Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoot It in the Head

Okay, so I've gone on record here as saying I was thrilled that Frank Darabont got axed from AMC's The Walking Dead and that I felt it could only help the series. Now I'm not so sure, as he is being replace by the show runner for the Starz Channel's TV adaptation of one of the most contrived, politically-correct-gone-mad cinematic "achievements" of our time, Crash. That's right, not only will there be vatos with hearts of gold and neo-nazi rednecks, most likely even the zombies will be misunderstood in the upcoming season. Terrifying. They'd be better off letting that hack George Romero take over the show.

And speaking of Crash, if you really want to be disgusted with the state of the world, go look at the top 5 netflix rentals and keep in mind that Crash was #1 forever before finally getting knocked off by the horrible bullshit that sits atop the standings now. And yep, there's the Departed at 5. Apologies if you liked that movie, but with all due respect, that thing sucks. Hey Einstein! The mole in your crew? It's the cop! Hope I didn't ruin that for anybody.*

*If you are a Facebook friend of mine and you were paying attention, you may have seen me post that about The Departed yesterday and take it down like 5 minutes later. I realized I was kind of trolling and I try to only do that about the Chargers over there. Here I'll troll on anything. Queens of the Stone Age sucks.

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