Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Good Read On Honduras


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Blogust said...

I read an article recently that I thought was pretty right on about Obama.  The reason Obama didn't want to meddle in Iran's affairs is because he already accepted the fact that Iran will have nuclear weapons.  Trying to stop them from acquiring weapons is pointless, therefore the Obama Administration needs to deal with Iran as if they already have them and so Obama wont meddle in Iran's business because he hopes to maintain a good working relationship when they actually do get their weapons.

As with Honduras, the opposite is true but based on the same principles. Obama wants to have a good working relationship with Cuba, Venezuela, since they are linked to Russia and Iran and is willing to meddle in Honduran affairs since he gains diplomatic bonus points by doing so.

Obama's foreign policy may just be an example of governing as if life is a chess game rather than governing on what is right and good. I think he is making a deal with the devil.