Friday, June 24, 2011

So, here's an article that plays fast and loose with the facts in favor of controlling the narrative. What's new? Basically, the article states that white babies are no longer the majority of the child population under the age of 2. Minority or mixed race babies now make up more than half of that demographic.

My first, most obvious problem is that white babies are absolutely still the majority. Hispanic, Asian and Black babies are not all part of one big baby conglomerate. They are Hispanic or Asian or Black. End of story. This is such a common way of looking at things from a political point of view where you are white or you are not, and I think it does nothing but further the divide because...

Secondly, the entire tone of the article appears to be, "Look out White America, it's time to change the way you do business!" Of course, this is how small interest groups manufacture fake power in America today. They ally themselves with other disenfranchised minorities, no matter whether their interests intersect or not, to make themselves appear stronger. The old adage goes that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and that may be true, but when all is said and done that friendship lasts only as long as the enemy remains. What then? The real truth is that there are no enemies here, or at least there shouldn't be. In the end, we must all learn to coexist, and propagandist articles like this only make that more difficult.


Miss Boom said...

I've never understood this "look out, the minorities are taking over California" thing. Who cares? People are people.

Even though my baby is considered white, you couldn't tell by looking at her, thanks to her Dad's Sicilian genes! She's as brown as they come.

BVM said...

No, this matters!

Now my daughter can check "white" on her college application and get special treatment while the majority non-whites get rejected!

Take that suckas!

Burnt umber, burnt umber.

Maximum Colossus said...

Double burnt umber?! This blog wasn't designed to handle sarcasm of that degree!