Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

This Is It

This is the film that everyone has been waiting for from Geert Wilders.
Haven't watched it yet, but I thought I should post it first. Maybe that is a bad idea and then again maybe not. We shall see.

One For The Antique Roadshow

OK, ok, so he goofed trying to act all business like for the photo shoot.
No big deal.
What I find amazing, how the heck did he got his hands on one of those prehistoric phones? Man, those sucked when they weren't outdated.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best Movie Never Made?

You bet.


I wonder how long and how many hair dryers it took Al Gore to accomplish this? The state of Connecticutt or half the area of Scotland? Where do they come up with these measuring sticks?

Breaking News

From Pat Dollard

UPDATE: here is one from Michael Yon

Hey, Blogust!

It's Spock's birthday! Just thought you'd want to know, nerd.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good Job, Investigative Reporter!

Now that this is out in the open for anyone to read, I feel much safer. The obvious fix here is for the airlines to hire 270,720 more marshalls so no flight will have to go without. I doubt anyone will mind paying $7,000 for a commuter flight from San diego to Vegas if it means that Ahmed definitely won't be landing the plane in the lobby of the Luxor hotel.


Hard working fellow, aint he.

Here Is One For McCain

But be careful not to watch too long. It really really sucks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

What The Hell Is Gaelic Football?

Originally I thought the video below was Gaelic Football until I noticed they weren't ever using their feet. Instead, it is just some sort of crazy "wack you with my stick" game. also known as Hurling.

I Love The Title Of This Post

Grim Milestone: For 10,000th Time, MSM Claims Bush Administration Claimed Hussein Behind 9/11 (While Failing to Provide a Quote or Citation for This Claim, Naturally)

Here is a direct quote fromt the L.A. Times
"But McCain openly disputed Bush administration claims that Hussein appeared linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. “I doubt seriously if there’s this close relationship between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein,” he told CBS News in September 2002."

Election Year Headlines

Well I've been bashing Reuters (and I still probably will) because their slant is fairly obvious. But this headline made it through their editorial board.

Really, does it even matter what political party a mayor belongs too? I guess it does if its an election year.

And it seems Christopher Hitchens' point will be proven more and more as time goes by.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Video Friday

Quote Of The Week

"You wouldn't be doing any of this if one of the objectives was not to
increase the amount of pussy that was available to you."
-Christopher Hitchens explains why politicians are willing to jeapordize their political careers for illicit sex.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Treat.

A true Onion classic.

Tone Is Everything

A journalist doesn't need to come out and say what their political leanings are. All someone has to do is read one of their articles and it becomes crystal clear where he stands just by reading the words he chooses. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this article.

"Their protest came as David Miliband trumpeted the war as a "remarkable victory" and George Bush made the astonishing claim that the Arab world is rising up against al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden - while bin Laden himself threatened Europe in a new audio message."

" The campaigners, from Brighton-based Smash EDO, claim the company's products mean it has played a crucial part in acts of aggression by coalition forces in the Middle East. "

"Their protest came as the still-free Osama bin Laden threatened Europe with more attacks. "

"With the same kind of cowboy swagger he showed while unleashing the invasion of Iraq five years ago, President Bush claimed yesterday that the "noble" war had been an "undeniable" success."

I could go on and on, but you get my point

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Black Man Is Asking For Change...

And that's supposed to be something new? Heck, you know we've all been thinking it.

Yay to The Onion.

The Man That Needs No Introduction


I had to add this photo from ZombieTime. I think the poor idiots meant "5 Years TOO Many" not 5 Years To Many, but hey, Zombie's take is better.

"Five years to many what? I kept looking around for the second banner that must have had the rest of the sentence. Something like, "5 YEARS TO MANY OF US SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME TO WIN A WAR" or something."

Video: President Reaffirms Decision

The Right Decision

Black Preacher Videos

Well here's a weird side-affect that no one could have guessed. Seems that nut job Black preachers are getting all kinds of air time now that Obama is running.

I consider these types to be fringe, but then again, I don't have a large subset of Black preachers to pull from. Are most like this?

Even if most are not like this, it doesn't matter right now because these are the types getting air time. Now, whenever someone sees a screaming Black preacher, they will think of Obama. Can't be good for him.

Solid Gold.

Thanks to my good friend Tenacious E, I have had the pleasure of reading one of the finest articles ever written. And here it is for all of you. I'd love to highlight some of my favorite parts, but there are too many. I would, however, love to know as soon as these scientists are able to figure out if the heat somehow lowered itself deeper into the ocean. Of course, that's only one of many possible theories, none of which of course, is that Global Warming is utter bullshit.

Rules Of Engagement

In case you missed the show on PBS.

Hollywood Needs To Option This...

...for a feature length motion picture immediately.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Obama Bargain

By Shelby Steele
I think you will enjoy this one

Beer Gut Is Better Than Cancer

I have always known. I can see the commercials now "new Miller Lite, now 50% more xanthohumol."

Add that with this and I am living to be a hundred.

Watch At Your Own Risk

Better Than The Movie

Russian Rambo would kick John Rambo's ass.

