Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Frylock: The Terrorist

Did someone say French-fries?

This is just absurd. People need to calm the hell down and get with pop culture. Jeesh!

Maximum Colossus is a proud man today.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not All French Are Stupid

Meet Nicolas Sarkozy. He is the presidential candidate for Frances conservative party UMP. I heard of this guy while listening to Michael Medved and according to Medved, Nicolas is pro-american, believing France can learn alot from the U.S. and is also a Free-market capitalist. WOW! Don't know when the elections will begin, but this could be cool.

Damn You, Evil Global Warming Monster!

How dare the Government doubt the sciantific community's unproven theory! Doesn't George Bush read the reports on what could possibly happen some day. Will we one day live in a world where even the mighty Bigfoot is driven to extinction if he does actually exist? That possibility makes me weep.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Look At The Enemy Across The Bay

This is probably the most insane thing SF has done, maybe ever. And that is saying A LOT.

What this article does not mention is that the sick time accrued must be payable to an employee whether he uses the sick time or not. Therefore ALL businesses in SF now must pay sick time cash (at the end of the year) to employees whether or not they use it. This means that if you hire ANYONE, you at least owe them this extra cash each year.

What will this mean? Here's my prediction:

- The cost of EVERYTHING will rise in an already insanely expensive city.
- Due to the high costs, more Mom and Pop shops will shut down or just not hire people.
- Related to the above point, those small businesses that stay around will most likely only have family members as employees. Therefore more children will be put to work. I started at 13 in my family business. More kids at work means less kids in school or studying.
- Since small businesses will not be able to employ as many people, there will be more homeless. But SF loves homeless people. Maybe that's why they passed this.
- Small businesses that stay around by cutting staff will now be open less often, and therefore all customers pay a price by losing services.
- Bigger chain stores will be the only ones who can absorb this extra cost.
- Bigger chain stores (who now get more vacant property to choose from due to small shops closing) move in and get to bargain on their rents, therefore brining land values down in SF. I saw this happen when all the dot-bombs crashed.
- More people will be over worked since no one else will get hired due to this law and their ridiculously high minimum wage.
- The higher costs of living will force more people to live outside of SF if their jobs are in SF. This will increase the number of commuters. Isn't SF supposed to be a GREEN city?
- Lawyers will have a feast with this idiotic law. More businesses will shut down.

I can understand the heart or emotions being the start of many ideas, but these ideas must pass through the brain and some logic, else you end up with some really bad results. This one is one of the biggest messes ever.

Look The Enemy In The Face

Meet New York D-Congressman Hinchey. Know him, study him, fear him...I do. This man embodies all that I hate about the Left and the Democrat party. He represents the very essence of why I abandoned the Democrats so long ago and have become the ultra-conservative I am today. Here is an example why...The Fairness Doctrine.

I heard him on the radio today and he makes the argument that conservative talk radio and Fox News dominate mass media and that the Bush administration used this media in order to sell "his" war. Hinchey's solution, make media government controlled. In otherwords, have the Government control free press, which is protected by the constitution, so that the Government wont control the media. Yeah, that makes sense.

The idea that the media is controlled by conservatives is so absurd that I would have to laugh if I didn't think this man was serious. All this goes to show that the left is afraid of other people's opinions. They will do anything to silence people. They do not believe in freedom of speech and they will do anything to control our lives. Case closed for me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good For You, Chicagoans!

And here I thought New Orleans was the feel good story. I was wrong all along!

Here you go.

You know...if you think this sort of thing is funny. Cause it's totally not. Right?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vader Sessions

Just another Star Wars spoof film, but it sure is funny.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Walter who?

MSM is grasping for all they can now-a-days. From the peanut gallery (pun intended):


Whatever happened to Billy Carter?

Heck while they are on the subject of useless VPs like Mondale, why not drum up some more about how Dan Quayle can't spell.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'll never get it.

Liberals bash government all the time, yet they'll defend stuff like this:


Make up your minds kids. Don't you realize that the more Government control you promote, the more you ask the Government into your life?

On a different note, the people of Venezuela realize that Hugo is modeling his changes after Castro. You mean, the people of Venezuela want to be more like Cuba??? Yet again, I'll never get it.

Global Warming Hits Portland

I am sitting in my office and I am unable to go home because of this damned global warming. In order for me to leave, I need chains for my tires...I don't have chains for my tires. Bullshit. Anyway, check out the video and the pics.

