Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hosanna Pt. 2

Sorry, I just have to link to this post over on Hot Air.

When I watched that Obama loving, children brainwashing song, I also had the same reaction and thoughts of the Hot Air author.

Just plain creepy and very scary.

McCain And Palin Give Couric The Ole One, Two

Loved every second of it.

Now compare what McCain/Palin have to go through with the media
To what Obama has to go through. (you are going to barf)

If McCain Wins, He Should Give Bill A Cabinet Position

Spike Lee: The Purveyor Of Truth

Remember when Spike Lee was like, "Clint Eastwood's WWII movies are racist! There are no black people in them! They are historically inaccurate! By the way, I am big dummy and a dickhead and I have no idea why anyone watches my stupid movies to begin with or why my opinion even matters!" Remember when he said those things?
What comes around goes around.

Aren't Lefties Supposed To Be "The Artists"?

Southside Chicago Tavern hangs a painting of Palin.
And it sucks.
"...daughter, who does a good impression of the Alaska governor, served as model."
They even had a model? That makes it suck even more.
I was hoping it was going to be good one. Vargas style or something like that, but this is a waste of paint. Too bad, missed opportunity.

Garotzuva Has Gone Too Far

Cutback on alcohol, sweets and chocolates? I say let the world burn.


I'm beating a dead horse with this post

Monday, September 29, 2008


...and funny. This part about the original Friday the 13th is gold:

It wasn't just a more innocent time at the movie theater. As a country, we just didn't really give a shit about anything in the 80s. Smoking laws were more relaxed, seat belts weren't mandatory, and a little up-and-comer named crack cocaine was poking its twitchy little head around the corner. It was a simpler time, when a woman could say "My son drowned because your counselors were off having sex " and the owners of the camp could respond "Yeah, I hear ya lady. But seriously, eat shit. Camp stays open."

Essie Mae & Bernie Mac

Is racism still an issue?
I say yes. I do believe there is racism in this country.
I see it when I read that 96% of blacks are voting for Obama.
I see it when the former CEO of Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines (a black man and Obama's economic advisor), is in the middle of a race baiting controversy.
Or when I watch this video of the 2004 Democratic party tell us there is no problem with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and that Raines was doing a fine job.

There is racism in this campaign but I don't think we should be looking at the Republicans or the McCain camp.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Won The Debate?

Yesterday the Drudge Report and MSNBC both conducted Polls to see who won the Debate between McCain and Obama. Drudge had over 400,000 voters with 68% going to McCain and 30% going to Obama.
MSNBC had over 850,000 voters with 52% going to Obama and 34% going to McCain.

So what is the deal here? Well it looks as though 94% of the people voting on Drudge came from the U.S. while 6% of the voters were from foreign countries.
MSNBC, on the other hand, had a situation where 21% of the voters were from the U.S. and 79% were from foreign countries. (no shock that rest of world wants Obama as our President)

You can find out more here at Deaf Republicans.

Deaf Republicans combined the total amount of U.S. voters from Drudge with the total amount of U.S. voters from MSNBC and came up with these numbers below.

"McCain: 261,233 + 62,444 = 323,677 Americans who think John McCain won the debate.
Obama: 115,769 + 95,504 = 211,273 Americans who think Barack Hussein Obama won the debate.
With the combined tally results from both Drudge and MSNBC online poll results perhaps we can safely say that McCain won the debate decisevly in a landslide fashion with him capturing 61% of the total online poll votes!!"

On the other hand Rasmussen has the debate at a virtual tie
And USAToday/Gallup has it with an Obama lead
Zogby has Obama by a nose

For my part, I say McCain had to not look old (which he did)
And Captain Know Nothing, Do Nothing needed to look presidential (I guess he did)
Overall I thought McCain beat his ass, but whatever, what else would I think, right?

Palin needs to do well against Biden and though I'm confident that she can handle him, I still have to face the facts. The Sheen is off.
She will need to kick-butt.
I know SNL is in the tank for Obama/Biden (don't expect them to do a joke about this) most people wont see it that way and Republicans can't complain because it will just seem like sour grapes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cobra C.L.A.W.

G.I. Joe was way ahead of their time.
Throw some missiles on this baby and you got yourself a keeper.

Friday Video

Today's friday video was an easy one to pick.


Sorry to be vulgar, but that is the only word I can think of to describe this.
Mucho respect!

Friday Fun.

Find the #1 song on the Billboard charts for the day you were born. Yours truly? My Ding-A-Ling by Chuck Berry. Beat that! Also, I feel very old.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Taking A Break From Politics

At least for a little while.
Lets hear something nice instead.

O'Reilly Calls Out Both Sides Of The Aisle

He really freaks out. Blames both the right and the left for being idiots.
Kinda like it.

I Agree!

This woman is right. The best way to learn from history is to pretend it never happened. You know, for the children.

NYT Crossword Puzzle. Obama Frquent Answer, McCain Never.

I don't mind if NYTimes or the LATimes are liberal newspapers. Talk radio is mostly conservative and I like that, but the difference is, is that talk radio will admit their right leanings. Newspapers like NYT and LAT never come clean. They try an act as if they are objective when they are not.

Here is another example of who it is exactly that reads these papers and who writes these papers.
It is a small example, but I am a firm believer that you can learn a lot through pop-culture.

Clinton To The Rescue UPDATE:

UPDATE: Bill Clinton: I'll campaign for Obama 'after the Jewish holidays'

What's The Big Deal?

They already do this for their Muslim prison inmates.

This Could Hurt.

McCAin cancelled on Letterman. This is pretty funny. Long video, but basically McCain called Letterman and Cancelled saying he had to jet back to Washington and deal with the economy. then, during Dave's show taping, word comes over that McCain is down the street doing an interview with Katie Couric.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CNN Finally Reporting The Whole Story

CNN was all to happy to drive home the point that Palin was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it, but they ignored the part about how Biden and Obama both voted for the bridge, twice. Better late then never, I guess.

