Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Couple Of Favorites Today.

Immunization. I wonder how long before some kid dies of something their parents refused to immunize them for, causing their parents to sue the Government for not forcing the immunization. You know, like they're forcing that child to have chemotherapy against his parents' wishes?

Garotzuva. Could, might, virtually, predicts...all your favorite "maybies" contained herein. My favorite part is this:

" thoroughly confused climate-change deniers..."

Yeah, they call the other side "smelly hippies" but they don't call them "thoroughly confused." And more importantly, there are those who don't believe in climate change, and there are those who don't believe man is radically changing the environment. And those who don't believe that either is happening at the rate Al Gore would have us believe. I wish they could get that straight.

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