Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Course Reagan Was Senile

So Reagan's kid and Leslie Stahl are selling books saying that Reagan was senile. Well, that's sure to sell more copies than any book telling people that Reagan was awesome. By the way, if Leslie Stahl-a fucking reporter-saw Reagan losing his marbles and didn't report on it at the time, doesn't that make her complicit or, at the very least, the shittiest reporter ever? Fucking bullshit.

Oops, my bad. Stahl's book came out in 2000. And it took over a decade for anyone to even bother noticing. I guess Stahl's credibility ain't so great to begin with.

Now, I know that rumors of Reagan's diminished capacity have actually been going around for years, because how else are you going to denigrate the guy who handled the Soviet Union? I mean, that's not as great as socialized medicine, but it's pretty cool. Bunch o' cunts.

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