Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama = FDR = War With N. Korea?

Let's see, Obama is compared to FDR all the time. We're in a financial mess. Bailouts didn't work for FDR, but war did.

You see, there are lots of jobs being done in China that could be done here, though at a higher cost. War with N. Korea would make China choose a side, and they'd probably choose to side with N. Korea, which may cause us to impose trade sanctions against China. This could lead to more jobs stateside since we could not get our goods from China.

Protectionist policies are a staple of the Dems, and what better reason to put them in place?

I work for a company that offshores a lot of stateside work to China. The recent saber rattling with N. Korea has some of us wondering if this is still prudent. I don't think it was ever prudent in the first place, but I digress. Maybe its time to hedge our bets stateside.

Hmmm... End of the recession using war just like FDR did?

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Blogust said...

I don't know if FDR "used" war since the Nazis and the Japanese empire made it impossible to ignore, but I do believe that the Nazis and the Japanese didn't think FDR had the guts to do anything.  This is how I look at it, places like N Korea feel emboldened when the US falls flat. When we force jobs oversees and our economy goes into the tank, those places can point to said events and say capitalism does not work and that our system of govt. is broken.  It is good for PR reasons. Couple that with the fact the NK is flat broke and you have a situation where they are willing to do anything for money. Like sell rockets to other rogue countries. It is said that FDR had a lot of respect for the rise of germany in the early part of 1930's and being a socialist himself, I feel the tone in the air emboldened the German people.  There is nothing new about Hitler.Guys like him are a dime dozen throughout history. To me he was ushured into power during a world wide climate of socialism and isolationism caused by fear. I would say that war with N Korea would be profitable, but I think they would get clobbered and I don't think the Chinese would be willing to risk their late successes on them.