He Says He Is An Obama Supporter

But he is really on our side. He doesn't have much to say about Obama and rarely smiles when speaking about him, but watch what happens when he speaks about Todd Palin. The man practically gives him a tongue bath.
All gush and all smiles.
(by the way, drink everytime Clinton says "I" or "me")

Now read what this spazoid lib has to say about it. Very funny.

The Contrast Is Stark

ALL the Republicans voted for it.
ALL the Democrats voted against it.

Read report here
If the McCain camp is right, looks though NYTimes is doing Obama's job for him. Smear McCain
Plus, one poll has Obama with his first real lead. 9 points, which covers the margin of error.
Shit Balls!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Have fun!

Victory on Offshore Drilling?


Uh...Well...Hooo-boy. Yeah.

A break from election stuff here.

Joe Biden: The Man Who Keeps On Giving

All candidates make gaffes, but Biden appears to be topping 'em all with this doozy.
"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed,"

"As Reason's Jesse Walker footnotes it: "And if you owned an experimental TV set in 1929, you would have seen him. And you would have said to yourself, 'Who is that guy? What happened to President Hoover?'"

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Democrat hero, time traveler and T.V. Pioneer.

Palin Showing That She Has Better 'Foreign Policy' Judgment Than Democrats. Meeting With Our Allies, Not Our Enemies

While Obama says he will meet with men like Hugo "Moe" Chavez without preconditions,
(The same chiflado who had this to say recently)

"democrats dodged President Uribe this week in Washington, Palin was eager to meet the great Colombian leader."
Hmmmm isn't Colombia right next door to and no friend of Venezuela?

Two More Reasons I'm Looking Forward To Palin/Jindal '12

Palin's image of Garotzuva?

Palin wants drilling in ANWR
and has her doubts about Garotzuva.

NPR Asks The Tough Questions

I'm sure most of you know by now that Sarah Palin was once invited to speak at a rally to protest Ahmadinejad and then was disinvited shortly afterward. Apparently Hillary planned on attending the rally as well, but opted out after she caught word that Palin was also attending the rally. Obama and Biden both refused to attend. (another example that Democrat's calls for bringing Americans together and working with others across the aisle or their belief in solidarity is B.S. Also, another example that liberals hate conservatives more than they hate crazy dictators) After Hillary said she wouldn't attend, Palin was asked not attend.
Want to learn why? read this.
Palin was to give a terrific speech which you can read here. Please read it. You will love every word.
Ironically, Palin had this to say inside her speech
"Senator Clinton understands the nature of this threat and what we must do
to confront it. This is an issue that should unite all Americans. Iran should
not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. Period. And in a single voice, we
must be loud enough for the whole world to hear: Stop Iran!"

Clearly Clinton does not understand the nature of this threat. And as I said before, Clinton is more interested in stopping Republicans than she is in stopping Iran.

Now onto NPR
Looks as if they had a sitdown with Ahmadinejad.
One question they asked of him was whether Wack-Job liked the Beatles or Led Zeppelin
I'm not kidding.

Biden Can't Get His Stories Straight

Biden, another example of Obama's bad judgment, can't seem stay on the same page as Obama.

Congress Writing Bill In Secret

Clinton asks for bigger govt. by returning to "Great Depression type entity."

Silence Of The Lambs: The Musical

Here is the link

Home Depot Ad?

Ka-Pow and I went to a party a 3 months back and while we were sitting in the backyard, one of her friends told us a story about how a friend of a friend of a friend of hers had an unfortunate accident with her new boyfriends toilet.
The story was so gross and so out there that my Bullshit alarm was firing on full tilt.

Now here we are, 3 months later and Ka-POW sends this video to my e-mail titled "Home Depot Ad" and what do you know, it is the exact some story. EXACTLY THE SAME STORY!
But I coudln't embed the video from my e-mail and so I went to youtube, but the description on youtube says nothing about it being a home depot ad and claims that it is a true story. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Built For Speed!

The New Chevy Volt.
Slower than this video.

Hen Pecked Men Earn Less

The article is actually titled Men with sexist views 'earn more' but I like my title better.
Predictably, the article is so vague and full of holes, like a woman, that the point will be lost on you, like a woman.

Oh shit! I'm dead now!

PDS - Palin Derangement Syndrome

Has eclipsed BDS - Bush Derangement Syndrome
And Hollywood has it in spades
Political digs slipped into Emmys
"So if anybody can help me be done playing this lady Nov. 5, that would be good for me."
'Saturday Night Live' skit suggests Sarah's husband guilty of incest

McCain Is Making A Push For California

And people are beginning to volunteer. McCain has 50 offices throughout California, which has surprised many and made the Dems nervous. Take back our Reagan state by volunteering.

For those of you in San Diego:
5703 Oberlin,Suite 100
San Diego, CA
(858) 450-4600

The Central Coast:
1171 Toro St. Suite A
San Luis Obispo, CA
(805) 541-4010

East Bay:
1039 MacArthur Boulevard
San Leandro, CA
Phone: 510-638-3414
Fax: 510-638-1070


800 S. Broadway,Ste 102
Walnut Creek, CA
(925) 930-9551

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The New Messiah?

We joked about the number of people who showed for Obama's rally here in Portland. It was the biggest showing at that time with 70,000+.
Well 60,000 showed up for Palin in Florida
Hmmmm a new cult of personality?
My bias says, of course not. Portland is the Borg collective with very few Republicans. I don't know if Oregon has ever voted for a Republican, while Florida is a battleground state 6 times the population of Oregon. I say she just rallied a Republican base that is becoming more concerned about an Obama presidency.
Ahhh, who am I foolin
It is more likely that people are again geeked over another "celebrity" candidate.

How The Padres Haze Their Rookies

I'm sure this was Giles' idea.
Thanks to my buddy, The Kipper.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Two More Has-Beens Sound Off

Woody Allen "It would be a disgrace and a humiliation if Barack Obama does not win,"
Sandra Bernhard "Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers"

Maybe Woody Allen isn't a has-been, but I'm not certain and I didn't want to feel MC's wrath by falsely calling him a celebrity

One More Step

IRAQ: A door opens for women
As ace of spades puts it
"Women voting? Women cops? Travesty! What would the world be coming to if Iraq turned into some sort of Muslim vanguard for social progress?"

