stylistic Hollywood fluff and I have absolutely nothing against that. I'm all about turning my brain off and enjoying some visceral entertainment. Of course, the third Blade movie really kind of sucked and had nothing going for it other than Jessica Biel, and that only makes it as good as an episode of 7th Heaven or the movie Stealth. Ouch! Anyway, watching these movies, it dawned on me how badly they missed the mark. I mean, here you have an underground society of vampires (the rock stars of the undead) with a horde of human followers who would do anything to join the ranks. Problem is, in the context of these movies, who the hell would ever want to be a vampire? I mean, unless you're one of the main, boss-type vamps you're barely stronger or more coordinated than a crippled old man. You're likely to immolate yourself while going through your mail with a fancy letter opener. Sign me up! Lame. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening.

Contest Is Over... We have a Winner

Here is the winner for that Portland Mercury Easter Cover Coloring contest. More clever and funnier than the orginal. It is sorta hard to see, so I will walk you through it.
1. In the background the artist turned the Church into Downtown Portland. Inside people are saying "Spare Change?"
2. The little Jesus' are running to Downtown crying "Gentrify" and "Low Income housing."
3. The jesus with his head sticking out of the egg says he wants to run for president. (or something like that. It is hard for me to read) And the black bird says "he wont win because he is Jewish."
4. The Red White and Blue Evel Knievel says "stunt egg" on it.
5. And you can see the guy coming out of the Rastafarian colored egg.
6. The Red sign Downtown reads Topless Burgers and Massage

Overall pretty funny.

Surprise, Surprise. It's My Fault.

<Chappelle Cites "Race" Reasons for Show Walk-Out
American funnyman Dave Chappelle has cited racial prejudice for his abrupt walk-out from hit comedy series Chappelle's Show last year. The stand-up comedian made headlines in May 2005 when he quit the show on US network Comedy Central during the third season, leaving behind a $50 million contract. He was eventually tracked down in South Africa where he said he had gone to "purify himself," and "do some soul searching" because he was unhappy with the direction in which the show was going. Chappelle tells Esquire magazine, "The bottom line was, white people Own everything, and where can a black person go and be himself or say something that's familiar to him and not have to explain or apologize? I felt like I was really pressured to settle for something that I didn't necessarily feel like I wanted. The thing about show business is that, in a way, it forces dysfunctional relationships in people.">

What can I say about this? Life is hard for everybody. Cry me a freaking river. I'm white, and I barely have $50 million dollars to pay someone to do a show on my network. In fact, it would practically break me.

You can go with the whole "they wouldn't let me express myself creatively" crap, but come on. It's comedy. Not exactly high art. I don't care if you're Dave Chapelle or Howard Stern, you shouldn't be surprised when the people who are paying you millions expect you to somehow tone it down and still be funny for mass consumption. Deal with it.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Stumped.

Can someone hook me up with the answers? If I don't get these credits, I don't walk!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Massachusetts, no I mean Canada. France?

Why does California take so much flack when crap like this goes on in a state with a Mormon governor and Ted Kennedy?

Just like the founding fathers intended, more taxes

I'm sure Mr. Moore (and I don't mean Roger) is filming this. Let's just sit back and watch the unemployment rate start to climb as businesses flee...

This Goes Against Everything I Believe In...

...but Alec Baldwin is definitetly making a play to crawl out of my celebrity doghouse when he says stuff like this. He's still a loud mouthed celebrity know-it-all, but he may be smarter, or at least more observant, than I thought.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No Vacancy, The Movie

Hokey smoke. I just finished watching this loaded film on PBS:

The World Is Ending

50% of this film is about world population problems. The points made seem to make sense in the parts of the film that address that. But then the other half fell deep into a Liberal almalgam of over used quips and political opinions, most of which are purely there to outright bash America. During the credits, the host says "I think I'm going to move to France".

Man, there were a TON of "experts" in this film (most of whom surely spent a lot of time in the Haight during the 60s) all discussing how the USA consumes too much. How if you go out to eat, you've already spent more than most people in other countries make in a year. How it was up to the "unelightened" people in our government to solve a list of Liberal causes, a list so long and mentioned all at once that I just started laughing.

