Sunday, August 12, 2012

Palin Nails This One!

I don't care what people say. Palin was a great choice for McCain and I have a feeling that she will do whatever she can to make sure we do't lose this election. It will be sort of a grudge match for her, but it will also be her time to show that she was right in her beliefs.  She has another shot to bring the victory home for us and she will be all in.  Though there were rumors that the Romney camp helped sabotage her campaign four years ago (I'm not sure if it's true), Palin will be out for blood this election.  Her words on California are spot on.

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Maximum Colossus said...

It's been vogue among Dems to slam Palin since the moment she was introduced to the country, but I think most of them have no clue how truly influential Palin is. I wish she was the President.

Also, I love how the Dems swear up and down that they love the Ryan pick. If that's true then they truly are tone deaf. They will try to keep the issues out of the campaign as much as possible, when when they do come up, I expect Ryan to shred the field.

The real reason the Dems were surprised with the decision is that they never would have done it. They never would have put up the best man for the job. Only the best man to get votes. It will backfire, because when the current regime has laid waste to the country, people start looking for a real candidate, not just a likable one. Ask Carter.