Thursday, November 04, 2010

Down with Politics!

Hurray for fun stuff! 25 worst superhero costumes. Pretty solid list, but I don't have that much of a problem with Havoc. I mean, Havoc was pretty cool, and Havoc is also the name of that "look what your daughters are doing behind your back" movie where the Princess Diaries chick shows her boobs, which is pretty cool and not all akward for parents of young girls. I mean 'Havoc' is a good word is all. Even better than mayhem, if you ask me.

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Comrade said...

Funny. Not only does Cable have one of the worst costumes, but he is the worst superhero of all time. I would rank Thor as #1. Only because Marvel turned the bad ass and bearded God of Thunder into a fag. Fag is an offensive word and should never be used, except when describing Marvel's Thor.