Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to Goth-ust

FoxNews to own The WSJ?

OK... not FoxNews but NewsCorp (www.newscorp.com), Rupert Murdoc's baby which owns Fox and all things Fox related, plus MySpace. NewsCorp is making a bid for Dow Jones & Co, which owns the WSJ.

The WSJ, though very capitalist oriented, still seems to have a pretty left leaning editorial board as shown by a video posted here on Blogust at some point.

If Murdoc gets to buy Dow Jones & Co., I'm sure a change in tone may start coming from the WSJ. It might start with some of the editorial board getting released, and I'm sure they'd find home at the NYT.

It would be very interesting (and fun) if the two big papers coming out of New York started a little point-of-view war.

Here's the link.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Have The Chickens Finally Come Home To Roost?

With the new movie "Manufacturing Dissent" coming out and now this video, I wonder if Moore is finally getting his. If you live by sword then you die by the sword. How perfect.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Foxnews Should Be Punished For Arguing Global Warming

What happens when the argument is already won, when time for discussion is over and time for action is now, when continuing the argument would be as productive as arguing with a Flatearther? The answer is simple really. Expose those who do not believe and then try to punish them.

The People's Glossary

Over at The People's Cube.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ooooooooo-kay then.

I've had some monumental dry spells in my lifetime, but this has never occured to me.

You're All Nuts!!!

Marijuana makes you psycho.


Pretty compelling except that when they say "doctors have suspected for years" you can bet the study was biased and/or complete bunk. See secondhand smoke/global warming.

They Kill Me.

The Onion rules again.

Awesome Friday Vid

I thought I'd start this Friday out right with a couple of clips from my favorite movie! Blogust loves it too.

Way better than the crappy original.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Media Quick To Report Bad Day On The Market

With all the good news about the economy the past few years, it was a wonder why only Breibart.com seemed to take notice. But never fear, the MSM loves talking about the economy, just as long as it does what it wants.

Hippies Are Awesome.

Here's some video of a hippy getting tazered (or as the filmmaker calls it "tortured") by law enforcement while protesting a gas station or some other such nonsense. Lots of fun little things happening here, from the obviously stoned-to-the-gills cameraman to the shit-eating grin on the "tortured" hippy's face as they take him away. "We're with you Sluggo!" God, I love me some hippies.

Poor Africa.

Fisher Price Mining Tools.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Broadcasters go Owie Ow

Hey since we're posting classics, I'll post mine. From about the same era as the Bubb Rubb whistle tip video.

Unfun Bags

Codepink and Breasts Not Bombs crashed Hillary's campaign launch party in San Francisco. Click at your own risk.

Whistles Go Woo.

Check the dude out at the end when he blasts through the stop sign.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Read A Book

Quick, view this before Viacom pulls it like it has done on YouTube.

I had a fun weekend playing in Goleta and LA. A bunch of us watched this on Saturday and needless to say, it was quoted the rest of our stay.

Ask And Ye Shall Receive.

Here's a clip from their upcoming reality show in which Haim moves in with Feldman and the little missus.

Haim counting good.

Feldman has honor.

Please Tell Me I Am Not Dreaming

I heard the Corey's, Haim and Feldman, are reunited. Is this true or is just some sick and twisted joke to get my hopes up?

Another Harry Potter Video

From Redstateupdate. But they give a spoiler, I think, so don't watch if you don't want to know. I haven't watched the whole video yet because I am reading the book right now...so...I don't...want to... ummm.. find out the ending just yet... so there you go. The parts I have watched have been pretty funny.

Uh Oh.

Tuna takes its own life rather than live in captivity. Link sure to get up PETA's dander as well as piss off people who are 5'6" and don't want to be reminded that they are short. Actually, that's fairly tall for a girl.

Sweatshop Workers Want The Work

Over the weekend, one of my friends came up from the Bay Area and we talked politics over coffee. How Vogue, right? One of the topics of interest was the unfair pay and human rights violation of the "Sweatshop Worker." (roll eyes) I wish people didn't get their emotions wrapped up in their politics.

