Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iraq Update

Tragically we lost 8 this month
and yet, thankfully we only lost 9.
4 hostile and 5 non-hostile.
Again, let's say it together "the surge worked."
I know it is now passe to talk about the success in Iraq, but I am still amazed and geeked about it.

Does Anyone Disagree With Him On This?

When Someone Tells Sean Penn To Drop Dead...

Then I have to post it.
Even if it is from Billy O'Reilly.
Not that I don't like O'Reilly, but he being a loud mouth isn't exactly news.
Sadly, Penn will wear this as a badge of honor, I'm sure.


I'm coming across a lot of good stuff along these lines.

Dial Hard:

And the most awesome 8 Kilometres. Prepare to lose your wife. Female canine.

80% Of People Blame Banks

Sorta relevant to MC's last post.
I feel that people approve of Obama, because they know he is a socialist and they want socialism. They blame the banks, they blame themselves and they blame Bush for not doing enough to prevent this crisis. I wonder how many really blame the govt. for interfering in the first place.

Man Driving Barstool Gets DUI

Normally I would feel bad for this guy for losing such a cool toy (I mean look at that thing. It's harmless) but the dude called the cops on himself after injuring himself from a crash. Must have been SAUCED!

Monday, March 30, 2009


On the last day of Rides of March in San Luis Obispo, CA, we drove through Sea Cyn. rd. I guess 20-30 scooters sounded more like a swarm of Wasps (ha ha) and were enough to spook the cows. The Baron and I were following behind in his truck and were able to get it on video.

Fun Read.

Crying AIG guy meet cursing rebuttal from Rolling Stone writer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Video

I didn't have cable for a very long time and so I never really watched Metalocolypse. Fortunately for me, Stevil has em all on DVD.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, Dear Lord.

There is no denying that this thing is cool as fuck. Just like there is no denying that it freaks me the fuck out! Say hello to Skynet for me Big Dog, because you are freaking alive! Nyaah!

More FOTC.

I'm putting up another vid because I'm a slave to what's cool. Also, I think Blogust will like this one for some reason.

Could This Be The End Of Their Careers?

Since we have many posts on the Tres Chiflados and Sean Penn on this blog, it is only fitting that Penn (fan of Moe Chavez) and Del Toro (fan of Larry Castro's hitman, Che) are in this movie.
How poetic indeed.
As for Jim Carrey, well the role seems to be up his alley, what with all the crazy roles he has done in the past, but there could be something more than just playing another screwball. It seems to me that Carrey has been all to eager these days to be apart of the Hollywood Illumanti and so I'm sure he is tickled that Penn and Del Toro agreed to sign on.
Has anyone heard that Jim Carrey is playing "a gay" in his next flick? I've heard there is a pretty explicit pooh stabbing scene in it. I'm sure he'll win an Oscar with that one.
Thank You, cause du jour.

Where The Wild Things Are

The trailer.
I just don't know how they are going to get that entire book into just an hour and a half.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Old Jedi Farts.

How About...

...something a hare less fem?

Cats Are Gay.


It seems medical students may be learning their techniques from television shows like ER, and this is leading to some instances of incorrect procedure (on only one type of procedure). I find this stuff fascinating, especially in regards to how forensic procedurals are killing so many court cases by misinforming juries. The problem, though, with the article I've linked is that true to form in almost all panic inducing media freak-outs certain seemingly important facts are left out. Most notably for me is that there is absolutely no information given so much as estimating how many injuries, deaths, etc. these incorrect procedures have caused. So how am I supposed to know if an actual problem exists at all?

Yahoo's Fact Check...

...on Obama's address last night. Interesting. I watched a lot of this thing. It's pretty obvious that The President needs plenty of face time with the media and the people to keep his ratings up. I guess he'll just keep campaigning for the next 8 years.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Quick, before it gets deleted.

Key Words: doper tweakers pot heads low life skum sucking bottom feeding chicken shit puss pocket small dicked momma boys low self esteemed jobless unemployable dirty smelly pock faced back stabbing snitches

Obama's Facist Regime

Will be knocking on your door soon?

