Monday, October 18, 2010

I Could Use A New Watch

Hey, my Blog-ust brothers and sisters! So, the 25th will mark my 38th year and I know you're all probably grinding those brain gears trying to figure out what to get the blogger who has everything. Well, fear not. I don't want you all to expend another micron of brain power on the question. Here is what I want. You may want to band together and make the purchase or one of you could pick it up, while the rest of you work on the proper watch related accessories. A mansion. A yacht. A Rolls...etc. Thank you in advance, I don't deserve to have such fine people in my life. Cheerio!


Blogust said...

Haven't watches gone the way of the buggy whip? Who needs em now that we have cell phones? (whew just saved myself 300k)

CJ said...

Never fear Max. I have two of them, you are certainly welcome to borrow one.