Monday, July 23, 2007

7 Books and 7 years Later

In recognition of the BEST series ever written!

I Hope She Wins.

Woman suing ConEd for freaking her out. You can't put a price on the effect of loud noises to the psyche. I'm suing Sea World myself. If you've ever been in San Diego during summer, you know that you'd swear the was a war going on at 10 minutes to 10:00 every night. Damn fireworks!


New Zombietime. Ane here is one I missed.

Time To Start Buying French Wine Again.

For me, this isn't necessary, but it is nice to see. These people didn't have to do it, they wanted to and I think it is awesome.


That's quite a justice system you got up there in Oregon.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Video Friday!


I Don't Know About You...

...but I just found my Presidential candidate.


Now that she he has become a useless tool for the left, I wonder how long it will take for Plame to go from "celebrity" status to "nobody" status. Will she go back to being a mother of two, or will she be found signing a huge movie deal? Wait...I think she already did sign one. Didn't she?

UPDATE: Here it is.

That's It!

I can't take it anymore. I'm about to just start punching people in the face.

How Smart Are You?

IQ test.

Just To Be Fair

I posted a video from the Pogues a little while back that showed Shane Macgowan in a really bad light. Here is a video of the same song during his better years.

Soccer Ballet

Apparently this is acceptable behaviour in the manly world of Soccer.

Charger Fan's "Dream Car" Becomes A Victim Of Eco-Terrorism

I don't feel too bad for the guy since he still lives with his mother and is sporting one those lame chin strap beards. Still, he is a Charger fan. GO BOLTS! Read.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Give You...

...the opening to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Price Of Corn Rises...So Does Dairy

How are we going to combat blistering summer heat caused by Garotzuva if we can't afford a single scoop of Ice Cream?
But I am sure many environmentalist would rather have us switch to a soy based ice cream anyway.

Money Quote:
"The amount of energy required to produce more energy is so inefficient
that we are going backwards in our efficient consumption."

Excellent point. Most people don't realize that it takes three gallons of
water to produce one gallon of ethanol, at the plant. Add to that the amount of
water it takes to grow corn, coupled with more and more acres of corn being
planted because of its inflated price, and we'll all see an already overstressed
Ogallah Aquifer in the plains continue to be depleted.

The Onion.

Rules yet again.

I Know This Is Silly...

..but I couldn't help myself. MacMeda sent me this photo and titled it "please warn your friends that this is a scam."
Dad Humor.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

What happens when a family member, of an anti-Iraq war newspaper columnist working for a lefty media rag like the LA Times, decides to enlist? The answer is here.

Curious No Longer

For years I wondered, "How would Bollywood interpret the opening scene from this movie?" Consider me satisfied.

Children's TV In The Middle East

Decidedly different than American Children's TV. Still, Muslim Mickey Mouse is adorable no matter what he has to say.

One Of You Will Buy This.

Palmer Cash.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Pogues

Just giving a Heads-Up.
The original line-up for The Pogues is going on a U.S. tour during the Fall of 2007. This is like the 1st time in forever that all of 'em have been together for a U.S. tour, so it is pretty historic.
Now I am not the biggest Pogues fan, but this is still a great oportunity and so I got me some tickets. Going with ex-jarras patron, my sister and ex-jarras bartender. You guys should check it out. I already looked it up and they are playing in both San Diego and San Francisco.

What To expect from the show.

Well the singer is a hopeless drunk and is kinda screwed up,
(Here is an example)

and Kirsty MacColl, the girl who helped make this song famous, was tragically killed by a speedboat 7 years ago while pushing her son out of the way of the boat's path. (The boy lived.)

I know it is all pretty sad, but what the hell...if you drink enough, the show might seem like a wicked lullaby. :-)
Have Fun!

The Jihad Couple

You can find more videos over at whitepeople.tv
In their words, the site is dedicated to making fun of white people. Unfortunately though, they aren't very good at it. Most of the clips are just silly little shorts that have nothing to do with ripping on white people. Too bad. I was sorta looking forward to 'em.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Okay, Two More, But That's It!

One Final Awesome Vid.