This Killed Me

Mark Levin explains what happened with FM/FM

Who Says Dems And Republicans Can't Come Together?

When it came to bailing out AIG, I'm sure the two parties were in full agreement. I wonder why?
"Twenty-seven lawmakers owned stock in AIG last year, worth between $6.4 million and $20 million."
Good thing lawmakers have control over the people's purse strings or that might have been a close one.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Update On Bottled Water Deal.

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted that a group of people at my work were trying to remove bottled water from our vending machines and conference rooms in the name of conservation, and I treated you to a typical e-mail from one of my hippy co-workers. Today there are new signs that just went up in our breakrooms encouraging people to drink our filtered water out of mugs instead of using bottled water. The signs show a graphic of a generic water bottle filled 1/3 full of oil and it is accompanied by the poorly worded message "Every Bottle of water you drink uses this much Oil per Bottle." Aside from being redundant, I'm pretty sure that's a lie. I mean, where do they get this? Is that the amount of oil it takes to make a bottle's worth of plastic? to run the machine that makes the bottles? Seems a bit much. And seriously, I'm going to need you to master the English language before I start following your lead. Just wanted to pass this along.

Blacks Against Obama

What most of the signs read

Video Friday - Europe and Latin America Flock Here For Healthcare

Well Duh. Mr. Moore and those wishing for government healthcare can kiss quality healthcare goodbye if they win. Is the FM/FM debacle not enough proof??

From PBS Even

Friday Video

Having a tough day
And this video helped

Considering Everything That Is Going On In This Country

I hope someone slaps this woman. You are wasting our Fucking Time, lady! Shut up and sit down before someone notices you.

What Your Name Would Be If Sarah Palin Was Your Mother

I'm Barrel McRaven Palin
Your name changes if you include or don't include your middle name

I Am Going To Say It And I Don't Care

Hitler was a socialist who destroyed his opponents.
The German media was controlled by Nazis.
Obama's digital brownshirts.

Proof Positive that NO Party Understands Capitalism

If they really wanted to make a drastic move, they would execute the federal reserve and get rid of this bullshit paper "make as much as you want" money!!! This is not aimed at Bush , so relas Blogust. It is just proof positive that Socialism is alive and well in the Republican party too!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anyone else just a little bit curious to know a little more about the assistant principal? Just checking.

Good Stuff.

Here's a good barometer.

A Perfect Example...

...of there being two sides to every story. When you start to read this article, your first thought is "How could they do that to those poor, poor people." Then you get to the former Senator's comments and you're like, "Oh, yeah. that does make sense." It reminds me of when they decided to widen the boardwalks down here in San Diego. For years they allowed homeowners on the beach to use city land with the understanding that it could be taken back at any time. When they finally decided to widen the boardwalks (much needed, btw.) they took it back and all the homeowners cried foul and filed suits and wept to the media because they could keep their free patios. So they got us all back by banning booze on the beach. A-holes.

Republicans Are Cowards!

And liberals are too stupid to be scared of a big spider on their face. Enjoy this steaming bowl of horseshit.

Here's To Hoping

Republican, William Russell, is taking on fat head, Jack Murtha, for the rep. seat

And Jeff Beatty is taking on John Kerry. Let's hope for a couple of upsets.

Bring out the swiftboat

NABBED!!! UPDATE: Associated Press Refuses To Give Up E-mails To Secret Services

(Mmmmm, the good ol' days)

Looks like they might have found out who hacked into Palin's e-mail, and what do you know, his father is a Democratic state representative in Tennessee.

The mind of a liberal:
Wiretapping phones of terrorists calling outside the country = invasion of privacy
Hacking into an opponents personal e-mail who doesn't tow the liberal line = Hero

Reminds of when the Milwaukee 5 slashed the tires of Republican opponents

UPDATE: "And yet they are, as of last notice, still not complying with the Secret Service's request for the emails, despite the emails being evidence of a federal crime."

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

You guessed it, Democrat Leadership.
Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected
a Republican mayor since 1961;
Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;
Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… since 1984;
Cleveland, OH (4th)… since 1989;
Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
St. Louis, MO (6th)…. since 1949;
El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;
Milwaukee, WI (8th)… since 1908;
Philadelphia, PA (9th)… since 1952;
Newark, NJ(10th)… since 1907.

Now read Glenn Beck's comentary

More From America's Hat

OK, OK, it may not be fair to say that "all Democrats", or "all lefties are this malicious, but it is fair to say that Liberalism, by definition, no matter what country it is from, despises and fears opposition.

Case in point, Obama's idea of hope, change and coming together means "Argue, Get In Their Face!" Very long speech. Go to 24:50

UPDATE: Another case in point

Two Big Time Hillary Supporters Jump To McCain

When the flood gates opened and big time Democrats started supporting Obama, it seemed that Hillary couldn't stop the momentum.
Is the same happening for McCain?
Clinton fundraiser Lynn Forester de Rothschild backs McCain over Obama
Trump endorses McCain on Larry King

"Japan's Hillary"

Read about Yuriko Koike

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Boobs On Blogust

Feeding her child, as well as, feeding the Swiss
Here is the report


An Article By Michael Medved


You'd think MC would have posted this before me. :-)

Thanks to Ms. Boom!

The Housing Mess, Kinda, Sorta Explained

Here is an article that sums it all up pretty well, and does a pretty good job of just explaining and not blaming. Though this quote pretty much sums up my feelings. They don't mention that the likes of Barney Frank made it a point to promote this kind of risky lending:

"Faced with this demand, lenders starting making more loans to riskier borrowers, including people who might not be able to afford their mortgage payments in the future and even many with no proof of income.

When prices were rising, this wasn't a problem. The risk of loan foreclosure or default was limited because many homeowners were able to sell their house for more than they owed and make a profit.

