Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Chik-fil-a Fiasco

And I just have to say that this Chik-fil-a situation drives me crazy. The way the media reports that Chik-fil-a backs Anti-gay Christian groups is so misleading and awful. They are not anti-gay Christian groups, they are merely Christian groups. They are not defined by their stance on homosexuality. I'm not linking Hot Air, but I'm sure you saw the quick piece they wrote on how Liberals so intolerant. Good stuff. I love that the impromptu Support Chik-fil-a Day appears to be a success and I applaud Chik-fil-a themselves for not outwardly trying to capitalize on this, but instead trying to rise above it.

Man, it's nice to get this stuff off my chest. Wait until I tell you about the girl I know who compared Voter ID Laws to Jim Crow. So much to talk about. Come on, who's with me?!


Blogust said...

The argument going around by the right, and I am one of them, is that Ben and Jerry's is owned by a bunch of uber liberals who spout their liberal nonsense and yet we boycott them. We love their product and accept their liberty. even if they are a bunch of capitalists posing as commies.

Blogust said...

I meant to write "we don't boycott them." Hmmm nothing has changed with my oh so exacting proofreading skill

Maximum Colossus said...

Nothing will ever be enough.