Saturday, August 04, 2012

Homosexual Protests Are So Gay

I swear the gay community has zero imagination.  Seriously, a Kiss-In at Chik-Fil-A? The gay community fears they are not accepted and so they protest by acting unacceptable. It happens once a year and naturally we accept it. ironic.

Hmmm am I being honest when I say we accept it? I'm sorry, homosexuality is freaking gross. On the same level of gross as a brother and sister kissing type gross.  I instinctively cringe when I see it and a Kiss-In at Chik-Fil-A is really a dumb idea.  This protest will backfire.  It will not sway minds.

What do I really want to say. I am still fully against "gay marriage." I'm not in the "Wrath of God" corner on the issue, but I still hold to the idea that gay marriage will never be seen as the same as traditional marriage. Pretending the two are the same is silly and damaging to an important institution.  Being a bachelor I know that marriage is seen by society as the better choice.  I agree with this position.  Marriage is more important than bachelorhood. There is no comparison.

I say this, have the ceremony, exchange vows and rings in front of loved ones.  Start a life, have a... ummm... family. Live together and die together.  I see beauty in all of that, but don't call it marriage. Call it what it is, gayrriage. Get gayrried and be happy.


Maximum Colossus said...

Well, first they want to call it marriage so they can slap the church in the mouth. I have no doubt that once they do that, they will gladly call it gayrridge. Because the gay community will never stop identifying gay. They do not want equality, they want to be special Gay Americans.

My biggest problem with gay marriage and adoption and whatnot is that I feel it's more about harnessing the political power of family and artificially increasing numbers. If it was just about being in love and getting married I doubt I would even care.

Blogust said...

Very true, but not just the gay community. I'm gonna make a blanket statement. Libs who support gay marriage have little support for marriage to begin with because of it's connection to the church and tradition and because they like to tear mankind down. If marriage was just about love I would also support it. But it isn't just about love. It promotes a healthy community. Gay marriage doesn't. I wont say it destroys it, but it doesn't support it. Calling gay marriage marriage cheapens the brand. I think that is what many supporters want.

Maximum Colossus said...

That's fair.