Thursday, April 07, 2011

Trump Blasts Viera On Today Show

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BVM said...

Please let him run. Even if he doesn't win, I really like his ideas and the fact that he just speaks his mind and doesn't second guess. The guy has confidence in himself and he has a track record of accomplishments to base that confidence on.

Blogust said...

Agreed! Trump has turned "birthers" into mainstream. Too many times I have heard that Obama doesn't reveal his birth certificate for political reasons (because it makes right-wingers, i.e. tea-partiers, look stupid). Trump is not at all a politician, eventhough he is pretending to be. He is a tool. A tool to get Obama to unmask himself. Obama got an award for transparency. Let him be tranparent about this. Once he is forced to reveal his birth certificate, he will seem vulnerable. (That is if he really used his birth certificate as political tool to begin with. Otherwise he is from Kenya.)

Maximum Colossus said...

Woah. Are we really backing Trump here? Reality TV douche bag Donald Trump?