Friday, February 04, 2011

You Will Assimilate!

A friend posted this on Facebook and I didn't want to get too into it over there for fear of outing myself once again as a conservative sympathizer. It's a food manifesto this guy posted over at the NY Times which outlines what basically amounts to how we should mandate and tax our way to a healthier, more vegetarian society. All in the name of healthcare costs, of course. No one would ever want to address the actual reasons the cost of healthcare in this country is so high. How would they push such an agenda without a healthcare crisis? And look at the comments. Not one dissenter in the mix.

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BVM said...

What a short sighted article. Is that all he wants? Better food choices? What a limited mind.

Instead he should have brought up unicorns. Flying unicorns even! Flying unicorns that fart rainbows! What an amazing world it would be!

Now add the fact that the rainbow farts from flying unicorns would absorb all that bad CO2 as well as provide really cool lighting effects! The pink and purple hues would help cool the planet. The soft colors would calm the worlds population down, thereby reducing negative energy!

I mean the limits are endless!

All this nut wants is more food options?