Kid climbs into toy vending machine and gets stuck. How original. Pretty sure that's been the premise of numerous cartoons. What's next? A newspaper vending machine? Get a new act, squirt.


I've been that drunk. The difference is, I couldn't figure out how to start my car. Lucky for me.

Friday's Hot Puss.

Friday Vids, Courtesy Of Japan.

Real Japanese researchers doing real Japanese research.

If you try to tell me you've never wondered how the following match-up would turn out, I'll call you a liar to your face.

Woah, somebody call PETA. Now, I defy you to try not to be mesmorized and intrigued by this next clip. I couldn't stop watching myself.

Rolling Tires Down A Ski Jump - Watch more free videos
If you stopped watching before the tractor tire, I strongly advise you go back and watch it again >:(

Okay, these last two might not actually be research, but yeah, they're totally researching something.

Thank you, Japan.

News From My Neck Of The Woods

As some of you already know, I am currently commuting back and forth between Portland and Seattle.
So I have decided to link to a couple of posts that talk about each of the cities.

I don't know...

make of it what you will.

Conveniently enough, they are both from Michelle Malkin.

No Turning Back

If this report is true then it looks like we are really in it for the long haul.


There is a whole mess of photos like these over at yahoo.com

Water Jug Baseball

Stupid, but sort of funny.

Video Friday the 13th

For video Friday, I am posting a scene from Jason X. How about a little liquid Nitrogen?

Pretty Awesome.

But should they really be reporting this? I mean, it did happen in Vegas.

Starting A New Thread.

Just wanted to make sure everybody sees this. Maybe the flight attendant got it right after all.


The Tallest Man and the Shortest Man meet. Both from Mongolia.

More Good News On Economy

Ace of Spades

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Unions suck

Unions own the Democratic party. They don't support the party, they own the party, through votes and favors. Don't be fooled. Unions don't care about workers, they care about vote control.

Case in point, they recently released a smear campaign against Giuliani about some 9/11 crap in order to support a Democratic candidate that went to no memorial services. Hillary admits it and defends herself on the grounds that going to memorial services means she's using other people's grief to promote herself.

The smear campaign is just disrespectful, unnecessary, and twisted.

Wait A Minute.

Aren't they supposed to throw you in jail for doing this?

Not The Onion.

Woman calls 911 to report fireworks on July 4. Is laughed at.

All parents take note

Your kid in only cute to you, so shut them up.


Moore Vs. Gupta. It's On!

So, I guess Michael Moore and Dr. Sanjay Gupta squared off on Larry King Live after Moore was on Wolf Blitzenberger or whatever's show. You can check it out on Perez Hilton here because I don't feel like embedding it. According to Perez, Moore has his way with Gupta, but Hollywood loves them some Michael Moore so who knows whether that is true or not. I couldn't really tell you because I can only sit through so much of Moore's big, fat, smug face before my gag reflex becomes overwhelmed.

In Case You Care

Jim Morrison didn't die the way you thought he did. Maybe they can get Val and the gang to shoot an alternative ending for the Doors movie Anniversary edition.

Japanese Tetris

Gameshow fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deficit Falls to $205 Billion

Bush promised to cut the deficit in half by 2009. Looks like he is two years ahead of schedule. Of course the article leaves that little tid-bit out.
Stole this from Ace of Spades HQ

Free Market Must Reign

OK. So I know you guys heard about the chinese toothpaste and pet food incident, but have you heard they executed the ex-head of the food a drug agency? I guess old habits die hard.

Two important lessons can be learned by all this.
1). Competition will cut down on pollutants better than any agency. If you bought Aim toothpaste and it gave you the shits, then you will probably move onto Crest. You will also tell a friend and they will also start using a different product. That simple.
Now I don't know how many different brands of toothpaste are sold in China, but their record hasn't been too stellar lately when it comes to allowing competiton.

2). Agencies can become corrupted. Who do you trust more, the greedy business man who wants your money and will only get it if he provides a safe and useful product, (if he is smart) or the bureaucrat who gains nothing in profit, is on a fixed salary and whose only motivations for doing a good job is a sense of "the common good" or fear of being executed? (Don't answer that) In other words, KEEP GOVT. OUT OF THE MARKET!

