Friday, August 07, 2009

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown Up.

They would have been cool with the Jack Nicholson Joker. Seriously. Heath Ledger's Joker was much more racially charged. Did you know that? Did you know that white people fear Obama because deep down we worry that at any moment he could turn into a violent street pimp?


CJ said...

I just read someone say, "So, does that mean people who lobby for gun control and cite the effectiveness in particulay urban areas are racist?"

Thought that was awesome.

Blogust said...

Obamanauts are using his skin color as a weapon against his opponents. The best thing to do is ignore their comments and keep on keepin on.

With that said I am going to make a poster of Obama sucking the life blood out of the U.S. and write Blackula underneath it. Do you think that would violate a copywrite?

Maximum Colossus said...

Go with Oblackula and I think you'll be okay. I'll take 10.

BVM said...

Hahahaha. The hypocrisy is so deep in this article!

If I had a dollar for every mocking image of George Bush...

You know the rest.

Arvin Leroux said...

This article address some interesting things about this "Joker" poster from the original Shepard Fairey. My favorite part is the grammar issue.

The whole point of Fairey's street art poster movement is that there is no copyright. He created the Obey and Andre the Giant works and intended for them to be copied and distributed freely and without copyright. In fact, you'd be joining in with a large number of artist communicating the same way. I know you've seen plenty of wheat pasted images all over Portland and the Bay.

What I'd like examined is how well versed this author is with his Batman history. I think it's a pretty shallow reference to compare only two of the versions of the Joker. Not to mention the absence of what the Joker represents in context to Batman, without whom there would arguably be no Joker.

Likewise, to make the jump that Obama "is identified with the inner city" is pretty ridiculous and far fetched in my mind, it's poor logic really. Is every image of a woman politician associated with irrational behavior and poor driving skills?