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Happy Video Friday


For those of you who watch adultswim then you probably already have heard or have already played this game. For those who haven't, well then pass your time by poking a corpse down the river with a stick.

This Is Hot!

Read the story behind this new form of political satire

Almost Too Embarrassing To Watch

Swiped this from a friend off Facebook.
Question: why do so many health food hippie aerobic type people I've seen throughout my years, such as wholefoods customers and what not, look so tore up? For living such a healthy lifestyle one would think it was a little more noticeable.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newsweek Asks For Help From George Bush?

You know the shit is hitting the fan when a journalist, a Newsweek journalist, is asking for aid from the Evil George Bush.

Culture Of Corruption

I have been reading Michelle Malkin's new book, Culture of Corruption and I am really disappointed. The book obsesses over names no one knows, events no one has heard of and childlike name calling. To me it seems like she opened a copy of any radical left-wing book, took words like Wolfawitz, ne-cons and Halliburton and changed them to read Axelrod, Chicago Politics and Acorn, repackaged it, and sold it as an original.

The Fall Of The Roman Empire

The new sexual revolution is on it's way up and it is going by the name of Polyamory.
Personally I think this is a result of the slippery slope effect. Morality is relative, marriage is undefined, integrity is subjective and love is fickle. There are no guidelines and no expectations; therefore, there is no responsibility.

I have seen these types of trios on youtube before and they have become a real hit. Words like "courageous", "understanding and "forward thinking" are used describe these people who have shunned America's "puritanical" culture.

But it is not right to call it forward thinking. I think it is better described as history repeating itself. It is not forward thinking or bravey we are witnessing, but a hard life lesson. The result of which will not turn out quite like they hoped.

And now I leave you this. It's from Paint You wagon. If you've seen the movie then you'ld know why.

The Shake Weight

Thanks to Ryan in China for this one.

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Enjoy, Blogust.

I'm Addicted To This Case

Why? Because it shows how naive Obama is and how he doesn't know any better. Sticking up for his friend, regardless of the facts? Of course he'll do it. It's the right thing to do, right? ummmm... wrong. Not when you're President.

I think when he made his statement about the Cambridge police he thought he would have the support of the average citizen. Over his life he surrounded himself with people who complained "the Man" or "the Establishment" and "how they are bringing us down, Man." He doesn't realize he is now "the Man." He is "the Establishment."

The idea that people, namely the media, would ever support a cop over a civilian, regardless of the situation, never occured to him either. I don't think he is used to seeing this kind of support and I think his eyes are opening to the real America.
I also predict he will step in it again with regards to the military and he will be up to his ears in "shame on you"s. He has learned to have no respect for people who do this type of sacrifice and will not know how to act. It is the liberal form of questioning authority and it will bite him again.

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I Hope This Woman Forgets To Vote

A woman in Nothern California shows the true power of our school system.
I stole this video over at Ace of Spades HQ and he titled it, "Rainbows + Stupidity + Liberalism = METAL OXIDE CRISIS"

The More I Read About This Case...

The angrier I get. You can see from this video that the woman 911 caller did not refer to the two men breaking into the house as black or anything like that. Ann Coulter, I don't know how accurate this is, says that the reason the charges were dropped was due to the fact that Gates is friends with the Mayor of Cambridge, who also so happens to be black. (since the president and Gates have made this an "us vs. them" case, her skin color is relevant)

I think the relevance of Obama spending time in a racist church for 20 years is starting to come to light and it only took him 6 months for him to reveal himself.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Two Cents

With all the talk about this "stupidly" comment Obama made about the Cambridge police, I have this to say, I really hope this bit of news doesn't go away for awhile since it will mean less time for the President to spend on convincing people that stealing our healthcare is a "right", wile spending more time on the fact that Obama is a racist. What the media seems to not understand is that racial profiling did occur on that day, but not by Crowley. Instead it was Gates and Obama who were racial profiling. They saw a white cop and automatically assumed he was a racist and was undergoing racial profiling when dealing with the arrest. That in itself is racial profiling. I would believe the argument that Obama was just sticking up for his friend if he hadn't used the words racial profiling to begin with, but he did. And by saying racial profiling, he condemned himself to the very practice.

