Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Hump Day!!!

Enjoy this mish mash of punk rock on your Wednesday.

Garotzuva a.k.a Moby Dick

Al Gore a.k.a Captain Ahab
"If his chest had been a cannon, he would have shot his heart upon it."

Good Stuff

San Diego Democratic Party Leader threatens to pull support for local Dems who support Republican candidates for Mayor. It's funny mostly because there are no real Republicans in San Diego.

Hey Blogust!

More irrefutable proof that aliens exist!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Destined For Failure?

I find it hard to believe that Glenn Beck is leaving Fox to run a web only streaming site. I mean really? $50 a year to listen to what used to be "free". I don't see this working out.

He's going to go from being on the #1 cable news channel to something that will have less impact than public television.

Bad Move.

More here: http://www.gbtv.com/

Michale Graves Punk Rock Boxset

Here is a playlist of all my favorite Michale Graves songs. Enjoy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

So, here's an article that plays fast and loose with the facts in favor of controlling the narrative. What's new? Basically, the article states that white babies are no longer the majority of the child population under the age of 2. Minority or mixed race babies now make up more than half of that demographic.

My first, most obvious problem is that white babies are absolutely still the majority. Hispanic, Asian and Black babies are not all part of one big baby conglomerate. They are Hispanic or Asian or Black. End of story. This is such a common way of looking at things from a political point of view where you are white or you are not, and I think it does nothing but further the divide because...

Secondly, the entire tone of the article appears to be, "Look out White America, it's time to change the way you do business!" Of course, this is how small interest groups manufacture fake power in America today. They ally themselves with other disenfranchised minorities, no matter whether their interests intersect or not, to make themselves appear stronger. The old adage goes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that may be true, but when all is said and done that friendship lasts only as long as the enemy remains. What then? The real truth is that there are no enemies here, or at least there shouldn't be. In the end, we must all learn to coexist, and propagandist articles like this only make that more difficult.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bring on the Sexy Stews, Yeah Baby!

Defective cockpit microphone leads to shocking discovery: Behind closed doors people are not always as tolerant as they are told to be! Somebody is going to get a huge government grant to research this.

Send Him Packing!

Here's a Pulitzer Prize (insert dismissive wanking motion here) winning journalist who admits to being an undocumented illegal immigrant, and I'm pretty sure that what the media wants us to believe is that these are precisely the people the damn Tea Party would like to keep out of our country. Of course, this cat came over with his family using forged documentation, which leads me to believe they were a little better off to begin with than the folks running across the desert or hiding themselves under the dashboard of a Datsun pick-up, but yeah, let's just open the gates because otherwise who's going to knock our socks off with campus shooting coverage?

If It'll Keep Them Off My Lawn...

...then I'm all for it. This article is far too long to actually read, but the gist is that some community in Minnesota wants to install a device that emits an annoying noise that can only be heard by teenagers in order to keep them from vandalizing the local park at night. The money line in the article is undoubtedly when one of the people who opposes the idea and who obviously does not live within sight of the actual park in question says,

"Teenagers are not pests to be repelled."

Now, as a teenager I would have found this device to be the height of discrimination and my moral outrage meter would have exploded off the charts. As a full grown hippocrite, however, I couldn't disagree more. Teenagers are the worst. I intend to cut off all communication with my brother's kids whence they become teens, and if I ever have children of my own they will most assuredly find themselves in a boarding school between stints of summer camp sooner rather than later.

However, I am aware that there is always due controversy when one begins to squat on the rights of anyone-even if those oppressed are not fully formed or contributing members of society-so it is my opinion that we should not punish too harshly the teen who has the balls to take it upon himself to destroy the transmitter the first chance he gets. Although, if he's wearing a Che t-shirt at the time I say they throw the book at him. Responsible choices youth of today. Responsible choices!

Here Come the Atheists!

New York atheists are calling for the removal of a street sign dedicated to seven firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. The sign says "Seven in Heaven Way," and of course here comes the old "church and state" outrage. A couple of my favorite parts of the article:

Bronstein told Fox News Radio that his organization was especially concerned with the use of the word “heaven.” “We’ve concluded as atheists there is no heaven and there’s no hell,” he said.

That just stirkes me as one of the more smug statments I've ever heard. Why not, "Our years of thinking about it have led us to the clear conclusion that we are right and they are wrong. How can you deny this?"

And check this out:

City leaders seemed dumbfounded by the atheists’ outrage because no one complained about the sign as it was going through a public approval process. “It’s unfortunate that they didn’t raise this as an issue while it was undergoing its public review either at the community board level or when it came before the City Council on their public agenda,” said Craig Hammerman, the district manager for Brooklyn Community Board 6.

Yes it is indeed unfortunate that the atheists didn't come forward during the approval process. And you know what else? It's downright fishy. It's almost as though they figured they could drum up more support for their bitter cause if they pretended that the city has sneaked this in under their noses.

