Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Away We Go!

First comment on my work's FOOTBALL message board regarding news that ex-Giants receiver Plaxico Burress will serve two years in jail for shotting himself in the leg with an unlicensed firearm in a club last year:

I find ironic that our former vice president shot somebody while hunting and did not go to jail. Yet Plaxico shot himself and got 2 years.

That must be some of that Alanis Morisette irony he's talking about.


Blogust said...

I don't want to state the obvious but I will. When one goes hunting, hopefully guns are fired. When one goes to the club, hopefully guns are not fired.

To me it's like comparing Michael Vick's crime to that of a shelter putting animals to sleep. It's moral equivalence run amuck. But I have a feeling this guys moral equivalence only pertains to people he disagrees with.

BVM said...

Your reply:

For the amount you shoot your mouth off, you should be put in jail for 2 years.