Thursday, December 02, 2010

This Girl Is Hard Up For Another Role

Jennifer Grey says it feels "Damn Good" to beat Bristol Palin.
Reall, Jennifer, really? Does it really feel damn good to beat a chick 1/2 your age who hasn't done a damn thing except being the daughter of the one person The Left is most terrified of, or are you looking to pander to liberal hollywood?
To be fair, the host couched the question like this? "Obama and Biden defeated Palin. How do you feel about defeating a Palin?"
Just remember, all, McCain was the man running for president not Palin.
And he would have gotten killed if it weren't for Palin.
The left knows that. They are scared of this woman and so reminding everyone that she was once defeated helps them to sleep at night... but not very well.

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Maximum Colossus said...

Jennifer Grey is who again? Oh right, Dirty Dancing. That was some movie. Of course Ferris Bueller and Red Dawn were rad. Oh well, fuck her.