Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Monday

This was fun to watch. Think he'll ever get invited back to MSNBC?

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Blogust said...

Ah shit. You beat me to it. This was outstanding

Maximum Colossus said...

Not bad for a limey. I'm gonna add that guy to my Christmas list.

Miss Boom said...

I can't believe their reactions to his completely well thought out and educated responses. You can't argue with historical facts.

August said...

I know. It was like they had been telling friends and family outside of work what a great job Obama did with his mighty brain, compassion and gift of speaking. That when a crisis comes along Obama was able to act on the fly and squelch it allat once. A master strategist during a situation that needed instant action.

and now this dude comes along and smashes it all apart on TV for everyone to see. Saying in essence that he was a fool and actually did nothing at all.

But the anchors are now emotionally invested in the way Obama handled Egypt and so in order not to seem foolish to anyone they bragged to about Obama, they start using whatever conclusions they came to as an argument, but everything they said just made it worse.

When he says, "whoever thinks this was a triumph hasn't got a clue" you can hear an exhale from the lady anchor as if she were thinking, "Oh Lord, he just said I haven't got a clue right on national television and I am beginning to look like a fool and so I better do something quick" So she immediately calls on another guest to take the focus off of her. Instead, now that guy looks like an idiot. By the end they were no longer making their own opinions known, but instead asking the professor what his opinions were and just leaving it at that. It was glorious. An A-1 ass kicking.

Miss Boom said...

My favorite part was "Well, didn't the flip-flopping work though?" Almost too perfect.

Miss Boom said...

Oh, oh, and "I'm not George W. Bush. Love me."

God Bless this man.