Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Women Should Be Very Affraid Of Islam

Actress in Harry Potter was beatin and threatened by her father and brother (the two people in her life who I assume would want to keep her safe) for "meeting" a hindu.
But in their eyes they are keeping her safe, right? Or are they just worried about their bullshit muslim honor?
To be fair, a report came out last week that Hindu man performed an honor killing on his daughter in India for the same thing, but it's the degree at which it happens amongst muslims that I find disgusting.

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Miss Boom said...

I have a client (an author) who came to America from Iran about 20 years ago, and she regularly speaks out against honor killings and child marriages. She luckily got out of there before she became a child bride herself (her sisters were married off by age 13.) The most important thing she says over an over again is that it IS religious fanatics causing all of this. It's not an Islamic law to kill your children, yet it happens all the time in the name of Islam. It's an absolute out of control racket. I commend her bravery. Hearing her say these things with complete confidence, especially here in the Bay Area, is inspirational.