Thanks again to fellow ex-Jarras patron for pointing out this story.


Peggy Fennelly sounds like a real joy to be around. Also, like, really? I mean, I'm all about kids learning a lesson and whatnot, but seriously? The cops and judges in York must be bored to shit. It's Maine for crying out loud. How many of these kids are slipping through the cracks?

I Smell Money.

Boy, I hope these people win, cause Best Buy checked my receipt last week. It's obvious that Best Buy discriminates against Polish/English/Germen/French-Canadien Indian/Irishmen like myself. My Polish/English/German/French-Canadien Indian/Irish brothers and I will have to band together on this one.


Old Surgeon General Claims Republicans censored him on everything. Other former Surgeon Genrals claim the same thing happened under Reagan and Clinton. But more than ever under Bush, of course. Seriously, I believe this happens and it sucks, but I'm sure it's happened relatively the same under every modern administration.

Man vs. Wild

If you haven't watched this show on the Discovery Channel yet, you don't know what you're missing. The premise is Bear Grylls, an ex-British Special Forces dude, gets dropped off in remote locations and has to survive until he finds civilization. The best parts are some of the shit he has to eat and when he shows you what to do when, say, you fall into freezing cold water or quicksand. Yeah, he intentionally does these things just to show you what to do if it happens to you. Here's the top ten manliest clips from Man vs. Wild.


Looks like Japanese TV is going to get boring.

Take That, Gun Control!


Season Finale

Sands of Passion.

Bear coming out of hibernation.

I have not paid Russia any attention since, well, forever. This country is considerably more dngerous than Irag or Iran. I'm not crying wolf, but this is an interesting article from my favorite online magazine.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Who needs QuikSCAT, when they've got their crystal ball and good intentions?
Moore Proves His Nuts Haven't Dropped While Squealing On CNN

Moore goes onto say that CNN's reporting on "Sicko" was biased. :-)

Monday, July 09, 2007

Scenes from the "Live Earth" concert.

I also heard there were fun games and activities held at some of the concerts.
Here is a clip.

Either I'm really out of the loop..

or no one really cared.

I hear some concert happened this past weekend. I had no idea it was going on. I saw some news feed this morning and thought: "Didn't this same concert happen like 20 years ago?"

It pretty much seemed like a rehash of LiveAid, or whatever it was called. Phil Collins? Sting? The fad has reached its peek. What is with the left's preoccupation with holding concerts?

LiveAid was such a success, I mean it totally cured world hunger.

And Al just shot his wad. You can only hold events like this once. Each repeat just draws less and less people.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Movie Review

I just got back from seeing Transformers and if that movie doesn't win the new Oscar for Coolest Fucking Movie Ever then there is no justice in the world. I had fanboy chub throughout. Sure, there is some corny shit, but hey, Giant fucking Robots! I forgive.

Worst movie toy ever?

A buddy of mine sent me this. Pretty funny.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cautionary Tales Of Swords.

Thanks, Gorilla Mask. Classic.

It's Kind Of Friday.

So here's a video.

My buddy saw this movie and confirmed just what I thought. Bad story, bad acting, awesome movie.

No Comment From Me

I thought I'd share with you a thread going down on one of the message boards where I work. Be aware that this whole conversation sprouted from someone's e-mail warning everyone that the cops in the beach areas would be enforcing a zero tolerance policy versus lawbreakers tomorrow. I've edited out names and put comments in order.

Shouldn't there always be 0 tolerance for breaking the law? Well, other than Scooter Libby of course.
Scooter did not skate because he did not receive a pardon. A $250,000 fine for not having a perfect memory indicates a zero lack of tolerance to me. Given my memory I'd be 10's of millions in debt at that rate. I'd trade for a drunk in public fine any day.
What was Scooter guilty of?What identity did the president vow to discover?
FYI: one count of obstruction of justice, one count of making false statements to federal investigators, two counts of perjury in his testimony before a grand jury
When we talk about the fact that “our” children today do not take responsibility for their actions, and never have a problem in disavowing doing something – maybe we should be looking at the morality with leadership. That is the trickle down theory in action.

