Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fox News Terrifies You of Things!

Here's an article that says Fox News watchers are more concerned than people who watch other news outlets that American Muslims want to institute Shar'ia law. Actually, the poll merely says that more Fox watchers believe this, not that they are necessarily "concerned." Although the article doesn't say they are concerned either. It says they FEAR it. Once again showing that the media has no idea what the word "fear" means. Actually, I do fear it, but the media tends to use the word fear to cast an irrational light on opinions they don't agree with. If people are afraid of something that makes that thing seem like the bogeyman. And being an adult who's afraid of the bogeyman is silly. Hence, you're silly for worrying that Muslims might want to weave their own belief structure into the fabric of America. That's just good media condescension.

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Blogust said...

This is sort of a what came first the chicken or the egg type of thing for me. Do people who watch fox news fear muslims because of fox news or did they fear them before and tuned into fox news because fox news actually reports about radical islam.
With that said, 4 out of 10 seems like a low number to me.