When it was over I felt the makers of this film either got side tracked or purposely started a film meant to talk about population growth issues, but then started having too much fun showing how enlightened they were and how stupid everyone in the USA is.

Take a few moments to view the bios of the people involved in the film. That will give you a good idea of what the film is like.

Smoke em if you got em

I am at loss when I read the recent life expectancy chart for Europe. What I saw is countries with a high number of smokers (Switzerland and Germany) had the same life expenctancy as countries with a low number of smokers (Sweden and Greece.) What is even more interesting is the US has a worse life expectancy than all of the above and has better smoking statistics than most of Europe. Then take Japan. Japanese life expectancy is 80 years which is three years more than Sweden. Japan smokes (32%) more than Sweden (16%) too...and more than Germany and more than Switzerland. So what separates Japan from Europe? Fat. Ironically for Michael Moore, as he fights big tobacco, his body has a less chance of seeing 60 than a smokers. Smoking sucks because if you do get lung cancer it is a miserable way to die and addiction is also miserable. But I would still rather see a 15 year old smoking than an overweight 15 year old pounding his second bag of Funyons.

Smoking Baby? Sweet.

Phillip Morris should probably just shut up and look the other way here. Of course, they would be missing out on a probable cash windfall, cause I know that if I see a smoking baby, I'm sure as hell going to buy a smoking baby.

As far as the teenage years being crucial to initial brand selection, I must go on the record as "disagrees." I mean seriously, I smoked Dorals cause that's all I could afford. When I got a job I moved up to Camels and now I smoke Marlboros. Find the rhyme or reason in all of that nonsense.

Oh...uh, right. And Truth damn it!



Faith? Not Quite.

I'm not much of a religious zealot. In fact, I couldn't really say I fully subscribe to any one order of religious guidelines, but I hate to see a smug jerk like this take a shot at religion based on such a ridiculous argument.

First off, I've never been to Pittsburgh, but no one I know who has ever mentioned that it was was overrun-nay, infested- with such intense Christian warriors. It seems this poor man is accosted on an alarming basis with the threat of conversion. Thankfully, he is able to deter all but the most rabid practitioners with his oh so indisputable "philosophical counterpoints."

My favorite part of the piece is where he compares what these three little pricks did to putting church leaflets on your car or someone asking you if they can pray for you. Annoying? Sure. The same? Not so much. Try comparing it to walking into the policemen's ball and shouting, "Pigs suck!" That might be a little closer. It's called inciting a crowd, and I sincerely doubt these kids were trying to convert anybody. Just piss them off.

Honestly, overbearing religious zealotry bothers me as well. I feel that the people that stand outside soldiers' funerals with signs saying "God hates fags!" should probably be charged with stalking and harassment as well. But if someone wants to pray for me, I say have at it. It can't hurt.

Monday, April 10, 2006

100th Anniversary of the 1906 SF Quake

April 18th will mark the 100th anniversary of the great 1906 quake. "Most experts" are predicting that the SF bay is due for something of that magnitude. There could be "unmitigated, complete, or absolute" desctruction in this area they say. Such a quake "could have" interesting siginificance, "virtually" shutting down communications, travel, power, etc.

Part of me just wants it to happen on a grand scale just to see what the rest of the US does. Maybe most of the US would just sit back and watch and laugh as Federal aid does not come due to this town's insistance on being idiotic.

Hell, it would be the best thing to happen that would allow people to buy homes around here.

It Keeps Getting Better And Better

Now that Moe is hob nobbing with Ahmadinejad, I might have to change his name. Any suggestions?

I like America.

So if you like America too, welcome, I'm glad you're here. But pay your taxes.

Here's a stereotypical aritlce. It has everything in a short little package:

Ted Kennedy
Martin Luther King - Of course brought up by Teddy
The Bible
American Flags
Hate Crimes
and so on....

Naw, there's no slant in this article at all...

What fun.

When Will They Outlaw It?

Time and time again this game has proven to be nothing more than the devil's plaything. When will the needless violence and loss of life end? When will we no longer have to sweep the sewers for our missing children? Damn you Gary Gygax! Damn you to the very hell you have created here on Earth!