Once again, different set of rules for those in power and those not. Why don’t people get that? Where is the outrage at that?

And yes, Scooter was found guilty. Whether you agree with the original indictment or not, for those of you who don’t get that, it is the rule of law. You can always appeal. Stop this bull about him not being guilty.

For my 2cents - If most people decided to not uphold the law we won’t have a society, end of discussion. You don’t need to look to far in our world today to see what we could be like without rules and laws. Democracy is very fragile. 51% makes it happen. If you are in the minority, you may not like it but at least you have to deal with it. But to say what was he guilty of?

Having worked in the defense community, what I don’t get is why people don’t understand that one of our CIA agents names was released to the public. If anybody else had done that we would be in jail, full stop. This is beyond me. But heck, what do I know. I guess if the ends deserves the means, then it is ok to do anything.

Whew, I feel better now.
I am totally with you on this, Ray. I grew up in Mclean, home of the CIA, and just about everyone worked there. When I was growing up, outing an CIA agent would have been an extremely serious offense, maybe even treason. You could not disclose that your father worked at the CIA. My own father-in-law was a spy and put his life at risk many times. My father worked for Naval Intelligence, but he never told us and I never found out until I was grown up.

Bush has bought the White House to a new low, no doubt.
Not to disagree with the sentiments you express, but to clarify something (which, I think, actually makes your point stronger)…

Our form of government is not a democracy, but a constitutional republic. The basis is not the will/whim of the people but (ostensibly) the rule of law based on the Constitution.
Don't know if the word below was spelled this way on purpose but if it was, I LOVE the thought! Bought or brought, he has done both.

That's all for now, just thought it might interest some. This is pretty much anything you put on our message boards. Selling your car. They can tie that to the war in Iraq. In fact it's easy since your car probably runs on gasoline.

The Bumpersticker

I turned 40 two weeks ago and got some really cool presents. One of them came from my awesome girlfriend. For years I've been saying I want a bumpersticker that reads:

"Welcome to Berkeley, here's your bumpersticker"

Well she had them made for me as one of my presents! I've handed them out to a few friends and they are flying them proudly.

Book Review

I picked up a new book yesterday, written by the creators of Protest Warrior, called "A Field Guide to Left Wing Wackos and What to do About Them." The title is a little childish, but never fear, much of the content is childish as well...and I love it.

The book spends a great deal of time explaining liberal philosophy and history (such as the birth of communism, environmentalism, feminism, etc.), but that isn't the primary focus of the book. Humiliate liberal anit-war protestors would be a more accurate description.

This book will only interest the already converted. If you are one of the converted, then I highly recommend this book.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bud Bochy or Bruce Black, is there a difference?

After having yet again another discussion about Bruce Bochy and the Padres, I decided to do a little research into Bochy's "reputation" to see how fair it is. This discussion is mainly on his two biggest knocks. 1. He platooned too much and never let his starters start. 2. He took starting pitching out to soon. Now the numbers I am about to show you means diddley...probably. But read into it what you will. I compared this Padres team to last years (up to June 30th for both teams). I compared the number of ABs the starters received and the numbers of innings pitched for the starting pitchers. Here is what I found:

2006 Padres - Khalil Greene, Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Cameron, Brian Giles, Dave Roberts, Mike Piazza, Vinny Castilla, Josh Barfield - 1995 total ABs over 80 Games

Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Chan Ho Park, Woody Williams, Clay Hensley - 461 innings pitched over 80 games.

2007 Padres - Khalil Greene, Adrian Gonzalez, Mike Cameron, Brian Giles, Jose Cruz, Josh Bard, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Marcus Giles - 2017 total ABs over 80 games

Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Greg Maddux, David Wells, Justin Germano - 454 innings pitched over 80 games

Now all of you guys can poke holes in this because I did not account for Cameron being hurt last year, or giles this year or woody williams last year or clay hensley this year. Too much time. All I'm saying is the numbers don't look all that different to me.