Also, I have something to say about universal healthcare and this whole business about us being the only industrialized country without it. That is not an argument. Just because other nations have universal healthcare doesn't make it a good practice. In order to cement my point I am going to use a bible verse to show that this argument has been used for a long, long time.

1 Samuel 8:4-22: All the elders of Israel gathered together and to Samuel
of Ramah. They said to him, "...appoint a king to lead us, such as all
the nations have."....

Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for
a king. He said, "This is what the king who will reign over you will do: ....He
will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yorselves will become his
slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you
have chosen, and the Lord will not answer you in that day."

But the people refused to listen to Samuel. "No!" they said: We want a king
over us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with
a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles."

When the people reject Obamacare, which I think they will, (or I hope they will) then the healthcare issue will inevitably rise again some other day. Once again the Dems will use tactics to paint our healthcare not as imperfect, but as broken and promise it will be fixed and free of cost. I fear that one day the people will listen to these promises and on that day the government will truly have power over our lives. They will ration coverage, abort the unwanted and restrict care for the elderly. I fear it will be a form of population control and I also fear healthcare will be a form of leverage. When we don't have control over our health, a new form of slavery will take place.

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The Last California Auto Factory Dies

I always saw NUMMI motors in Fremont over the past 20+ years and I always said "This place can't last in CA." And I was right.

This place is HUGE. Employs 4700 people. Guess these people can now build windmills or something.

Gee... Who would have guessed that Toyota would back out of its only UAW plant...

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It's Nice...

...that they were able to do this. Methinks were it the Koran, it may have provoked a bit more than outrage.

Cambridge Cops Who Act "Stupidly"

Our own President called cops stupid on national television last night. You read the report and make your own decision.

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UK Drunkard Denied Liver Transplant

...dies at age 22.
Does the NHS have a point? Would he have destroyed a new liver? I'm sure they do have a point, but so what. I think I would rather have the all mighty dollar and an able and willing doctor determining my fate rather than some BS bureaucracy, but that's just me.
I often hear that health care is a right of every American and I couldn't agree more. It is a right we all enjoy and the government shouldn't take it away from us. Why people can't see that undeniable fact is beyond me. Government does not grant rights, they take them.

American Children ARE Lazy And Insolent

The Onion was sold to China!

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9 Looks Good

Haven't been much of a Tim Burton fan of late. Especially after Planet of the Apes and MC's and Comrades favorite POS, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this one has got me excited.

Conservative Rap Getting Hits On Youtube

Do Yourselves A Favor

If you still like Palin as I do, read this article.
I don't think anything comes close to capturing the Palin frenzy of last year as this piece does, and though McCain didn't win with her, I'm still a big fan.
If you love hearing about Dems and dirty politics, read this article. It's one for the books.
4 out of 4 stars. ****

MJ Madness Reaches A New Level

Good Read On Honduras


Keepin' The Metal Flowin'


Here's a waaay better trailer for Roland Emmerich's 2012:

Must Be Harp Seal Season Again.

Warning, the following is brutal in the wat only a foreign animal rights commercial can be. View at your own risk:

Gore Panics As Global Warming Hysteria Fades

And so he compares it WWII.
At least that's how I see it.

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Englishman Pulls His Own Teeth Out

Because he couldn't find a dentist who took NHS patients. Whatever the hell NHS means. Look it up yourselves, you lazy bums!
The best parts in this article are in the comments box. Even the people who support NHS (I still don't know what NHS stands for. Stop asking!) speak volumes.

I got this link from a John Stossel article. Really fun read and also very important, since the Senate holds 60 Dems and is now filibuster proof, we should all learn what life will be like under Universal healthcare.

Money quote:
"We saw this in Canada, where we did find one area of medicine that offers easy access to cutting-edge technology — CT scan, endoscopy, thoracoscopy, laparoscopy, etc. It was open 24/7. Patients didn't have to wait.
But you have to bark or meow to get that kind of treatment. Animal care is the one area of medicine that hasn't been taken over by the government. Dogs can get a CT scan in one day. For people, the waiting list is a month"

My Friday Video

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