Why does the president need me to sign a pledge to his agenda? Your name will be put on a ledger no matter if you sign or not. Ask them to leave, and you are an enemy of the state. This is very, very scary stuff.

The Audacity Of This Dope

Obama has proclaimed "Iraq was easier" when comparing it to Afghanistan.
He has also set-up a new youth enrollment program called the Generations Invigorating and Volunteerism act. (say that 5 times fast)

Oh Joy

April is autism awareness month.
Sorry, but we already are very aware of this epidemic and I for one am sort of sick of it.

"affecting 1 in 150 children. Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Autism is more common than juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer and AIDS combined.

Notice that "awareness" doesn't start on the 1st of April, but the 2nd. That is no accident, I assure you.

The Great One

Sure he can be a dick head, but I do like him.
His new book will be needed in today's times.


I thought the reason I was writing less on this blog was because I moved and I was busy.
But it turns out that it's more than that.
I can't read the headlines anymore.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I think some of you may find this website to be an enjoyable diversion. Don't worry Blogust; It's not porn.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Video

Friday Vid.

If you haven't seen the Slap Chop infommercial, I'm sorry but you won't get this. Otherwise, enjoy Cock Shot!

Oh No He Didn't!

Alright, there are plenty of reasons to get down on Obama, but this is not one of them. In fact, it's the first time he's ever seemed human to me. I mean, I know there are people out there that flip out over the "R" word or any reference to things like Special Olympians being less able than others, but come on! Why aren't they in the real Olympics then? Is this really going to set the retarded movement back that far? And spare me the insensitivity garbage. It isn't the mentally handicapped who are so upset about this sort of thing. I probably can't even say mentally handicapped. Somebody hook me up with the proper terminology. How about "Those who are blessed with childlike wonder?" I'm going to get hell for this, aren't I?

It's hard for me not to punch my TV screen when Olberman's on there.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mr. Stossel

One of this blogs favorite people.

Bailouts and Bull****

Double click the video to see all 6 parts on YouTube.

School House Rock: Earth

I have not been able to find a video that is compatible with my computer and so I haven't been able to watch any of the new songs. If you find some, please link them. I would love to see 'em.
I hear there is one about carbon footprint, saving water, recycling etc. Read it here

I Am Digging The New Jurassic Sea Monster

Step aside, T-Rex, you are no longer my favorite.

Madonna May Adopt Another Poodle...

I mean, child from Malawi.
Stories like this reminds me of this photo from the site stuff white people like

German Company Using Obama To Market Chicken Strips

Here you go

Sunday, March 15, 2009

For Mr. and Mrs. Comrade

There is a new documentary called "Brothers at War" and it's debut was in Fayetteville. That should interest you, Mrs. Comrade and for Mr. Comrade, the focus of the movie is the 82nd airborne. Maybe you will recognize some of the people in it. Maybe?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One More Before I Go.

Kind of obsessed with this show Flight of the Conchords right now. It's been around for a while and is in it's sencond season on HBO. If you haven't watched it, you should start.

The Battle Heats Up!

For years there's been a lot of talk from both sides but until now there has not been a lick of action. Crocodile vs. Shark? Bladow! In your face!

A preliminary salvo to be sure as a 14 ft. croc makes short work of a 3 ft. shark, but the gauntlet has been cast. How will Shark react? Will they send in the big guns by way of Big Daddy White Pointer? Or will they offer up a Crazy Bull tag team extravaganza? One can only hope the cameras are there to capture the glory. Don't be surprised if Bear and Lion try to get in on the act with their own long anticipated grudge match. Way to go Animal Kingdom!!!

Friday Vid.

Yeah, it's Friday for me cause I'm skipping town tomorrow. Suckers!

Just Because

Rendezvous With Destiny

Ronald Reagan documentary: a Gingrich production.

SC Gov. Turns Down Stimulus Money

My mom is now living in this state. I wonder if she and my insane step-dad will appreciate this.
On a side note, I hope the fam had at least $10,000.00 before they made the dangerous trek out there. Am I right, MC?