Of Course France Let Me Down!

Once a wimp, always a wimp I guess. I'm so glad I voted for a man that has stuck to his plan, unlike this government. Once again, unions triumph in slowly ruining an economy.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Countless Whining

A few posts back, Lord Kingly spoke of irresponsible journalists who liked to use various catch words. The most notable word Lord Kingly discussed was "countless" which I must admit gives endless possibilities to a journalist when they want to make a bad situation so much worse. The phrase "countless bodies" makes the reader believe that there were so many dead people lying around, the English language has yet to develop a word to actually explain the total number. I would like to add a couple of other choice words/phrases journalists love to play around with.

1. "Most Experts." I love this one. It kind of gives me the image of a group of really smart guys sitting in a room to discuss an issue. For example: "Most experts agree that the Iraq war is an unmitigated disaster." Don't you feel like these experts took a vote and the only reason why they can't write "all experts" is because of various bathroom breaks or cell phone interruptions during the hand count? What makes this sentence even better is the word "unmitigated." I don't know what this word means, all I know is it turns disaster into a really bad disaster.

2. "Could have." Journalists are suppose to report what did happen, but this little beauty gives them the opportunity to report what they wanted to happen. For example. "The syringe thrown at Barry Bonds could have had a needle on it. Therefore, this was a dangerous situation so anyone who throws anything on the field should be arrested." My question: What about beach balls? How about oppposing hitter home run balls at Wrigley Field? Should all those people be arrested? And the idea that the syringe COULD HAVE had a needle is so lame. It didn't. If someone threw a beach ball at Barry Bonds COULDN'T they HAVE duct tape a Bowie knife to it as well before throwing said object?

Please add any of your favorites to this growing list.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Chronic "What" cles of Portland.

I went to a Trailblazers game last night. It was my first NBA live experience. It was totally fun. Basketball is very enjoyable in real time. Afterwards, I went to the Langana Lounge, which is a bar right next door to my place, and ordered some Mild curry chicken Ethiopian food. The spicy food in Portland is no joke, so beware if you decide to go beyond medium. After I got my food I sat down next to some people I had met a couple of weeks ago. This is very unusual since I am having a hard time meeting anyone since arriving in Portland a month and half ago. Before eating, I took the meat off the bone and put the bare bones on my bread plate to my right. The girl to my left then asked if she could have my napkin. I of course was like "Sure." She took the napkin, unfolded it, reached across the table and covered my chicken bones in order to hide it from sight. This sorta thing is something I have had to get used to since moving to the SE part of Portland. Were the bones unsightly? Was she a vegetarian and felt the bones represented a corpse? I don't know. It made since to her though and I didn't bother asking what the big deal was. The problem was solved. My dinner, my napkin, my responsibility. I should have thanked her for correcting the situation I suppose.

As I ate, some other girl sat down in the chair on my right and started talking about how wonderful Portland is. Most of the people I have met in the SE part of town are not from Portland. In fact, they are not even from Oregon. New York, Mass., Penn., and other East Coast places plus California are the common areas of transfer. Despite all of that, it is very easy to run into someone who has lived here for a long time. As the girl continued yacking and laughing with a weird nervous little stammer, she complained that California had nothing to offer the world anymore. In fact, she explained that Portland is what San Francisco used to be 35 years ago. I could only imagine what she meant by that statement, especially since I had come to a similar conclusion. I made the mistake of pointing out that California has one of the most productive economies in the world and that the GDP....She stopped me right there. Apparently GDP means nothing. She got up and left.

Some other people arrived shortly after. The girl to my left pulled out a credit card receipt from her pocket. Apparently, Johnny Marr had come into her bar/cafe earlier that day. Finding someone who works in a bar, coffee house, or bakery is not hard to do in SE. Finding someone who loves beer and cigarettes, American Spirits of course, is also very easy. God, I should be doing well in the friends department...oh well. Moving on, the girl kept the receipt with his signature on it and showed the new arrivals what she had. I thought that was pretty cool. I like the Smiths and Johnny Marr is like an Indie Rock icon. So good for her. After that, my company started talking about how interesting it would be if Prince came into her bar. "Would he sign it with that weird Prince symbol?" was the obvious joke that followed. This led to dicussing his new album, as well as, "Diamonds and Pearls."

