Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Just a little free thinking...

Considering every position in the CA government is blue, I'm wondering if it its really worth staying here? Within the next 10 years or so I see extreme taxation, government intrusion, and a much higher cost of living in CA.

Before anything changes positively here the Dems will have to completely mess this state up, and I'm not sure I wanna stay for all the fun.

Or the Dems will mess everything up and the loons that agree with them won't think there's a problem, and it will just continue.

On the other hand, there's no money for the mess of government funded plans that the Dems always want. They will choose industries, they will tax everything, they will continue to pursue their (unreachable) utopian view at a very high cost, but there will be no money to fund it.

Just having a hard time trying to view the future here.


Maximum Colossus said...

They want you us to go. Not just from California, but it's a start. That's how they'll achieve their Utopia. Once they get rid of all the non-believers, they can print their own Euros and all the problems of the world will disappear in a cloud of marijuana and the soothing embrace of socailized medicine.

The white man will finally be able to repay his debt to the African-Americans, the Mexicans, the Native Americans and all women.

Every family will sponsor it's own Polar Bear as the world repairs itself and the believers thrive on all the cheap, clean energy they will surely produce.

We will dismantle our military and finally every child will have the resources to learn in 50 different languages. Their will be one well and fairly payed teacher to every student.

The other peoples of the world will see a peaceful, nurturing and compassionate United States of the Planet Earth and they will embrace us as brothers and sisters.

Peace is so close. If only we'd just leave.

BVM said...

Thanks MC.

Blogust said...

Hahaha! Of course 50 languages. How else are we going to be multicultural and understanding? In others words we would finally be able to communicate some new complaints to pay for.