Such An Inspiration.

All art is subject to interpretation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time To Move To Texas.

As far as action hero politicians go, I think I'd take a chance with Chuck Norris over Arnie at this point.

Bill Maher vs. Ann Coulter

I could probably never sit through this whole debate, but this is a good little quick read on it. I'm not at all a fan of Bill Maher-especially his style of stand-up as thought provoking debate-but he is an over-the-top counterpoint to Ann Coulter's over-the-top point. They're both crazy people who occasionally hit the proverbial nail on the head so if your into that sort of thing, you should probably go find some video. Seriously, though, "pimp with a week to live?" "Voltaire in Harry Potter?" Yeah, that's some funny shit.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ive Been Away And I Missed This

Anyone heard anything more about this?
White House to take over Census Bureau
The same bureau that counts populations which determines state representation?

Penn Is "Milk"ing It

Bah-hahaha Man, I'm funny.
Team Milk takes on the California Supreme Court

Star Trek Cologne

Some think this may be a joke.
If it isn't, the only people who would buy this stuff wouldn't use it, but would keep it mint and in the box. A collectors item for their geek display cabinet. Oddly enough, probably the same people who would need to use it the most.
And so, yes, my bottle has already been ordered and it's going on the shelf right next to my Star Trek pez dispenser.

Beck Goes Ballistic

Well, he usually goes ballistic, but I really enjoyed this segment with the head of the US Communist Party.

For some reason I ate lunch really late yestderday. I usually watch Cavuto. But since I was an hour off my usual schedule, I ended up watching Beck. And it was worth it.

Anyone want a Peep?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Young Frankenstein

...has got to be in the top three if not the best of Mel Brooks' films. His musical version was award winning last year on Broadway and the film has some classic lines and a great cast including the radiant Teri Garr as Inga the dutiful laboratory assistant. I watched some of the outakes from the film and they are hilarious. Incidentally, Teri Garr also starred in an episode of the second season of Star Trek: TOS, Assignment: Earth.


Italian Clones Three Babies

So he says.
On that note, did you know they are remaking Logan's Run? One of the few remakes I am not opposed to. The original was pretty good, but it was overshadowed by Star Wars.
That and it almost seemed like the original was meant to be a porno... a porno without all the good parts.

I Know, I Know...

...you can't judge a film by it's trailer, but the new Terminator movie looks pretty bitchin'.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Just Freakin Awesome

Rush at CPAC.

Hope Costs A Lot Of Money

I'm a fan of Jim Cramer, that crazy stock market guy with all the sound effects who rant and raves like a lunatic. I think he's great. I mean stocks are boring, and he makes it somewhat fun and exciting. Anyway, he wrote something recently, but you have to pay a fee to read his whole article. I read the teaser, and it was enough for me. Here's the teaser:

We Can't Afford Hope Right Now

By Jim Cramer

About this article:
I don't know about you, but I felt it this weekend. I felt it with friends at dinner on Friday. I felt it during my walk on Saturday and my dinner with friends at Blue Smoke on Saturday night. I felt it when someone whispered in my ear before the Van Morrison concert that I was right and we elected a Leninist.

"V" For Vespa

For those of you who don't know, The Baron, Comrade and I are trying to get our hands on a Vespa Scooter shop.  Ya know, start a small business so that we can get huge Obama tax breaks. (Yeah, like that will ever happen)  And it is taking up all my time.  I'm either thinking about it, dreaming about it or doing something about it and so I can't get motivated to write on Blogust. I am also consolidating my life. I am gonna be broke for a long time after this whole thing goes through and so I need to stop some of the bleeding as quick as I can.  
No cell phone, no motorcars not a single luxury.  Like Robinson Carusoe... yadda, yadda, yadda. If anyone needs to get ahold of me, call my bro or e-mail me.
With that said,  I want to say thanks to Maximum Colossus, Arvin and BVM for keeping this alive. :)