Trump Solves Iraq.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Boxer Calls Condi A Spinster

Well, not in those words exactly, but pretty damn close. See for yourself.

When talking to Rice, Boxer kept asking Condi "who pays the price" for her decisions reagarding the war on Terror. And then Boxer goes onto say that she, Barbara Boxer, wont have to pay a price because her children are too old and her grandchildren are too young. Hmmmm...Interesting argument...I guess. I have to ask Babs this though "But Ms. Boxer, even if your children were of age, wouldn't they first have to enlist during a time of war in order for you to pay a price? I mean it still is an all volunteer military isn't it?" I love the lefts mentality. Even when they are not victims, they still try to create a scenario that would make them seem as if they were.

She is an idiot and the Californians who support her idiocy should be ashamed for allowing her to gain office.

Also, a little off topic, I went out after the Presidents speech Wednesday night and the owner of Jarra's asked me if I had watched the address. After saying I did he then asked whether or not Bush brought back the draft. "Of course not" I said. I then tried to remind him that the two who voted to reinstate the draft and the one who proposed it were all Democrats. I think his eyes glazed over by that point.
Which leads me to my final thought. If the war is still going on in '08 and a Dem is voted for President, I wont be surprised if the draft is strongly considered and supported by many Dem candidates. I think their argument would be that Bush created this mess and it will take the entire country to fix it. You know, "The Borg Collective" mentality.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Saddam Cat-toy

I stole this from Ace of Spades. How awesome is this.

Prez Speaks Tonight

Getting ready for tonights address, I think it is important to chew on this for awhile.
Mark Levin

Friday, January 05, 2007

These Are Not The Droids You Are Looking For

Tell me this photo isn't bitchen. This is the look of the futuristic American least, according to this site it is. There are a few different suits on this page, but this one is clearly the winner. They call it "The Borg Effect", but I think that is a stupid name. I mean, anyone who looks at this picture has got to think of Stormtroopers and with all the cloning talk going on these days, I am starting to think that maybe Lucas was actually onto something.

Fridays Vids For Your Consideration.

This is pretty good for a while, but there are three more episodes and the whole thing is over 40 minutes long. Go find it under College Saga on Youtube if you 're that interested.

Here, let's make it a nerd double-feature.

Happy weekend! For those of you who are into it, enjoy your play-off footballing!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A picture is worth 1000 words

This should be a fun two years. The pic sums it up perfectly.

It Is Like Putting Clothes On Dogs.

I love the lastest celebrity trend going on these days and no it is not the porn videos, or the missing panties, or the drunken slut fests (although that is fun too), but it has to do with the adoption of refugee children. It is like a new hollywood accessory. (Actually, I don't know if they are in fact "refugees", but it sure sounds funny.) I first became aware of this phenom when Angelina Jolie paraded around her cambodian refugee for the whole world to see. Since then, she and Brad adopted a african baby girl, I think from Ethiopia, and the world took notice. Wonderful.

Not to be outdone, Modonna too has been doing a little shopping through Africa, Malawi to be exact, to secure a fashion accessory for herself. To me it is like they are all buying poodles. Complete with Poodle names, Maddox, poodle hair cuts, mohawks, and even poodle tricks, view picture below.

What is next? I know, how about opening a kennel. Oprah's School

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lord Kingly Is Dead.

Well, it seems that the new "improved" Blogger makes it impossible (or at least to hard for a retard like me to figure out how) to have multiple aliases for multiple blogs without having multiple Google accounts, so I'll be retiring Lord Kingly and going with Maximum Colossus from now on. As some of you know, Maximum Colossus is the moniker I use on the Charger football blog CJ and I do. If that sort of thing interests you, check it out here.

Now, to usher in the age of Colossus on Blog-ust, here's Jessica Alba's ass.

And here's some Filipino Batman & Robin. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Thoughts For Today

If Larry Castro lives in a country with "Universal Healthcare", then why was a Spanish Doctor flown in to treat him? also here is a list of other countries with this type of healthcare.

The Baron sent this link over to me pertaining to another Chiflado, Moe Chavez and the rising inflation in Venezuela.

I wish the media would stop referring to the "3000 dead American military seviceman" as a "Milestone". I thought a "Milestone" was supposed to be an I wrong?

Lastly, I made a mistake and accepted the Google upgrade to Blogust. Is anyone having difficulties?