But once prices topped out and began falling, loan defaults and foreclosures started shooting higher as homeowners found it more difficult to sell their house. This created problems not just for subprime borrowers but even for those with good credit and income."

No worries, there's very little risk.... I mean they can just sell their house if they need the money. Which would make them, what? Homeless?????????

Another Epic School Fail.

Common sense continues to wither and die.

The Congress Is Being Run By Crazies, I Mean, Democrats! UPDATE: No Oil for Blood

Here is Senate Majority saying "No one knows what to do" when talking about the economy.
"So we'll do this" is essentially what he said next by proposing

"In the short run, Democrats are trying to push through a second stimulus package with funding for infrastructure improvements, renewable energy tax credits and other things...
(and other things? What is this, a Spongebob cartoon?
"I've learned that no ammount of mermaid magic, or managerial promotion, or some other third thing... " - spongebob - look to video below for relevance).
...But all agree it will be up to the next President and Congress to do any re-regulation."

Bravo! another stimulus package? Now I can by Rock Band II.

As for a new energy bill, well read what is in the works.
the bill would "stifle development" of offshore energy resources by essentially making permanent drilling bans within the 50-mile coastal buffer, while imposing new taxes on the largest oil companies.

Looks like we wont be getting a new energy bill until after the election either.

UPDATE: No Oil For Blood
Senators Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, and Claire McCaskill wrote a letter to Secretary of State Rice asking her "to persuade the GOI [Government of Iraq] to refrain from signing contracts with multinational oil companies until a hydrocarbon law is in effect in Iraq." The Bush administration wisely refused to do so, but the resulting media hooraw in Iraq led to the cancellation of the contracts, and helps to explain why Iraq is doing oil deals instead with China.

More Lindsay Lohan Political News

Here is something you might not have guessed.

"John McCain has weighed in over Barack Obama's reported slap in the face to Lindsay Lohan. The Chicago Sun-Times quotes an unnamed high-level Barack source who says they rejected Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for the McCain campaign tells TMZ, "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

How Long Until We Follow Suit?

I'm really beginning to think we should put the UK out of their misery.

UPDATE: Obama Undermines Own Country, Media Ignores It; Why?

Here is the article

Obama 2nd On The List Of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Campaign Contributions

Sandwiched between two Democrats, Chirs Dodd and John Kerry, Obama was 2nd on the list ( $126,349) on taking campaign contributions from FM/FM. How is this so? Obama has only been in office for 4 years and hasn't done anything to speak of. How did he become so popular?

Also, Bush, McCain Tried To Reform Freddie Mac

September 11, 2003

The Bush administration today recommended the most significant regulatory overhaul in the housing finance industry since the savings and loan crisis a decade ago.

Under the plan, disclosed at a Congressional hearing today, a new agency would be created within the Treasury Department to assume supervision of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored companies that are the two largest players in the mortgage lending industry.....

.... ”These two entities — Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” said Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the ranking Democrat on the Financial Services Committee. ”The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

McCain’s attempt to fix Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in 2005

Hollywood Sups Their $28,000.00 Vittles

Such a high price tag, but it still didn't pay for all of it. Wanting the entire package the Hollywood elites had to pay an extra $2,500.00 to hear Babs sing
So you can imagine their surprise when someone else hit the stage.
Oldie, but still a goody

Oh well, Babs is look pretty hagged out and so I am sure no one really noticed.

As for Obama, more than likely he wowed the audience. Lets face it, Obama is one of them. Star power and total contempt for the average American. Read what Obama said to Planned Parenthood about a year ago. If that doesn't sound like a quote from the L.A. Elite then I don't know what does...
"The one thing that I want to insist on is that, as I travel around the country, the American people are a decent people. Now they get confused sometimes. You know, they listen to the wrong talk radio shows or watch the wrong TV networks, um, but they’re, they’re basically decent, they’re basically sound."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If This Is True Then This Is A Very Big Deal

A must read.
"Despite his insistent demands for a rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama secretly urged Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement that would lead to a draw down in troop numbers."

So Obama, who is not elected as President, tried to undermine the current elected Administration. Talk about power getting to your head. That is just incredible.

Looks like McCain is not going to let it lie. Good!

"At this point, it is not yet clear what official American negotiations Senator Obama tried to undermine with Iraqi leaders, but the possibility of such actions is unprecedented. It should be concerning to all that he reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the US administration in power. If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas. Senator Obama needs to reveal what he said to Iraq's Foreign Minister during their closed door meeting. The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment and it demands an explanation."

UPDATE: Here is the NYPost Article that came out today

He Probably Thinks It Was All Worth It

If a wizard, or a Genie, or whatever came forward and said he will grant you 86 wives ( I'm talking to the men, of course) and 107 children, but that in return you will have to be arrested at the age of 84 where your punishment is unclear. All you know is that the court is being run by a bunch of crazy Muslims who may bring down crazy Muslim justice on your head. Would you take it?
You don't need to answer that

I Have Nothing To Say

Except I really enjoyed reading this.

UPDATE: Now this is what I call pandering and it reads like an onion article to boot.
“Check out the Believers for Barack, Pro-Family Pro-Obama, and Catholics for Obama buttons, bumper stickers and signs….”
I love how they tie the Republicans into this article as if both parties pander in the same way to gain the Catholic vote. Completely dismissing the key reason many Catholics vote Republican to begin with... the abortion debate.


I'm, uh-what?!

Exciting Stuff!

Disney Lab Unveils Its Latest Line Of Genetically Engineered Child Stars

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lohan's Entire Blog Post...

...with a little help from her girlfriend. This sort of thing should send only one message to the people. "You don't have to be all that bright to be an actor...or whatever it is she is."

