Friday, July 22, 2011


So, a neighbor calls in a report of a black man kicking down the door to the house next door. The cops show up, break into the house and, thinking he is the assailant, attempt to arrest the owner of the home who is hispanic, does not speak english and is apparently of less than average IQ. He locks himself in the bathroom and is ultimately subdued with mace and force. The state decides to try him for resisting arrest in his own home and the jury finds him guilty. Presumably they had no choice but to find him guilty because along with the verdict they enclose a note to the judge saying that they felt the man was wronged and they would like the judge to consider this in sentencing. The judge then throws the man in jail for a month and fines him while saying that he would have done worse if the jury wasn't such a bunch of softies. Does this seem like justice to you?

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