As the night wore on, I started to feel out of place. The dead give away was that the four of them got up from my table and sat at a table in another room that only had four chairs. To be fair, one of the people said it was OK if I joined them, but I was tired and I needed to get some sleep. I forgot my sweater and went back to my table which was already taken by a group of 3. One of them was the yacker. When I picked up my sweater, the fella asked "is this your stuff?"
"The sweater is mine" I replied.
"What about this beer and the Empty dishes?"
"No" I lied. Actually, they weren't all mine. The others left their empties on the table also. I had this feeling that these people wanted me to bus my table and of course I wasn't going to do that. So I left.
Ahhhh....Making friends.

Q and A

Talking to some of my liberal friends, one of the main points they often make about Bush is that he doesn't answer tough questions. That he is incapable of thinking for himself and that in fact, his answers are already written and the questions are already anticipated. We who actually watch the presidents speeches know that is not true. He may stammer his prepared speeches, but when it comes to answering questions off the cuff, few are able to stump him. We have seen him perform brilliantly during question and answer periods and we have seen him go from defensive to offensive in a matter of moments. Sadly, he is given very little credit by the people who are not "tuned in." I am sure they would say he wears a wire. So, why waste my breath.

Expose The Left has a good take on this very thing. This is what he wrote:"An audience member at a Bush speech in Charlotte, NC today challenged Bush’s terrorist surveillance program, among other things. It seemed like this guy was given a prepared speech from the DNC.....Of course CNN only shows the guy bashing Bush and not the tremendous response the President gave that hosed this guy down.
Of course this guy is now the “hero of the day” for the left. Apparently, you only have to be able to stand up to the President."

Here is the transcript:

Q You never stop talking about freedom, and I appreciate that. But while I
listen to you talk about freedom, I see you assert your right to tap my
telephone, to arrest me and hold me without charges, to try to preclude me from
breathing clean air and drinking clean water and eating safe food. If I were a
woman, you’d like to restrict my opportunity to make a choice and decision about
whether I can abort a pregnancy on my own behalf. You are—

THE PRESIDENT: I’m not your favorite guy. Go ahead. (Laughter and applause.) Go on, what’s your question?

Q Okay, I don’t have a question. What I wanted to say to you is
that I—in my lifetime, I have never felt more ashamed of, nor more frightened by
my leadership in Washington, including the presidency, by the Senate,


THE PRESIDENT: No, wait a sec—let him speak.

Q And I would hope—I feel like despite your rhetoric, that compassion and common
sense have been left far behind during your administration, and I would hope
from time to time that you have the humility and the grace to be ashamed of
yourself inside yourself. And I also want to say I really appreciate the
courtesy of allowing me to speak what I’m saying to you right now. That is part
of what this country is about.

THE PRESIDENT: It is, yes. (Applause.)

Q And I know that this doesn’t come welcome to most of the people in this room,
but I do appreciate that.

THE PRESIDENT: Appreciate—

Q I don’t have a question, but I just wanted to make that comment to you.

THE PRESIDENT: I appreciate it, thank you. Let me—

Q Can I ask a question?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m going to start off with what you first said, if you don’t mind, you said that I tap your phones—I think that’s what you said. You tapped your phone—I tapped your phones. Yes. No, that’s right. Yes, no, let me finish.
I’d like to describe that decision I made about protecting this country. You can come to whatever conclusion you want. The conclusion is I’m not going to apologize for
what I did on the terrorist surveillance program, and I’ll tell you why. We were
accused in Washington, D.C. of not connecting the dots, that we didn’t do
everything we could to protect you or others from the attack. And so I called in
the people responsible for helping to protect the American people and the
homeland. I said, is there anything more we could do.

And there—out of this national—NSA came the recommendation that it would make sense for us to listen to a call outside the country, inside the country from al Qaeda or suspected al Qaeda in order to have real-time information from which to possibly prevent an attack. I thought that made sense, so long as it was constitutional. Now, you may not agree with the constitutional assessment given to me by lawyers—and
we’ve got plenty of them in Washington—but they made this assessment that it was
constitutional for me to make that decision.