"I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin.
I couldn't be more supportive of a woman in office, but let's face it, it comes down to the person, and their beliefs, male or female.
Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Or even to have a child out of wedlock?
I find it quite interesting that a woman who now is running to be second in command of the United States, only 4 years ago had aspirations to be a television anchor. Which is probably all she is qualified to be... Also interesting that she got her passport in 2006.. And that she is not fond of environmental protection considering she's FOR drilling for oil in some of our protected land.... Well hey, if she wants to drill for oil, she should DO IT IN HER OWN backyard. This really shows me her complete lack of real preparation to become the second most powerful person in this country.
Hmmmm-All of this gets me going-Fear, Anxiety, Concern, Disappointment, and Stress come into play...
Is our country so divided that the Republicans best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe?
I know that the most important thing about this election is that people need to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their choice... I would have liked to have remained impartial, however I am afraid that the "lipstick on a pig" comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president...
Palin's Desire to "save and convert the gays"-really??
I feel it's necessary for me to clarify that I am not against Sarah Palin as a mother or woman.
Women have come a long way in the fight to have the choice over what we do with our bodies... And its frightening to see that a woman in 2008 would negate all of that.
Oh, and...Hint Hint Pali Pal- Don't pose for anymore tabloid covers, you're not a celebrity, you're running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY!
And in the words of Pamela Anderson, "She can suck it"..
Lindsay- "I have faith that this country will be all that it can be with the proper guidance. I really hope that all of you make your decisions based on the facts and what feels right to you in your heart-vote for obama!"
Samantha- "I love this country- however i wasn't born here and don't have the right to vote- so i beg of you all to really do your research and be educated when you cast your vote this coming november.... and if you're in doubt- vote for obama! Mainly because if she gets elected my green card probably won't get renewed!!!"

My favorite part is where she tells Palin not to pose for tabloid mags because she's not a celebrity. Yeah, what kind of politician goes around acting like a celebrity? I'd never want to vote for someone like that.

Wow! Blogging About The Chargers.

Over at Ace Of Spades HQ, people are freaking out over how The Chargers got screwed yesterday. Can't believe that so many people outside of San Diego are talking about The Chargers with such passion. I'm impressed.

How Right You Are About The UK, BVM...

...How right you are.

Maybe They Were Onto Something

I've heard from feminists in the past that the world would be better off if women were to run it and that in fact, someday, they will run it. Were they right?
Amazonia here we come
or is it Lesbos here we come?... ahhhh just kidding. Had to put a dig in there somewhere.

Roger Ebert, Lindsy Lohan, Gina Gershon...

...The hits keep coming from a very scared, very pissed and very liberal Hollywood.
How many celebrities is that now?

Rumor Or Fact? Biden To Step Down Citing Health, Opening Door For Hillary

"Sometime after October 5th Joe Biden will step down from being Barry Insane’s VP running mate citing health reasons, more than likely an aneurysm. The reason for the date is that there will be a VP debate in October 2nd, and they want Biden to handle that."
Read this

I hope this remains a rumor and that I am wrong about Hilllary joining the ticket, but if not, I think the Dems will be that much tougher.

UPDATE: Just in case you guys forgot how awesome I am.

Michael Yon On Jihadikiller

Want to hear the latest updates on Afghanistan then click here.

Chevy Chase Upset With Tina Fey's Peformance

'I Want Her to Decimate This Woman' is what Chevy wanted, but alas, she didn't and he is a dick. An unfunny dick mind you. He was once funny, but that hasn't been the case since... ummm... Christmas Vacation? Some say it was Vegas Vacation, but lets face it, if it weren't for Ethan Embry as Rusty or that low budget casino scene, Vegas Vacation would have offered nothing at all. Besides, Chevy Chase sucked in that movie anyway.
As for SNL skit, I thought it was pretty good. If McCain/Palin win, looks like Fey will never have to worry about work, at least, not for the next 4 years.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goin' Veggie Shrinks The Brain

I say your brain already shrunk if you are willing to give up on the oh so delicious meat products. Life is short and vegetables suck, so there.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Signs Of A Flailing Campaign

Obama is out of answers, and so what is he doing about it? Well it appears he is ripping ideas from the news media and from political cartoons.

Glenn Beck points out that Olbermann gave Obama a bit of advice to work against McCain and it seems that Obama took it to heart.

OLBERMANN: At your convention, maybe the most compelling speech in Denver was that one strongly voiced word, "Enough." A lot of people who have felt angry about what's been done to this country in the last seven or eight years have that same sense of urgency and simplicity to it. Have you thought of using on the campaign trail and in your speaking engagements more exclamation points? Have you thought of getting angrier?

Now read the words of Obama when responding to the "lipstick on a pig" comment

OBAMA: Because then we go another year or another four years or another eight years without addressing the issues that matter to you. Enough!

Now check out this cartoon from Sept. 5th. Obama almost echoes it word for word.

John McCain says he's about change too. Exce- and and so I guess his whole angle is - watch out, George Bush - except for economic policy, healthcare policy, tax policy, education policy, foreign policy, and Karl-Rove-style politics, we're really gonna shake things up in Washington.
That's not change.
That's that's just callin' sumpin' the same thing somethin' different.
But you know, you can't, you know, you you can put, ah, lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What A Fucking Farce!

This is sick. For the judge to clear these people by referring to that law is a stretch. Nothing they did seems to have actually impeded the ability of the plant to operate. It's simple vandalism. That judge has an obvious agenda and that is to set a dangerous precedent. Now people will be lobbing hand grenades at coal-fired plants. Stupid plant should have left the graffiti in place until they were prosecuted. UK is fucked.

Video Friday

Buck Fush

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Merchandise Market Close To Collapse

Why Would He Go On That Stupid Show?

McCain Gets Grilled on ‘The View’ Over Palin
I wont watch his appearance, but I'm sure this video pretty much sums it up.

Now That Is What I'm Talking About

Finally, after all this time, we have a brave elementary school teacher who has the courage to expose Islamicfascism for the evil and vile ideology it is. Not afraid to inform her students about the warning signs when around islamofascism, what sorta bombs to look for when confronting islamofascism and not at all afraid to look islamofascism straight in the eye and say, "Hey! You want to blow us up? Well just go on and try it, Mister!"