Makes me miss the days when atheists would merely shake their heads and chuckle at when people discussed religion. My guess is that too many lawyers have adapted the non-faith because otherwise they'd have to come to terms with the idea that they may have to answer for their choices in life. And once you have the lawyers on your side, well...

Sure, Al.

Al Gore wants to educate women and girls so that they may choose to have smaller families with children spaced adequately apart, which does not at all sound like the first precarious step on the slipperiest slope imaginable. And the reason we should start on the path towards legislating childbirth? Why none other than Global Warming. Come on, it's Al, so I know you're not surprised. Dude's going to save us all.

Friday, June 17, 2011

For Cryin' Out Loud!

Geez, Japan, what the hell is wrong with you? And the people of Portland are worried about a little bit of pee in their water? We need a happy medium here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Like Christ?

Try getting crucified then, because that's what they're going to do to David Tyree after this. And he beat the Patriots in the Superbowl? Might have to get a jersey.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well Now...

I'm sure most of you have already heard Obama's comments that ATM machines are taking jobs from hard working Americans. Well, here's what one ATM manufacturer had to say. They site the fact that Americans want easy access to their money at all hours of the day and night. Well, I'm going to have to go ahead and side with The One on this. Can you inmagine how many jobs would be created if banks were to stay open all night to meet customer demands?* Of course, then there's the problem of the electricity lighting banks all night would use.

*I hope I didn't need to use the Burnt Umber Sarcasm Indicator on that line.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love It.

I'm not really a big Jesus guy, but I still want to buy this girl a puppy or something. This is my favorite part of the article:

Was Shannon Spaulding exercising her right to free speech? Or did her valedictory address violate the civil rights of others?

Seriously, does the term "civil rights" even have an actual meaning anymore? The law seems to interpret one's civil rights as the right to not be annoyed or offended at any time. At this point it would be easier to examine what is not a civil rights violation.

(Honestly, I was going to list some things that wouldn't offend anyone, but I can't think of a single one.)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Posts I Liked From Gateway Pundit

The first is about Obama's recent meeting with Netanyahu. According to analysts, those two hate one another.

And the second post has to do with the picture above. It's a new toy collection that has the caption bellow for it's description.

Viva la RevoluciĆ³n! So maybe you can't take up arms and join the resistance
right now. In the meantime, keeping these guys handy will remind you of your
revolutionary roots and let everyone else know that you don't roll with
The Man.

What The Fuck? Those guys ARE! "The Man." By definition Lenin and Mao are The Man. Do I need to explain why?

(on a side note, I find it interesting that Gandhi was put in there and no Martin Luther King. Instead we have Malcolm X. Most people I know who love Gandhi also love MLK because of their strong stance on non-violence. Why a gun toting muslim convert instead? Has MLK become too Christian? For that matter, why is Gandhi in there at all? Surrounded by murderers! Clearly anyone who buys this toy isn't opposed to violent men. Why not Marx himself?)

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not Good

Admittedly I am impressed with how he answered the question honestly, but apart of me really wishes he took the 5th on this one.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Paul Revere Embarrassment?

I think someone down below said that Palin's remarks regarding Paul Revere were an embarrassment.

Historians Agree With Palin

New Red Fang Video

From the guys who brought you that great LARPing video

Thanks to Ryan in China who orignally tuned me into this band

Monday, June 06, 2011

Oh, The Onion...

Will you marry me?

Positive Review Of Undefeated At Huff-Po?

Give it a read
Quick Thought: While their might have been sexism thrown at Clinton (I'm not so sure by whom or in what context), their was definately sexism towards Palin. Oddly enough it wasn't men who were sexist towards Palin, but in fact other women. Don't believe me? all you have to do is watch The View and you will see.

Sarah Palin On Fox News Sunday

I think this is the strongest outing Palin has had in awhile. And in light of her latest Paul Revere embarrassment ( which she touches on in this video )this interview helps her supporters to stand up for her.

Nice Hat, Blogust.

I finally appreciate America's Funnyman.


Apparently, Al Gore's greatest invention is a major contributor to Global Warming. Shame on you, Al.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hollywood Propaganda

So, I've had a couple of people send me links to articles about the recently released book Hollywood Propaganda. Also, it is all over Hot Air right now as well with actual clips from Hollywood Insiders admitting the liberal bias in their work. Now, sure I plan on picking this book up at some time and checking it out, but I can honestly say I have no idea why. Seriously, is any of this shocking to anybody? If you are blown away by the idea that Hollywood has been rewriting social agenda for years then I am blown away by the fact that you haven't accidentally walked into oncoming traffic because you are a retard. Oops! Did I say retard? NBA better make a commercial about it.

Where was Kobe in that ad?

Beer Scam??

Looks convincing to me.

Pretty Funny