Monday, November 29, 2010

Episode 5 Of The Walking Dead

Easily the best episode to date.


Maximum Colossus said...

I really liked it. SPOILERS!!! I am, however, weary of the CDC storyline. I have to think it's there to do one of two things. Or both.

1) It is a simple way of throwing in some weak explanation for the zombie apocalypse because people just can't handle now knowing why all of this happened.

2) It gives the writers an opprtunity to take shots at the government.

Blogust said...

I think it's because the show only had 6 episodes before it picked up another season. The CDC gives a sense of closure if the series didn't last

BVM said...

You forgot 3)...

Wildfire is a code name for Global Warming!

That's my guess.

Maximum Colossus said...

Wildfire is probably a reference to how quickly the virus spread, but I like where your heads at.

Nope, you're totally right, now that I think about it.