Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year, Blogusties!

Hope 2011 is great for everyone! Miss Boom and I will sure have an interesting year with our first cub popping out in a couple months. If we get crankier than ususal, you'll know why. :-)

On the politically nerdy front, it will be interesting to see how the change of hands in Congress plays out. I sure hope that on Wednesday (the first day of the new Congress) that I don't see a bunch of children (literal) playing on the podium like the last Congress' first day. That was quite an omen.

On the totally nerdy front, I give you this:


Maximum Colossus said...

Happy New Year!

Maximum Colossus said...

Now if I can just get you to size your Youtube clips, so I don't have to, it will be a glorious 2011indeed!