No wait, this is bad.
Too bad we now have to listen to CAIR whine about it. The teacher should be fired on that alone.

Hollywood In A Panic

or celebrity or whatever. I don't know if Pam Anderson considered apart of hollywood, or just a celebrity, but she sure isn't mincing words when it comes to Palin

Why can't you stand her, Pam, does she represent everything you are not? Me thinks so.

UPDATE: Not all of Holllywood in a panic.

The Palin Effect

Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did Anyone Know About This?

Does anyone know if "Yes we can!" came from this?
Oh please say it did.

God Bless President Bush

(I love this photo of him holding the flag upside down.)
Mr. President, you made it interesting
What is a President's #1 job? Anyone?
Is it public education? Is it health care? Medicare? Medicaid? Social Security? Taxes? Corporate Bailouts? Minimum wage? Welfare? Powder our bottoms? What?

The #1 job of any and all Presidents is to keep Americans and America safe from domestic and foreign attacks.
A++ to this President

Now what do all these dates have in common?
December 2001, May 2002, September 2002, May 2003, June 2003, August 2004, August 2004, August 2004, June 2005, August 2005, December 2005, February 2006, April 2006, June 2006, July 2006, August 2006, March 2007, May 2007, June 2007, September 2007
Read this to find out

UPDATE: Bush 7 Terrorists 0 by Ann Coulter

This Is Just Awesome

Awesome VP. Awesome wife.

Oh, Good.

I was really starting to miss this jerk-off.

Seriously, ABC News?

This is an outstanding article about how women in the military are constantly raped. Over and over again. This is not at all one of the most misleading quotes ever:

"A woman who signs up to protect her country is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire," said Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA),...

Also, sexual assault is what exactly? Rape? A slap on the ass? I need to know the criteria before I disband our Armed Forces on this one,.


Here is the statement
"Earlier in the summer, Boy George released a song "for" Obama called "Yes, We Can." Nobody really noticed, but now there's an official video for the song.."
and here is the video

Just Keep Talking, You Dummy

Doesn't this qoute from Obama
"Keep in mind, technically, had I meant it this way, [Palin] would be the
lipstick. The failed policies of John McCain would be the pig, just following
the logic of this illogical situation,"

kinda remind you of when O.J. said something like, "I didn't murder them white people, but here is how I would have done it."

It is like he wants to admit that he meant what he said, but instead of coming out and saying, "I called Palin a pig" or "McCain's policies a pig and her the lipstick" or whatever... Instead he chooses to imply it. What I see going through his mind is, "I am only speaking hyopthetically when talking about this whole lipstick business. I should just try to drop the subject all together, but I just can't seem to."

Everyday Is One Step Closer To Socialism

Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac... What's next? Lehman Bros.? or The Big Three Automakers? I recognize that the dollar strengthened when the govt. bailed out Fannie and Freddie, but this isn't how it is supposed to work. We are on the path to Socialism and I don't like it.

Kissing The Godfather's Ring?

Just got this off the CNN Political ticker
Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama are at Ground Zero for a ceremony to mark the 7th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Both candidates later speak at the Service Nation Summit Presidential Candidates Forum at Columbia University. Earlier in the day, Sen. Obama has a working lunch with Former President Bill Clinton.

It's Called Conservation, Stupid American!

There's a big push to remove bottled water from the vending machines and conference refrigerators here where I work in the name of conservation and saving the planet and whatnot. Now, I don't really care one way or another and I certainly support conservation for the sake of conservation, but these people never cease to amaze me with their smuggery. One person-who was not opposed to the idea I have to stress-pondered what the environmental impact would be using water bottles, compared to the other options suggested (glass or cremaicware which would need chemical washing or paper cups which would also likely end up in landfills.). Here was the reply from one forum submitter:

Sure, we could get into the semantics of pro vs. con for every step of the process (using water in times of scarceness, chemicals, bacteria, etc.), but we should be addressing 2 issues that affect our environment.
1. Reducing waste that goes to the landfills. I see that ******* has a recycling program, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t know where that money goes too, but I would think it goes back into the service of providing free bottled water and soda to the employees.

2. The other issue is what can ******* do to reduce greenhouse gases? Production and transportation of the bottled water more than cancels the environmental benefit of any recycling, manufacturer to the distributor, then from the distributor to EACH of ******** buildings. I think mention should be made here of the amount of electricity expended in running the number of vending machines on each floor at ********.

Americans are spoiled. Or I should say, people that live in America. They like things the way they are accustomed to. They like to have what they want (conveniently), and they don't want to sacrifice. They've never had to sacrifice much, and change is discomforting. And they don't want anyone suggesting that they change their ways. I remember when I was a kid, we used to drink out of the garden house while we played outside (yes, I did say played outside). We used the tap, with a water filter. So I guess what people are trying to say is, the government does not regulate our tap water to be safe or clean enough for consumption by millions of people, so we need to drink purified water? Well, most watered bottled is from the same source.

And we should definitely get rid of the paper cups.

I love the use of the word "semantics" right out of the gate to put the uneducated masses on their heels. Such a smart sounding word. And since when is wanting things to be convenient such a bad thing? But what else? Let's see:

Completely disregarding the person's concerns? Check!
Purporting to be an expert on every aspect of recycling, including production and finance? Check!
Attacking the Ugly Americans and their lack of hardship or sacrifice? Check!
Attacking the intelligence of the Ugly Americans? You bet!

Great stuff. All day every day for me here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here It Comes

Biden says Hillary would have been a better pick. I am waiting for the moment when he says "she is now taking my place", but at least we are one step closer.

Which Side Is Really The Crazy One Over The Whole Abortion Issue

I don't normally comment on this blog about abortion. It is a hot button issue that has been argued to death and so I try to keep my solutions and opinions firmly locked in my head, that is, unless we talk about it one on one.

But it is clearly an issue that to many people, both Republicans and Democrats, is solely responsible for their choice of candidate. So they have battles about it back and forth.... back and forth... back and forth...

