Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help Me Out Here

So, without naming names, here is a post lifted straight off of Facebook that I just had to share:

They haven't even been letting us vote for a hundred years yet, and they can take our right to vote away pretty easily if we don't pay attention. All it takes is a lot of money in the wrong offshore accounts. Please vote ladies! We have a lot of work to do!

Attached was this link:

Can someone explain this to me? At first I thought she was referring to the Voter ID law, but the claim is that that particular law targets minorities. And then she clearly invokes the "ladies" out there to vote, so that coupled with the link appears to imply this is about women's voting rights. The mention of offshore accounts implicates Romney. So, what I'm getting is that this person believes Romney intends to take away women's voting rights, and that if he wanted too, it'd be easy. That has to be what she's saying, right? My God, it's like the Obama campaign is able to inject their ads directly into her brain.

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