Monday, April 04, 2011


"But if Romney is the front-runner and Pawlenty the freshest face, the Republican Party will have let both its own constituents and the country down." - here

Of all the candidates we run, Pawlenty and Romney are at the bottom for me. Romneycare, which I remember him defending 4 years ago while governor, shows me that he will make too many risky compromises and Pawlenty... Well, I don't have anything bad to say about him other than he has got to be the biggest goober I've seen come out of the GOP.

Jindal anyone

I like Christie, Bolton is a fucking badass and Paul I haven't really followed. Honestly I am sorta pulling for the hot librarian tag team. Palin/Bachmann. The muslim world would give up their weapons just out of pure lust. "72 virgins in heaven? Bah, give me a piece of that!!!"

Update: Paul Ryan says some nice things, but are they realistic?

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