Current YouTube Hit

Pun intended. Check it out as the bouncer knocks out the customer.


I can't tell if this is real. I couldn't find them on Converse's website, but nothing Courtney does would surprise me anymore. Still, looks faked.

Some of the comments are pretty classy. My favorite?

"Kurt Cobain only became cool and hip once he died. And the only people that will buy these shoes, along with his many t-shirt at Hot Topic weren’t even born when he did. "

Nirvana are my Sex Pistols and I just broke my hip.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hillary Said "We Cannot Win"

Just like Harry Reid did last year, but will she pay for her comments if they don't come true? Probably not.

She later went onto to say the war will have cost the american people $1 trillion. Which is probably true, but I think we need to put things into perspective. The 2007 Military budget was $439.3 billion and in 2008 it was about $548 billion and of that, $152.2 went to Operations and Maintenance in 2007. That means, roughly $300 billion would go to the military whether we were in a war or not, much less, two fronts. So $150 billion x 6.66 years is ummm.... yeah, $1 trillion.

Now take medicare, medicaid, social security and welfare (there are a lot more programs than that, but you get my point) add them together and multiply them by 6.66 years.
That is $275 billion + $395 billion + $585 billion + $294 billion x 6.66 years = $10,316,340,000,000.00. Add that amount to whatever programs Hillary has cooked up for us and you will see that $1 tillion is a lot smaller than one would otherwise think.

These Topics Seem To Comes In Threes

Here is yet another holocaust type post. This one isn't as interesting, but it does show that people will believe just about anything as long as it is tragic enough and is in some way related to a real event. Like that guy on Oprah who wrote a fictional book about his deep dark past, which wasn't at all deep or dark. Same with this woman. Don't these people ever watch the news? Don't they know they are going to get caught?

Petty Post

I didn't post any spoofs on Craig, or that other guy (again, I still can't remember his name) during their sex scandals, but I appear to be more than willing to post one on Spitzer.

Oh, Really?

I'd like for these so-called "informed" adults to point out the research findings that show tinfoil to be an inadequate prophylactic.

No Way Is This Going To Be Allowed In The U.S.

But what if it does becomes popular? Would the follow up be sort of like a Grand Theft Auto type game? Instead of being a prisoner, you would be a guard and you would go around blasting people? I may be stepping of the line with this post, but I can see jerkoffs playing a game like that. No wait, Nintendo would never make a game that crazy. Sony might, though.

Tacoma Mall Protests

5Views calls him mop head.

Tracy Morgan On Obama/Clinton



“They were told, ‘This is your duty. This is what you can do for the jihad. You will be a martyr. This is what we need you to do,’” Smith said. “Ironically they were relieved having been captured by the very Americans their recruiters said they would kill in Iraq.”

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Double Talk

It is amazing how many times Paulson defies logic in this article.

Yes, its boring economic jargon. But how can more legislation (ever) help anyone?

Basically he says we want to make lending harder, but we also want to keep lenders lending money. "We're gonna put the screws to you, but don't change anything..."

The central bank and its stupidity created this mess by lowering interest rates to the point where poor people thought they could afford a house. Now they want to blame the mess on the lenders.

Over The Top?

I understand the anti-abortion stance, I even agree with it a little bit, but this is just plain wrong... oh, and gross too.

Word To Your...

Pretty funny site. Here are a couple of my favorite "Word To Your...!" pictures

Thiiiis Is Afghanistan Idol

Here is part 1. Feel free to look up others if you are down with it.

Now For Something Cooler

Looks a little better than Ang Lee's chubby Hulk.

These Are Brilliant

And when I say brilliant, I mean brilliant in that pro-Ralph Nader and very revealing documentary sort of way. They try to say one thing, but they end up telling a completely different story.
Have Fun.
In other words, the best way to beat these people is to let them talk.

A New Hope

Stevil sent this post over to me.
The author of the post asks this question
"Who does Rolling Stone think Obama is?"
then gives a list of possible answers
such as
- Jesus
- Superman
etc. etc.
but with a title like "A New Hope" it is clear that Rolling Stone thinks Obama is Star Wars episode IV

Prepare For The Suck.

Get it? I said "suck" cause it's a vampire movie.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shawn Wasson

I used to love visiting this guys page when it was called bareknucklepolitics, but then later, he just posted his radio show and so I gave up visiting his blog.
Thankfully, he appears to be back.

Here is one of his latest posts that really stuck out called
Too Soon?
It is an anit-smoking ad

Picture Of The Week

Ukrainian Army Women... in high heels? Man, I love it.

Israelis Have Not Cornered The Market In Suffering

But some of them seem to sure act like they have.
I am a big supporter of Israel and their right exist, but this, is not winning any sympathy from me.

Veto The Fairness Doctrine

Another reason why it is important to keep a Republican in the white house.
McCain has already spoken out against the Fairness Doctrine and that is all good in my book.

