Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh, Lord.

I can guess how this will turn out. I'm thinking the Visitors will still turn out to be the "Bad Guys," but that their intentions will be a lot better. Meaning, they'll still want all our shit, but only because we don't appreciate it. And if they still want to eat us it's only to punish us for our horrible ways. Also, the guys running our military will be douchebags, and they'll be one ethnic politician who's the voice of reason. Or the politician will be some silly girl. Also, they're be religious nuts aplenty. If this were on cable, I might have some faith, but networks literally get paid to push political agenda.


Blogust said...

Don't forget the lady who gives birth to an alien. The whole episode will be about how a single mother has to raise an alien kid in a land where they don't tolerate foreigners and so her lesbian girlfriend, who wants to start a family but can't get a marriage license because homophobic christians rule the country, joins her in a beautiful ceremony the aliens have been performing for thousands of years and we just haven't caught up yet because we are not as advanced or enlightened.
I mean the show practically writes itself.

Maximum Colossus said...

That was a seriously ugly baby. I mean, like "jump the shark" ugly.