I then, sir, took that decision to members of the United States Congress from both political parties and briefed them on the decision that was made in order to protect the American people. And so members of both parties, both chambers, were fully aware of a program intended to know whether or not al Qaeda was calling in or calling out of the country. It seems like—to make sense, if we’re at war, we ought to be using tools necessary within the Constitution, on a very limited basis, a program
that’s reviewed constantly to protect us.

Now, you and I have a different—of agreement on what is needed to be protected. But you said, would I apologize for that? The answer—answer is, absolutely not. (Applause.)

Friday, April 07, 2006

A Dark Day For Justice.

Outspoken police beating and alternative hairdo advocate Cynthia McKinney was forced into submission and delivered an apology for her alleged outburst toward a Capitol City Police Officer last week. Despite the support of such icons of fairness and liberty as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the oppressive powers that be have seemingly scored a point for their dark cause.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

EPA, Just Say No

More from the automotive world.

Here's another good thread from the HAMB. Seems the EPA is thinking about making it illegal to paint as a hobby. The reality of what's going on is that bigger body shops are funding EPA regluations that would make the cost of paint skyrocket, among many other things. I'm sure it will all be spun as "Good for the Environment", but the truth of the matter is that yet again a bureaucracy is getting used as a point of control to drive out competition.

Here's the HAMB thread.

Here's my response.

And this response just cracked me up.

Now my response also links to articles about Clark Foam, another EPA masterpiece. This one is totally ironic too in that surfers tend to be environmentally active. In this case the environmentalists just shot themselves in the foot because they were too blind to see what REAL affects their actions were having.

Let Us Know When You're Ready, Then.

Why won't they let us forget? This chaps my ass so bad I can't see strait. We the people, need to be reminded that we are targets of terrorism. That the status quo can explode in your face in the blink of an eye. That whether you like it or not, we are in a war, and it isn't going away. If it were up to me, this trailer would be required to be played before every movie. During every commercial break of every T.V. show, for that matter. Never forget. And every tear you shed for that day is a patriotic act in my mind. Don't fight it.

Check it out here.

NASCAR Fans Are Racist?

Way to go, NBC. Next time why don't you throw one of your in-depth investigative reporters into the shark tank, so we can figure out once and for all if they really eat people.

For the record, I don't really think all NASCAR fans are racist. Only the ones wearing white after Labor Day, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

How Do I Get Into This Racket?

I swear, being an activist has got to be the sweetest job going. I mean, seriously. Take Curly Belafonte for example. What has he done lately as an entertainer? I mean other than have his song...ummm...daylight come and me wanna go home...or whatever it is called, in the movie Beatleguese. What has he done? I mean really. Now he is everywhere...err...activising..and shit.
Most recent causes

and here

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pick Your Representation.

Once again, as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton rally to try and keep their man in office, long time comedian Bill Cosby sounds more like the voice of reason. Cosby has made his own mistakes, but his sentiments here are right on track with the types of ideas these communties should embrace. These are the issues the need to be addressed.

What Would The Thought Police Say? Or The Dream Police, For That Matter? What A Great Song.

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there worry just a bit when someone uses the term Big Brother in a positive light? I truly believe that this article tells a good story, but I don't believe that these cameras are exactly true to the spirit of Big Brother as we know it. Maybe another term would relay the story in a more positive light. On the flipside, does this count as one of the baby steps, like traffic and freeway cameras, to unlimited surveilance? Maybe Big Brother is more apt than I thought. Quite the quandary, but I would say that if the people called for this type of protection through technology, then it doesn't fall under the umbrella of government intrusion.

This Is An Elected Official.

The video in here is pretty long, but only a few minutes tells the story. Fortunately, her own party seems to be trying to distance themselves from this garbage.

