Monday, December 03, 2012

Aww, Gratitude...

...It's as American as clogs or Bento Boxes. Listen, the sad truth of the matter is that for whatever reason, homeless people are almost all clinically insane. they can't just go get a job, and some of them are just total assholes. Someone give this man a piece of that sweet Youtube pie already!


August said...

I don't believe his brother's door is always open to him. Most of these guys have burned all their bridges long ago. That is one of the reasons they are homeless. Drinking and drugs is their lifestyle choice. Mental illness and bad behavior follows. Living on the streets is the end result. Is this news to anyone?

BVM said...

I was listening to a radio show discussing the original story of how the cop gave the homeless guy boots. The show was going along fine with the usual kumbaya. A caller calls in and explains that he's lived in homeless shelters in the past and that he has a different take: It was nice of the cop, but the homeless guy already sold the boots.

The show was quickly brought back to earth. Truth had spoken. The formerly homeless caller said that the cop should have bought the guy a pair of socks and very cheap shoes.

And what do you know, this story shows that the formerly homeless caller knew the truth.