Now it appears that Democrat, Carol Fowler, has gone one step further and turned this argument into a weapon. And you can probably guess who she used it against.
Alright, alright, don't guess. I'll just tell you. It was used against Sarah Palin. I know, what a shocker.

Here is what she said.
“Palin’s primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”

Oh man, they are scared. Oh man, oh man, oh man, they are scared. When that is the best that chairwoman can think of then you know they don't have anything on her yet and they are reaching.

Just As Good As MC's Last Post

But better.
Are you scared yet?


Gotta love it.

This Really Bums Me Out.

I really like Matt Damon's movies for the most part, so by extension, I really want to like him as a person. Too bad this is some of the most vile bullshit I have ever heard!

For real? The actuary tables say there's a "good chance" that McCain won't survive his first term of office and that soccer mom Sarah Palin will have to square off against the likes of Vladmir Putin. News flash, dipshit, if Obama wins hten there is a 100% chance that that unqualified candidate will have to square off with the likes of Putin. All while representing from a party with a history of weak, limp-wristed foreign policy. What could be more terrifying than that?

And the dinosaur crack? I'm no creationist, but what in the world does that have to do with nuclear codes? I have no problem putting the nuclear codes in the hands of a person of faith. But this speaks to the entire core of beliefs of liberal Hollywood. That A)anyone who believes differently than me is craaaazy and B)the Catholics are still out to kill or convert the world so they can't be trusted with weapons of mass distruction! It's the crusades all over again! What an asshole.


Good stuff.

Ahh, The Onion.


Obama's Corner

I almost gave up on talking about this whole Lipstick on a Pig comment after Barack said, "Spare me the phony outrage"

I thought to myself "what is the use?... To the average voter, it will just seem like the same old back and forth B.S. that people accuse both Republicans and Democrats of doing. Why waste my time?" But as I thought about it further, it isn't Republicans and Democrats. It's Barack Obama. He is in a league of his own and he is juvenile.

But instead of further stating my own opinions about the situation, I think I will quote some of my favorites that I've read today.

'What if McCain said, "If you put a pantsuit on a Pig... then it is still a Pig."' - heard that on the Laura Ingraham show

"When Obama denies having targeted Palin, keep in mind that everyone instantly made the connection." - Hugh Hewitt

'Wasn't it Obama who said words matter by constantly repeating "Just Words? Just Words?"' - couldn't find the link but I read that in a comments box.

And my favorite one in response to Obama's comment "Phony outrage"
"Yo, Barry, how about spare us your whole phony self?" - Bashman at Patdollard.com

Last but not least, straight from the pigs mouth
“I hope you guys are up for a fight. I hope you guys are game because I haven’t been putting up with 19 months of airplanes and hotel food and missing my babies and my wife – I didn’t put up for that stuff just to come in second,” he said. “I don’t believe in coming in second. The American people can’t afford for us to come in second.” - Barack Obama

In case you missed it, here is the video. Notice the audience laughing half way through the supposed "phony outrage."

What? We're Not Dead?

Big Bang experiment complete.

Clarence Thomas Has It Right

Do I care if we ever have a black president serve in this country? Not really, but then again I wouldn't care if we had only black presidents serve from now 'til the end of time. I only care about a candidates ability to lead, good judgment and their philisophy on life.

It seems to me that caring about such things would, in effect, bring about self imposed affirmative action and that would lead us to vote for candidates based on our hearts rather than our minds. (by the way, I am in no way suggesting that Obama has done so well because he is black, but I am suggesting that I certainly have no compulsion to vote for the DIRTY LOUSY SCUM SUCKING Dem because he is black)

Affirmative action is one of the more disgusting forms of government mandates as it is and Thomas has it right when he says that African-Americans are better served by colorblind programs than affirmative action. I'll go one step further and say that we are all better served with colorblind programs, as well as, colorblind voting records.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Early Christmas Shopping

Put this new book from Michael Medved on your list

Obama's Corner

With every new speech, Obama is sounding more and more like a Republican. Here


Another outstanding Krauthammer article. A bit old, but me like.

Am I In The Twilight Zone?

Are we actually getting a vote on drilling? Awesome!


Kai is totally panicking over this French/Swiss experiment and sent me this video to show what he thinks is going to happen when it is all finished.

Heh, Me Too.

Why Is The Left Called Left, And Why Is The Right Called Right?

I've wondered this before, and came up with my own half-assed conclusion and questions. Is it due to the House of Commons in England? Is it due to the fact that being on the right hand of a king is held in higher esteem than being on his left? Is it because left handedness has historically been seen as evil? Is it due to the religious term Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path?

Maybe its a bit of each?

I believe the latin root for left is the word Sinister. In Italian, the word for left is Sinistra.

In my world view (of course people will differ with me), this all makes sense. The Right in the US tend to hold up God and Country, things which are wholesome. Now of course we are human, and mistakes are made. The Right is held accountable more so than the Left for things seen as hypocritical. So be it.

The Left tend to seek different or new paths. They don't seem to realize that no idea is new, and its all been done and shown as incorrect before, but I digress. In my view of things, these paths tend towards things which are dangerous or immoral.

Yep, I understand that terms like "dangerous" and "immoral" are relative, but I don't believe in too much relativism.

Anyway, just something I've always wondered.

I Am Having A Serious "Plankton" Moment Right Now

Wow, so the KFC secret recipe is actually a secret? Weird.

I Love This Article

How Obama Blew It
Written by Democrat, Kirsten Powers.

Drugs, Or A Really Good Sense Of Humor?

"A BURGLAR who broke into the home of two sleeping men rubbed spices over the body of one and hit the other with 20cm sausage."
And the dog ate the weapon.

Sarah Palin Doll

Looks like a "Sarah Palin Matrix Doll" to me.
Can't stop the fever

Monday, September 08, 2008

Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller

Brought to you by Staff Sergeant John Milinger
Part 1.

Part 2.

Swiped this from The People's Cube

Read this as well.

