Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jenny McCarthy is Stupid

Here's Hot Air's piece about the vaccination study that got people like Jenny McCarthy all up in the air about autism coming from Chicken Pox vaccines or whatever. Now, we've known for a couple of years now that this study was bullshit and the guy who did it took money from lawyers who wanted to sue pharma companies for gazillions of dollars. What's interesting about this latest development is interesting because actual doctors are coming out and saying the study was crap. This morning I saw many testimonials on the news from doctors not only denouncing this study, but pointing out that peer reviewed journals were not necessarily beyond scrutiny and that anyone determined enough could get bogus information through peer review. This is interesting to me because I've had many very serious Global Warming alarmists throw peer reviewed bullshit in my face and poo poo any attempt I made to question it as though I were some mindless cretin. Well, fuck those ass holes!

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