Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost Too Embarrassing To Watch

Swiped this from a friend off Facebook.
Question: why do so many health food hippie aerobic type people I've seen throughout my years, such as wholefoods customers and what not, look so tore up? For living such a healthy lifestyle one would think it was a little more noticeable.


Arvin Leroux said...

This is true, I was at the store recently and there were two hunchback women, a super skinny guy that couldn't move his neck, a man with bandages on his face who talked to himself, and another woman in an electric chair. I realize some of the ailments may be out of their control but otherwise I feel that the benefits of the "health food" store would have benefited these folks many years ago. Not to be mean but I think it may be too late for them.

Tangent: There were people in the store who looked "normal" too, myself included. I couldn't help but wonder what sort of allergy or hypersensitivity the regular looking folks had. Like, the cute brunette looking at the broccoli probably couldn't have a beer with me 'cause she's allergic to wheat and we couldn't take a shower together (not at my house anyway) 'cause she has a hypersensitivity to perfume or dyes found in my soap. She may have the organic seaweed based, vegetable protein infused oatmeal soap at her house though, I'd use that.

Ryan in China said...

I'd like to say that since I've started shopping at my local whole foods I've put on 10lbs from eating nothing but fancy cheese and drinking heavy micro brews. FOr that reason I love whole foods. Well except for the emaciated hippies, tight-pantsed fun boys, 21 grain bread (I'll just eat a seed bell), patchouli deodorant, and soy ice cream. Also I don't like being asked to what charity I'd like to give my change to. Because when you say no they look at you with contempt. Ef your Jerry's kids, Ef rain forest, and Ef your face tatoos.