More Celebrity "News"

I'm not quite sure how long ago this happened, because Kanye West has been pretty absurd for a while now, but at some point he said that if the Bible were written today he'd be one of the characters in it. Well, I'm not a big fan of Carlos Mencia, but here's his take on Kanye's growing ego, and I've got to admit, it's good stuff. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gruesome Photos Rarely On Frontpage, Unless...

Black Five is showing LA Times front page photo on his web site. Click here to see what he has to say about it. Also Click Here to see the photos you hardly ever, if ever at all, find on the front page of the LA Times.

Gateway Pundit has a good take regarding this photograph and the Muslim comics.

You're Fired

Seems kids in France have a new favorite drink, The Molotov Cocktail:

Shaken, not stirred, and on the "rocks"

Man, these little brats just refuse to give up their wine and cheese time. Heaven forbid they should be accountable for their work ethic.


I don't know if this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while, or the creepiest. Who am I kidding? This is super creepy.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hey Moe!

The first step towards dictatorial communism is to seize private property. This article needs no introduction. El Chiflado

Overpopulation In China By "Wee Fuckem Yung"

I saw this article yesterday and I couldn't post it, but his views have been circulating the radio and the web and I just can't ignore it anymore. Read about this psycho.

Look, I can't change anybodies minds about the so called "Overpopulation Crisis." As far as I am concerned, there is no crisis. There is just no evidence that supports it. In fact, countries with positive population growths do better than countries with population in decline. This sort of statement however falls on deaf ears to the converted. So I will leave you with this.

If you took all the people in the world, which is about 7 billion and you grouped them up into families of four, gave them each a 1/4 acre. You could fit every family into a state the size of Texas. After that, turn the rest of the world into a Safari Getaway for all I care.

"Confidant To Sistani Calls For Jaafari To Step Down"

Bill Roggio over at The Fourth Rail, has an imformative post regarding a prominent Shiite asking for Jaafari to step down. This is great news for the Iraqi Govt. Jaafari has been unable to unify the different Iraqi political groups and has been seen as a puppet of Radical Shiites, namely Al Sadr, since he became Prime Minister in 2005.

In Bill's words:
It is clear Sistani has jettisoned support for Jaafari, which all but spells the
end of Jaafari's bid to lead the new government and Sadr's influence with
Jaafari. Sadr has overreached with his threats
against SCIRI's Abd al-Aziz al-Hakim and members of the UIA
, as well as the
actions of his Mahdi Army militia, and will pay a harsh political price for his
If you like this article, then I suggest you should visit this site regularly. This guy has a new update almost everyday. Also, "Iraq The Model", is another good one. The writer is an Iraqi citizen who blogs straight from Iraq, plus he has about 50-60 other Iraqi bloggers which he links to.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Was I Right?

First, I want to set up a disclaimer. I am about to post on some comments that were made in the past. I hope I wont be breaking the only rule of Blogust, which is don't post on other peoples posts, but since this is a post on comments, then I hope that I am not out of bounds. If I am, please let me know and I will delete it.

Lord Kingly, Baron Von Mike and I were having a discussion a week ago about hollywood conspiracies. It was in regards to how the liberal media was going to spin Moussaoui's testimony. And this is what I wrote.
Here is a conspiracy. Of course I'll be making this up as I go, but try this
one. Moussaoui was hired by Bush to blow up the White House and that is why Bush
was conveniently on a trip reading "my pet goat" to children. When the planes
hit WTC, Ari Fleischer whispered into Bush's ear "The plan is unfolding, soon we
will have Iraq oil."
Well what do you know, Seth Green and Erica Jong almost said this very thing. Watch it here. Of course, I got Ari Fleischer confused with Andy Card. I think one story was that Ari Fleischer was in the back of the room and flashed Bush a note that read "DON'T SAY ANYTHING YET!" My mistake, I am sorry.

Rock Video

This video is craptacular. It is called "Bush Was Right." Honestly the song sucks, but I think it is kinda funny and it should ruffle some feathers.

I got this link from Black Five

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tony Blair Gives a Speech

Tony Blair gave a speech a couple of weeks ago and you can check it out over at Michelle Malkins page. He makes some of the same points Bush has made about the war, but with a lot less stuttering and with a slick British accent. So if you can't stand listening to Bush, give Blair a try.