Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Conservative Celebrity List

Some good names on this list
some obvious ones
some "who the hell is that" ones
Some forgotten ones (Johnny Ramone, Stephne Tyler)
and a lot of awful ones.
Most notably, Chris Fucking Collinsworth!


Miss Boom said...

I always knew that me and Victoria Jackson needed to hang out.

Comrade said...

Not to get down on lists, but this is a good example of why the words "Liberal" and "conservative" don't work in politics. For example, I think Kirk Cameron is considered conservative for different reasons when compared to Dennis Miller.

Blogust said...

I think you are right, Comrade, they are different.
But can I be so bold as to say that conservatives are more open minded? They differ on a whole range of issues, but agree on a lot of core principles. While the left is the borg collective. When one steps out of line, he gets smacked back into place. To me that is the spirit of my conservatism. Individuality as opposed to populism.

BVM said...

Arnold? A Conservative?? Hahahahahaha.