Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Trying To Resist The Urge... dump about about half my friends on facebook after yesterdays results. Not because I don't like em anymore, but I can't keep reading their posts. Maybe I will just hide em instead.


BVM said...

We've always known that we are not part of the Borg, like most of our friends, so it should not come as much of a surprise when they let their dim-wits shine.

Its just that we are polite enough not to be assholes about it in friendly surroundings.

We have it out here on this blog for sure (and its nice to have this forum to vent), but I'm always waaaaaay more polite about my personal political and religious views outside this forum.

Most of my friends are not.

I've hidden many people because they can't keep to the same level of civility that I can.

Blogust said...

One comment that really drove me nuts was this "take down those signs, wipe away the tears and ponder how $160,000,000 could have enriched our early childhood education system." It's never enough with these people.

Maximum Colossus said...

I feel ya, Blogust, but the Baron is right. We are, unfortunately, outnumbered among our friends. No need to take the bait.

Just let it roll off your back, and know that there are some of us who see it your way. At least around here, you can have your say.

I've been biting my tongue, for the most part, all day.

Maximum Colossus said...

Of course, if you really can't help yourself, I've been using this one: "I agree with the sentiment that people who do not feel the same way I do are stupid."

Miss Boom said...

I currently have 57 people (out of 361) hidden on my Facebook. I highly recommend hiding people. It will make your quality of life so much better and you won't start hating all of your friends.

Maximum Colossus said...

I hide a lot of people too. Mostly people who take a lot of Facebook quizzes, play too many Facebook games or insist on telling me what kind of sandwich they had for lunch.

As for everything else, I could hardly act indignant towards people who block me if I in turn block them. Besides, I know where my friends stand, and I like feeling like I'm better than some of them for not being as overbearing and righteous out in front of the whole world like that.