Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If It'll Keep Them Off My Lawn...

...then I'm all for it. This article is far too long to actually read, but the gist is that some community in Minnesota wants to install a device that emits an annoying noise that can only be heard by teenagers in order to keep them from vandalizing the local park at night. The money line in the article is undoubtedly when one of the people who opposes the idea and who obviously does not live within sight of the actual park in question says,

"Teenagers are not pests to be repelled."

Now, as a teenager I would have found this device to be the height of discrimination and my moral outrage meter would have exploded off the charts. As a full grown hippocrite, however, I couldn't disagree more. Teenagers are the worst. I intend to cut off all communication with my brother's kids whence they become teens, and if I ever have children of my own they will most assuredly find themselves in a boarding school between stints of summer camp sooner rather than later.

However, I am aware that there is always due controversy when one begins to squat on the rights of anyone-even if those oppressed are not fully formed or contributing members of society-so it is my opinion that we should not punish too harshly the teen who has the balls to take it upon himself to destroy the transmitter the first chance he gets. Although, if he's wearing a Che t-shirt at the time I say they throw the book at him. Responsible choices youth of today. Responsible choices!

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Blogust said...

It sounds like the same device people use to keep racoons out of their garbage. Unfortunately teens are not the same as racoons. I feel they will vandalize the area more on a dare as a right of passage.