Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan for Veep

I'm all in for this one. Paul Ryan was the guy I was hoping for all along. The guy is smart, articulate and charismatic. When the entire country gets to see this guy on the podium, it's going to make things very hard on the left. They will do their best to demagogue the guy to death, but with a National platform it's going to be much harder than it was when they were running ads depicting him pushing old people off of a cliff. I'm pretty jazzed right now!

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Blogust said...

You said how you thought if he pickede Rubio it would have been pandering. I don't know, maybe to gain favor with Latino vote, but I'm telling you that Rubio is going to be great someday and I was sorta pulling for him, but the more I see Ryan next Romney the more it's looking good