Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. Michael Cera and WTF, Walking Dead?

Pilgrim's First, Of Course

I'm not going to get too heavily into it, but the movie version of Scott Pilgrim had no heart. The thing about the comics was that I was literally blown away (not literally) by how much depth and heart they had. In the movie it was apparently enough to tell the audience how everybody felt without showing anything but flashy CGI. At the end of the film I was terrified that they were going to completely change the outcome of the original story, and it probably would have made more sense in regards to the characters the filmmakers had so thinly created. It was visually and audibly stimulating, but guess what? So were all the Resident Evil movies. Also, do you think this...

Can possibly manage to come across as this?


The Walking Dud

As for the Walking Dead, every time I have a conversation with anyone about this show I find myself defending it based on nothing more than the possibility it could get better and that I really just want to like it. The truth is that the pacing is terrible, the dialogue is stilted, the social agenda is unbearable and the direction is unclear. I defend this thing because I like the comic and I'm not going to do it anymore. Until this show earns it, I refuse to take it seriously.

Thanks, Hollywood. You suck.

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