Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here's the Problem.

This is why the left is able to lean on class warfare in their campaigns. And there really is no way to defend it, to be honest.

Recently, at my job, my department had an all hands event. It was on site, during working hours (although many people had to adjust their hours to attend and everyone ended up having to leave during the heart of rush hour) and it was pleasant enough, but it wasn't any kind of company party. You see, when the economy went bad, they cancelled our holiday (Christmas!) party and our summer picnic, so now we have this nice big, silly gathering that cuts into our workday (that's a bad thing for a lot of us) once a year and that's basically it. We also have team builders for each of our smaller teams. These usually include going to Dave & Busters for a taco bar and some games or some other such type of thing. And those are nice as well, but they are not the same thing as the nice celebrations we used to have. So for the last two years during these department get togethers, they run photos of each team's team builders on a couple of monitors while everyone is eating their tacos (always tacos) so you can see how much fun we all have together. But they also show photos from our department's management team team builder and let me just tell you that it's the most tone deaf display you will ever see. These parties are for roughly 50-75 people and the tab clearly soars into 6 figures. It's insulting to show these photos to people who make a tiny fraction of what management makes and never have a chance to share in the extravagances that management indulges in. I'm not saying it's wrong that management spends that kind of money on their own celebrations either, though it is easy to make the argument. I'm saying that if you decide that on top of your high 6 figure salary, you need the company to foot the bill for your James Bond themed pat-on-the-backfest, you probably shouldn't flaunt it so egregiously in front of "the help."

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