Learning While He Goes

Do you ever wonder if Obama looks at himself in mirror and thinks, "how the hell did I get this far? Man, am I way over my head on this whole 'running for President' thing or what? Will the people ever see through me?"
So far, the man has a been %100 wrong on every issue. And when I say wrong I mean on his judgment not his opinions.
Wrong on the surge
Wrong on Georgia
Wrong on Biden (I still say this decision, like with so many of his others, will be changed if the polls get any worse)
and wrong on the economy. Look at this He admits that rescinding the Bush tax cuts is not a good idea.

Good Sign?

Will we narrowly avoid an Obama presidency? (A presidency that both MC and I predict to be worse than Jimmy Carter's.)
Here's to hoping

Limey Uses A "Blogust" Favorite To Describe Bush


Touched On This Before

But I love hearing it again
Global Warming’s Kaput; 2008 Coolest in 5 Years

Russia's Bid To Ban South Park

Calls it Extremist. Season 3 episode 15 is the one they point to in particular, which, according to south park zone, is "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"

Looks Good

Mickey Rourke is in a new movie called "The Wrestler." Can't wait to see it.


Every one of these videos is great, but the #1 video is the best, merely for the fact that it is the single best explanation of the LHC I've heard yet.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Alright, Here's Another One.

This Is all I Got.

Needed A Friday Video

and this one will have to do

Not Good!

Here is a video of Palin saying the Iraq war is God's plan and the Alaska pipeline is God's will and what have you. Now I know people of faith believe God has his hand in every detail of our lives and I am totally fine with that. I too have moments where I feel like I am actually watching God's devine presence, but saying this sort of stuff... well, it doesn't go over very well. Besides, assuming to understand God's plan? Isn't that also a no no?

Biden Falls Ill... Hillary Gets The Nod

At least that is how I see it playing out in the next couple of weeks. Look, I am not much of a conspiracy honk... I'm not! But I do believe the Dems are capable and willing to conspire to get Hillary on the ticket. And after listening to the radio it appears I am not the only one who feels this way.

Biden has had like two near death aneurysms. It wont be that hard to get a doctors note saying he is unfit to run for VP. After the rockin' RNC this week and Palin having the response she had, McCain topping Obama in the ratings and there being no DNC bounce, the Dems are panicking and running out of options. They need Hillary back.

It would be extremely unethical, but the Dems will justify it in their minds by saying, "the Republicans already played dirty by bringing in Palin to steal Clinton voters. All we are doing is taking back what is rightfully ours." Doesn't matter to them that maybe, after Palin's strong performance, Palin proved she is the right pick for the job. This is POWER we are talking about, boy, and the Dems will be damned if they lose it again.
So says I.

UPDATE: Giggle, snort
Advisers to Mrs. Clinton said that she stood ready to help the Obama-Biden ticket, but they urged the campaign not to overestimate the impact Mrs. Clinton could have, noting that she had other commitments this fall, like campaigning and raising money for Senate candidates. Obama aides insisted the Clinton trip had been in the works before Ms. Palin was named the running mate.
(commitments my butt. What is more important, campaigning for the Senate, which is already a lock for the Democrats, or the presidency? If the Dems win the Presidency, they will control all three branches of power and they could appoint new supreme court judges. It will be a liberal heaven. Clinton is so getting the VP nod... I think)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Off To China

So my roommate is off to China to design boxes for shoes manufactured in chinese sweatshops. (atta boy buddy)
Want to follow his travels? Check out his online diary that starts up this Sunday.

It will be sad to see him go, but I know he will be alright since China just demonstrated How To Uncloak An Invisible Object.
Thank God!

Money quote:
"Cloaking is an important problem since invisibility can help survival in hostile environment," says Huanyang Chen of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. He and his colleagues have proposed a theoretical "anti-cloak" that would partially cancel the effect of the invisibility cloak, which is another important problem as it turns out.

Ya Think The Dems Are Scared?

Oh yeah, they're scared.

Worst thing is (and when I say the worst I mean the best) that all this negative advertising is just going to promote tonights speech that much more. More advertising equals more people tuning in and when the people get to know her even better, the Dems will become petrified.
I love it.

Ferocious Attack Kitten

Hilarious craigslist post

McCain's Brain

In Case You Missed Fred Thompson Last Night...

He gave an amazing endorsement of McCain and is a must see speech.
Long one though.... If you can't get through it all, start at around 7:40, you wont be sorry.

UPDATE: AceOfspades made a great a point that I think easily sums up the two sides.
"The most striking thing about the first real night of the Republican convention was the stark contrast it provided with the Democrats who gathered in Denver. The chants of O-BA-MA were replaced with U-S-A."

Picture Of The Week

Nope, no bias here.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Oh Yeah.

I want to drink their delicious salty tears.


More powerful than Katrina? I mean, I don't remember Katrina being able to kill people by turning them into bad drivers. You don't normally see that kind of psychic ability from a natural disaster.

I'm Not Sure How...

...But I know humans are responsible for this.
"The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted."

Here Comes Another Season

But I don't think my heart can handle it. If the Chargers win, my week is ruined because it gives me hope. If they lose, my week is ruined because I've lost hope.

Then I go around talking to anyone who will listen, including non-football types, about woulda, shoulda, coulda. MAN FOOTBALL RULES!!!

Let's face it, baseball is cool, but it is not the same as football.

Anyway, if you have the fever, then check out sandiegochargers.blogspot.com. Once again MC, CJ and friends are back together for another season.


Log Cabin Republicans

Though gay-marriage is a big issue for the LCR, it appears to be not the only issue.

DNC Unity My Butt...

...This is what you call unity.
Bush giving a speech, Lieberman (a man who was thrown to wolves by his own party) and finally, hillbilly favorite, Fred Thompson.
Bush speaking at this thing is a major statement and I think it is the right move.
Sure focus will be on Bristol's pregnancy, depending on which channel you watch, but now that there are reports that Biden's daughter was arrested outside a lesbian bar....


No purchasing information? The one with the soldier throwing a baby down a well would really tie my living room together.