My Two Cents

Spitzer is resigning and I think it is great move. Not because he is a suck ass Dem Governor, but because we can move onto different news topics. These lame ass sex scandals take forever to get off the airwaves as it is and if the dude decides to stick around and fight it, well then they never seem to go away. Look at Craig, people are still talking about that guy and his foot tapping bathroom antics.

Now, take that congressman in Florida who e-mailed 17 year old kids (I can't even remember his name, which only proves my point further) that story is almost a distant memory. When these scandals break, the coverage is more unbearable than watching Congress stick their noses into the steroids in baseball issue. When the men stepdown, then it is like ripping off a band-aid. The pain only lasts a second.

Don't worry, another suck ass Dem will take Spitzer's place.

Oh, My Buzz.

Three cheers for the Daily Show on this one.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"W" Sings Farewell Song


If this is what it means to be understanding of other peoples beliefs and values, then you can have it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Hero

Who Says Men Can't Multitask

Got this from a friend.

"Green" Solar Energy

Its always amused me at how environuts never think about what it takes to make something. They only look at the end product. For example, there is a pretty strong argument that hybrids take more energy to produce than a Hummer since there are two separate powerplants in a hybrid and therefore two whole production pipelines (factories) are needed compared to only one for a Hummer.

An anti-recycling argument is the fact that recycling takes more energy than we gain, therefore we waste energy recycling, not gain energy.

Along these lines there's also this.

Friday, March 07, 2008

A Good, Quick Read

Here's a very good editorial from The Wall Street Journal that CJ forwarded to me.

This Explains Everything.

Remember that video of the marine tossing a puppy in Iraq? I bet people will feel pretty stupid after they see this.]

Here's the original if you missed it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

You Will Enjoy This

Trust me.

New Comedy: Robert Downey Jr as Black Man in ‘Tropic Thunder’

And why the Fuck not? Wayans Bros., Eddie Murphy (etc.) do it in their comedies.

If you can't recognize the other two, Jack Black and Ben Stiller.

Are Americans Interested?

Here are some interesting points about the new "Forgotten War"
In the last four months, American casualties have been at it's lowest since the Iraq War began.
Only one U.S. soldier has been lost, thank God, in the last week and a half. (pretty amazing considering the average has been 2.5 a day throughout the conflict)
Would Americans listen if, lets say, a Katie Couric, or a Brian Williams mentioned any of this? I think they would.
Oh well. We have moved onto "Recession!!!!" as our topic of choice.
Here is one more to add.

I Smell An Osacr.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Poor Emo Eagles

For fans of football and sensitive music. Mathias is totally a dick.

Gary Gygax Dies At Age 69

By no means is this picture supposed to depict Gygax's death. I just thought it would be cool to post a picture of a Dark Elf sacrifcing a dude to the spider queen "Loth"... errr... I mean... ummm... GOD! I am a dork!

Here is the report

Total BS

This is the photograph "Piss Christ" winner of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art's award "which is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects."

Isn't it Lovely?

This is what happens in New York if you do something similar to the Koran.

Isn't that Lovely?

I Love This Girl

and it looks like I am not alone

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It’s Alyson Hannigan

Moe Chavez Watch


This predator drone could be a solution, but it probably would make matters worse.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Here's A Fun Story

Monongalia won't curb 1,531 percent tax hike

MORGANTOWN - The Monongalia County Commission says they've found nothing wrong with a property owner's 1,531 percent tax increase.

Morgantown property owner Jim Jones filed a complaint with the commission because his property taxes increased from $285.90 to $4,663.44 after he refused to sell his property to Chief Deputy Assessor Bill Perry.

County Assessor Rodney Pyles says the property was reclassified as part of a routine audit, resulting in a tax hike, but Jones says it was retaliation.

Jones says he may appeal to the Monongalia County Circuit Court.


Bsed on this alone, I promise to eat Wendy's at somepoint this week.

Oh, Great.

These douchebags are at it again.

If You Are Interested In What Moe Chavez Has Been Up To

Then read this. I ripped it from Ace of Spades and therefore most of the post is an opinion piece, but I usually agree with what Ace has to say.


So this guy takes a video of Eric Clapton jamming with his band, removes the sound and dubs in what he thinks EC and his band are playing just by watching them. Check out the video, you will get it.
Totally funny.
embed is bad. here is the link

Sunday, March 02, 2008

An E-Mail Stevil Sent To Me

"This is the only guy in the world that actually believes in global warming. You know how I know? Because, to him, renewable energy, carbon offsets, recycling, Kyoto, all of it is a worthless sham or a waste of time. His answer? Nuclear power, and lots of it. This is from the guy that came up with the Gaia hypothesis. Of course, he thinks it's too late for that and were all walking corpses anyway, but hey, for what it's worth, right?"

It Is Time To Go Outside, Ben.

Guitar Hero Rules!
Just started playing this game, and man is it ever addicting.
Anyway, I am sure you guys remember this song. it is featured on Guitar Hero 3.
You guys might be saying, "So what? We already knew that, dummy."
But did you know about this?

The freaking kid is 9 years old. Totally great.
Now on to Southpark

We Are The Word, We Are The Chirdren