Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not Good

Admittedly I am impressed with how he answered the question honestly, but apart of me really wishes he took the 5th on this one.


Blogust said...

Hmmm. The video is not coming up on my end. It's a clip where Herman Cain says homosexuality is a sin and a choice.

Maximum Colossus said...

Yeah, that's going to go over poorly.

BVM said...

Ugh, another "bible believing Christian" who doesn't give a complete answer, and probably doesn't know the complete answer.

No, mostly its NOT a choice.

And sin is sin. Yes, the bible says homosexuality is a sin, BUT homosexuality is no greater a sin than lust, lying, murder, cheating, etc. They are all sins.

It just bums me out when Christians get so focused on the sin of homosexuality like its some grand, uber-sin that we all have to constantly call out.

Blogust said...

I was listening to Dennis Prager and he had an interesting take on why homosexuality is a sin. According to Dennis, homosexuality was widely practiced 4,000 years ago or so. Actually all kinds of crazy kinky stuff was going on. He says that Judaism was really the first to start cracking down on sexual deviancy and homosexuality and in doing so, society began to benefit from it.

For me, homosexuality is mostly not a choice, but at the same time "experimenting" is and I do believe that people can learn to try anything if societal taboos aren't in place. And so therefore, though homosexuality is a reality and shouldn't be condemned I don't think it should be propped up either or treated as equal to heterosexuality. It is very different to heterosexuality and should bne defined as such. Which is one of the reasons I am against the idea of Gay marriage. Gay marriage is not marriage and once we start pretending that gay marriage is the same as regular marriage then our basic attitude about marriage and family and children and responsibility towards family begins crumble. In other words, I fear we'll be on the wrong path if we start blurring the lines between what is healthy for a thriving growing society (since in order for society to grow babies need to be had) and what makes society stagnate (since man/man or woman/woman can't have children. At least at the moment they can't)I guess what I'm saying is that marriage isn't just about love, but it's also about family and children. That is a major difference that should never be ignored.